Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Who Honestly Gives A …

christmas-holidayMaybe it’s just how I was raised, but I’ll never understand the obsession many people have with what other people are saying or doing.  It’s a reason why I never can understand how so many millions are against homosexuality.  If it’s a sin, it’s their sin.  It’s between those who are homosexual and God — period.  I don’t get why so many people feel it’s a threat to their own lives and relationships based on what others are doing in theirs.

The same goes with this ridiculous “war on Christmas” you constantly hear about during this time of year.  You have some people offended if someone tells them, “Merry Christmas!”  You have others offended if someone says, “Happy Holidays!”  Some are offended by nativity scenes, some are offended by the lack of them.

Tell me, does the presence of a nativity scene — or the lack thereof — really have an impact on your life?  Who really sits around and gets angry over a nativity scene?  Isn’t there enough going on in the world to deal with?  “Oh, no!  Someone put up/doesn’t have up a large gathering of plastic figures shaped in the form of a nativity scene!”

If you want one, put one in your house.  If you don’t, then don’t.  If you see one out somewhere, and it’s something you don’t agree with, ignore it.

I’ve had people say all kinds of different “holiday” greetings to me, and you know what?  I’ve never been offended.  I’m a Christian so of course I say Merry Christmas.  If someone doesn’t say it back, I don’t care.  I don’t go and pout about it as if it’s some kind of slight against me, my religion or my beliefs.  You know why?  Because the reason why the person didn’t say it back is none of my business. 

It’s just unfathomable to me how many people make such a big deal out of this.

Hell, you even have Fox News stirring up debates about whether or not Santa is white.  Who. Gives. A . Damn.

You know why?  Because Santa Claus isn’t real.  

Now I know what some will say — “Well, he’s based on a real person, Saint Nicholas.”  And that’s true.  But the moment Saint Nicholas moved up to the North Pole, adopted a group of reindeer and a workshop full of elves, he stopped being based on the real Saint Nicholas and became an imaginary entity all to himself known as Santa Claus.

But then again, who really cares?

Well, actually, I know who cares.  Insecure people.  People who can’t live their lives without forcing their views on others.  They validate themselves by trying to tell everyone else what is or isn’t right or what is or isn’t wrong.

But you know what?  These are often the most flawed people you’ll ever meet.  Which is why they’re so insecure to begin with.

So when it comes to someone saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever else someone might say to you, here’s a novel idea — just be a nice person and say it back.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Joyce Brand Wilson


  • cmw_2010

    Great article! Totally agree.

  • It’s not Merry Christmass or Happy Holiday…It’s go fuck yourself.

  • Desiree’ Currier

    Spot On !!! I Could not Agree More 😉

  • jane101

    The Holiday Season includes Christmas, New Year’s Eve/Day, and often Hanukkah…Happy Holidays is the most appropriate greeting to wish our friends of all religions, ethnic groups, non-religious folks, etc Actually, I believe the Holiday Season begins with Thanksgiving and continues into the 1st day of the next year. Why do people get so twisted over this greeting – those who do need to get a life!

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    Charlie brown captured it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone who disagrees is a FOX “news” crybaby . WHY do we observe “holidays” based upon superstition/voodoo/ historic figures who don’t matter? do we NEED Halloween? do we need easter? valen-f*cking-tines day??? there are TWO holidays America should observe——- (A) independence day (B) veterans day (OK; maybe 3: MY BIRTHDAY)

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    I was in rural Illinois watching workmen assemble a nativity that was largely lights on plywood cutouts. When I saw a palm tree, my first thought was, “Baby Jesus was born in Boca???”

    Lighten up. It’s Christmas

  • FD Brian

    I agree, who gives a shit. Hug somebody.

  • Chris Ritzer

    The problem is, you are right in so many ways, but wrong in one particular instance, and that is Religious symbols and such in Government places. If there is a Nativity scene at the state capitol, but no other religious decorations to balance it out, then we have a violation of the first amendment to the united states, in that it is an endorsement of said religion. If the others are added, that is fine, but the US can neither endorse NOR discriminate against any religion. And that encroaches on MY rights because it only furthers in the mind of Christians the false belief that this is a nation founded upon Christianity, meaning I have to put up with more of their crap than usual. The advice ‘Just ignore it’ sounds well and good, but when someone is legitimately wrong, you better believe I’m going to tell them so.

    • Cinnabon

      But Phil Robertson can’t? Double standard.

      • Chris Ritzer

        Explain how that is a double standard, I beg of you. Phil Robertson has every right to believe whatever he wants, and can say anything he wants without the Government threatening him, censoring him, or throwing him in jail. The First Amendment protects you from the Government’s interference. It is not a free pass to do or say what you wish without consequences or repercussions. He said something hateful and factually inaccurate, and (more because of the first) was suspended for it. And A&E has every right (as his employer (who he represents, by default) to suspend or fire him. They are a private company who employs him. If he reflects badly of them, they can terminate his contract.

        Also, If your question is ‘But Phil Robertson isn’t allowed to say Homosexuality is wrong?’ He can say it all he damn well pleases, but he compared Homosexuality to not just Bestiality, but Terrorists. Guess what, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, nothing gives you the right to say hateful, factually inaccurate, just plain wrong things and NOT face repercussions. And if he’s claiming to use that bible for a Moral compass, I hat to say it, but his compass points in the wrong direction…as does the moral compass of MOST people who claim they get theirs from the Bible.

        I care about PEOPLE, Cinnabon. People, and the constitution. And the Bible, is a friend to Neither.

    • Brian

      That’s not a violation of the first amendment, that’s you being petty and demanding that our culture be eliminated from public view.

  • Jerry McCoy

    I just smiled when I saw the right bringing up this “Christmas” versus “Holidays” thing again. I consider these issues irrelevant, and when we get into discussions about it, the right is fueled by the senseless debate. I say Happy Holidays consistently because many of the people I greet I will not see before 1-1-14. I’ve never had someone act offended, but if they don’t like it, eff ’em.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    I used to have this problem, I would worry about offending some people by saying “Happy Holidays” and offending others by saying “Merry Christmas”. Then I came up with a solution…

    Nowadays I just offend everybody by saying “Go fuck yourself!”

    It saves a lot of time and effort, y’know?

  • PoppaDavid

    Jane is right about the Season being more than one day. The ending day is a bit soon. You won’t hear it from the Right, but the 12 days of Christmas start with Christmas and lasts until Jan 6. They take the Christ out of Christmas as soon as it ceases to sell product.

  • shopper

    Have to agree – it is a Holiday season and for many, it’s definitely Christmas. So be Happy, be Merry or simply – just be NICE and then continue that though all of the next year. Why do we have so many things we have to strongly disagree with? I’d rather just respect everyone and let them believe what they wish and live my life the way I believe is right and let that show what I believe. Too many say one thing and do the other.

  • regressive teaparty trash

    F*CK religion,,,,,,and F*CK all holidays except (a) veterans day (b) 4TH of july…………… AMERICA should — as a nation– only celebrate those two. We need “valentines day”?? “mothers day/fathers day”?? EEEE-ster???? really? just another made up reason to SPEND ur MONEY on crap u don’t need! How about celebrating your life every day?

  • Chris Meinke

    So.. Year old posts? I guess it’s the same as it ever was. Nothing will ever really change.
    Happy (insert greeting here) !
    Move along now. Please.

  • Kim Serrahn

    Seasons Greetings.

    • snoshoo93

      Season’s Greetings was popular when I was young….it covered everything from Thanksgiving into January. Most Christmas cards, stickers and seals offered “Season’s Greetings”. Do we even see it anymore? I don’t see what is offensive about “Happy Holidays” either. It covers them all at this time of year…isn’t that what we wish for everyone? I don’t approve of religious displays on govt. property….this is NOT a “Christian Nation”. There are a lot of Jews here and now so many other faiths, too. We have churches and homes to practice and display our Christianity….and so do other faiths have homes and places to worship and practice their faith.

  • Brian

    You want to destroy western civilization. Take away Christmas, public display of cornerstones of western culture, eliminate the identity and culture of white people. Force us to the sidelines citing political correctness and progressivism.