Megyn Kelly’s Absurd Voter Fraud Lie on Fox News Gets Debunked by Rachel Maddow and Colorado News Anchor

The fact that we’re even having this debate about voter fraud is absurd. The legitimate and documented cases of voter fraud are so rare that the odds of witnessing it lie somewhere between winning the lottery twice and seeing a unicorn.

But despite the overwhelming evidence disproving the myth of voter fraud, Republicans all over the country continue to flat-out lie to millions of gullible conservatives about our election process being corrupted by this non-existent epidemic.

Well, recently on Fox News, Megyn Kelly went on a fear-mongering rant about a law in Colorado that she claimed “literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to collectors.”

And she’s right, there is a law in Colorado that allows some residents to do that. Just like there is in many other states. You see, this law is meant to help members of our military and overseas voters actually vote. And they are the only people allowed to use this process to vote, as pointed out by NBC 9News’ Kyle Clark (video included below).

Then on Friday, Rachel Maddow decided to take a few jabs of her own at this ridiculous story by mocking how over the top Kelly seemed to be at the possibility of this Colorado law leading to voter fraud.

“Sounds ‘terrible,'” Maddow mocked. “That’s because they made it up. So it would sound ‘terrible.'”

The truth is, this right-wing push for strict voter ID laws and this blatant fear-mongering about voter fraud is nothing more than their attempt to rig elections to favor the Republican party. Time after time evidence has shown that these laws not only reduce voting numbers of citizens who should be legally allowed to vote, but they’re targeting young and minority voters. And as we all know, minorities and young people typically vote for Democrats more than Republicans.

Which is the real reason why conservatives support these laws. They don’t care that these laws are disenfranchising voters or are trying to rig our election process, because it’s their party that’s benefiting from these laws. And these laws are essentially nothing but a backdoor means of charging a poll tax.

But it’s like I’ve said before, no American should ever support anyone, or any political party, that’s actively trying to make it more difficult for any American to vote. But that’s exactly what Republicans are trying to do all over this country.

Watch Kelly’s original comments below via Fox News:

Watch Rachel Maddow’s comments below via MSNBC:

Watch Kyle Clark’s report below via 9News:

Allen Clifton

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