A Message From a Hillary Clinton Supporter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter, but as I’ve said for monthsI like Bernie Sanders as well. Though I will admit, I have been openly critical of Sanders’ campaign tactics over the last few weeks. Especially some of the hypocrisy; if Hillary Clinton had said or done some of these things, she would have been crushed.

For example, Sanders bashing superdelegates for months – only to now publicly state that they’re part of his strategy to win. Then there’s his campaign trying to claim that they lost in the South so badly because they didn’t “try” to win there (when they obviously did), clearly wanting to diminish Clinton’s big victories, while ignoring the fact he outspent her in Florida and South Carolina – yet still got hammered in both states. This was a lie that even Rachel Maddow called out.

But this is all just normal political jargon. The main thing that’s bothered me about it is that to listen to many Sanders supporters, he can do no wrong. Whereas every single thing Clinton does or even doesn’t do (aka things her husband signed into law) they hold against her. It’s now common for quite a few pro-Sanders “liberals” to use talking points taken straight from the Karl Rove playbook to bash and attack Clinton.

I’m realistic about politics and politicians. While I support Hillary Clinton, and I would support Bernie Sanders if he wins the nomination, I don’t worship either one. When I see rabid Clinton or Sanders supporters, while I admire their zeal, I always find it a bit absurd to be overly infatuated with a politician – any politician.

But it’s amazing how so many Sanders supporters have tried to “shame” me for being a Clinton supporter. I’ve been called a Republican, a fake progressive, a hack, a sellout and all sorts of other insults simply for supporting one of the most admired women in the world. Someone who’s not nearly as bad as many of the more radical Sanders people think she is. Though when you wrap yourself up inside of the “Bernie bubble,” where you’re following propagandists like H.A. Goodman or other anti-Clinton liberals (many of these people aren’t pro-Sanders as much as they’re simply anti-Clinton), you’re often inundated with a never-ending stream of “Clinton is the devil, Sanders is the next coming of Jesus Christ” themed stories that, over months, almost amount to indoctrination.

That’s pretty much what this primary has turned into. It’s Hillary Clinton supporters, who are a-typical, every-single-election type of voters and Democrats vs. a wave of idealism, idealists and people who’ve become infatuated with a movement and a presidential candidate. A movement that, quite honestly, is more fiction than reality. I’m sorry Sanders folks, but how can you rationally continue to talk about “political revolutions” when your candidate is down more than 200 delegates; is behind over 2 million votes; and voter turnout in nearly every state is down from 2008?

I don’t get it.

Not only that, but are you aware that Sanders hasn’t raised a cent for down-ticket Democrats while Clinton has raised millions? That’s vital money the party uses to try to defeat Republicans at all levels of government – including Congress. Is it really a “sign” of a leader to claim he wants a “revolution” in politics… who’s not remotely helping elect the people that he would desperately need to pass his bold political promises? When Rachel Maddow asked him about this Wednesday night, he basically blew her off and said his focus is on winning the nomination.

That’s great, I get it. He’s an underdog going up against a massive and overwhelming favorite for the nomination. But being a leader is about focusing and doing more than one thing at a time. Especially when, as president, he would need many of these “down-ticket” Democrats to support his policies.

For the record, many of these superdelegates are those same “down-ticket” Democrats he hasn’t raised any money for. It’s a little hard for him to sell that they should support his candidacy when he doesn’t seem overly eager to help them.

I’m sure many of his supporters will dismiss this as “why should he help the DNC when they’re rigging the election for Clinton?” Well, that’s a conspiracy based on nonsense. So, the party is “rigging” the election for Clinton – except in the 15 contests where she’s lost? I guess the DNC forgot to “rig” Michigan, one of Sanders’ biggest wins this year. And where were they in Washington? That’s a state with a fairly large delegate haul. Did they forget to “rig” that one, too? I guess it’s the DNC’s fault that, in almost every single state, minority voters are overwhelmingly voting for Clinton?

Which is really where this race has been won or lost: The minority vote.

I’m sorry, but when people start trying to spin conspiracy theories, that’s typically a sign when they’ve tapped out on caring about reality.

While I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, I do like Bernie Sanders. If he becomes the nominee, as I’ve said for months, I’ll fight for him just as I would Hillary Clinton. I think he has a lot of great ideas, I simply prefer Clinton. Again, it is possible to like both candidates but simply support one more than the other for various reasons.

My issue here really isn’t with him (while some of his hypocrisies bother me, I’m realistic when it comes to politics and understand that for every politician hypocrisy is often a part of the process), but many of these more “Bernie or bust” types have made this primary flat-out toxic. I know most pro-Sanders people are reasonable and rational. Like them, I understand the main goal this November is to keep one of these batshit crazy Republican candidates out of the White House. Even if that means voting for the candidate we didn’t support in the primary.

But I’ve described these “Bernie or bust” people who think writing him in will “teach the DNC a lesson” as folks who think it would be worth it to set off a nuclear weapon in a heavily populated area just to prove how horrific a nuclear war would be. Would that teach the world a lesson? Probably. But is it worth mass destruction and ruining millions of lives to “prove a point”?

Was it worth not voting for “not quite liberal enough Al Gore,” allowing George W. Bush to win in 2000? Can anyone really tell me that eight years of Gore would have been as bad, if not worse, than what we experienced under Bush? Because in 2000, that was the attitude by many on the “purist left” (and young voters) who ultimately ended up voting for Ralph Nader (or not at all) just to “make a statement.”

Tell me, how’d that work out? As the statement goes, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So while I’m sure this article will get trashed by many pro-Sanders people, those who do are only proving the point. Which is fine.

I challenge those folks to tell me anything that I’ve said here that isn’t true. I’ve made a few key points:

  • It’s fairly hypocritical for Sanders to now seek out the very same superdelegates he said shouldn’t matter a few months ago.
  • He continues to talk about a “massive political revolution,” yet he’s down over 200 delegates, over 2 million votes and voter turnout has been lower than 2008 in nearly every state.
  • Outside of Michigan, nearly every state he’s won has been predominately white with small minority populations.
  • He hasn’t raised any money to help down-ticket Democrats.
  • Some claim the primary is “rigged” for Clinton – yet he’s won 15 contests. Which is nearly half.
  • His campaign claimed it didn’t try to win the South, which is why they lost so badly in many of those states – when it most certainly did. In fact it outspent her in a couple of the states.

If I’m wrong on one of those points, please, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and provide me a link proving that I am. I’ll gladly change my mind.

Before I wrap this up, I can already tell some are going to say: You wrote that whole article and didn’t say one thing about why I should support Hillary Clinton! 

That’s true, I didn’t. Because I’ve given up trying to use facts about Clinton’s record with many of the very radical Bernie Sanders crowd – they don’t care. I’ve lost count of how many myths I’ve debunked about Clinton to no avail. When facts, quotes and reality don’t seem to matter… why bother?

If you’re looking for an example of what I mean, click here.

But if you’d like me to tell you why Hillary Clinton isn’t as bad as you might think she is, again, hit me up on my Twitter or Facebook and I’ll be glad to discuss that if you’re someone who legitimately has an open mind.

As for everyone else who realizes this election is about voting blue, no matter who – thank you. This election might be one of the most important in many of our lifetimes. If we don’t keep Republicans out of the White House this November, not only will most of the progress we’ve made over the last few decades be undone, but this country may never recover from the unimaginable damage that they’ll do.

Whether you’re on “Team Clinton” or “Team Bernie” we must all come together once the nominee is chosen and become “Team Blue.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Scouty Lincoln

    Allen, do you seriously take your readers for fools?
    According to this particular article you claim to have only been critical of Sanders for a few weeks. You have an interesting way of calculating time.
    Since you have been critical of Bernie at a minimum, since at least July of 2015, your calculations need adjusting.
    Don’t assume your readers don’t pay attention or read your every word as if you only know truth and facts. We would certainly be in trouble if that was the case.

    • Allen Clifton

      Really? Funny how I hear this a lot – except the facts actually don’t back up what you just said.

      I’ll be sure to check back for your apology. Though I’m sure I won’t get it, you’ll ignore this indisputable collection of facts and spin whatever reality you feel like.


      • Scouty Lincoln

        How is it you’re this blind to your own hypocrisy?
        I’ve kept track of some of your comments and while these are just a few examples beginning last September, the point is made. (And I suppose you will say that as you see them as facts, they aren’t being critical of Bernie.)

        Here you go:

        October 13

        needs to tell Bernie Sanders that saying “I’ve been consistent on my views unlike my opponents” IS a shot at his opponents. I’m starting to see how he’s playing this whole “I’m not going to go negative thing.”

        He doesn’t specifically bash Clinton, he just points out something that he thinks is better about him that’s a possible weakness for her, then claims “Oh, I’m just talking about the issues.”

        No, Bern, that’s called an attack.

        I’m not faulting him for it, but let’s not pretend that his rhetoric isn’t what it is.

        October 13

        What a shock, Bernie Sanders people think he won the debate.

        I could have never predicted that.

        Because stammering on guns, while basically saying you’re anti-capitalism were great moments.

        No matter what Sanders does, his supporters aren’t going to say a bad word about him. Then again, these are the folks, many of whom are conspiracy theorists whenever it comes to anything that shows Sanders not doing well.

        This is how every debate will go:

        No matter how Clinton does, Sanders supporter are going to say he won.

        September 21

        Since Bernie Sanders people love polls show much, let me inform them of the poll they won’t see many pro-Sanders blogs writing about.

        Latest CNN/ORC poll shows Clinton’s lead over Sanders growing to 18%, up from 10% early this month. Support for Clinton grew 5%, while it dropped for Sanders by 3%.

        Even worse for Sanders, when respondents were asked who they would vote for if Biden doesn’t run, Clinton’s lead expands to 29%.

        Not that I care about polls this far out, but pro-Sanders bloggers seem to love bragging about them when they’re good news for the Vermont senator – while always ignoring polls like this.

        So I thought I’d make sure to keep people informed.

        September 9
        So, apparently Bernie Sander went full-on Republican by claiming that the jobs being created under President Obama are worse than the ones we lost during the recession.

        One problem, like Republicans, he cherrypicked the stats to come to that conclusion.

      • Mark Fukerburg

        Look out Allen, they’re scrapbookers in your kingdom…..cue scarry music..DUN…Dun…dun…

      • Bob Spinazzola

        I notice that Allen Clifton is notably silent in response to your post. Silence is regarded as assent, so I guess he agrees with the pointed assertions you have made. Therefor, I think we can now dispose of his opinions…

      • Scouty Lincoln

        Bob Sponazzola
        I agree with you about his silence. I truly don’t think he can handle being proven a tried and true hypocrite. And to read his responses to some people it’s clear he must always be right or he becomes nasty.
        I need to turn my back to his opinions/assertions because I don’t think they hold much value. Yet, I can’t get over how he calls himself a progressive and it scares me to think he can influence people supposedly on the same side as us and they behave as if his word is gold, kind of like Fox followers who never do any independent research.
        I’ve ranted to long, but thanks for your post! I agree.

    • Mark Fukerburg

      Well, yeah, some of you OBVIOUSLY strive for the title. Thanks for asking, Caller.

      • Scouty Lincoln

        One word to describe you: tool

  • Cory Alan Oliver

    The whole, “Vote for us to keep Republicans out of office.” slogan of the democratic party has been poisoning our democracy for decades. The crazier the other side gets the happier Blue Dogs are to lay down and let the DNC get away with damn near anything, they have literally been getting elected by beating us with a club, while pointing at Republicans and their Spiked Mace wrapped in rusty barbed-wire covered in bullet ants and Killer bees. “Come on now, if its not me, its THEM!” Like an abusive spouse we keep doing it because we can’t see any alternative. When FINALLY we have someone who is going to take the damn club away from them and give it back to us!

    I won’t give up and I won’t let fear control me anymore.

    • Allen Clifton

      Wow, your lack of factual information is alarming.

      You know why Republicans have been beating liberals for years? Because liberals don’t vote in midterm elections – then whine because the Democratic president “didn’t do enough.”

      They voted in Obama – then bailed on him in 2010. Then whined and complained because he wasn’t “liberal enough” trying to deal with a Congress that wasn’t going to let him do anything.

      Bill Clinton dealt with a Congress that was almost entirely Republican for his entire presidency.

      But keep thinking you know what you’re talking about. I’m sure that makes you feel better.

      Meanwhile, you might want to learn how government works. Because it’s clear that you don’t. Liberals can’t do anything in our government if liberal voters don’t get out in local and midterm elections (in large numbers – which they almost NEVER do) to vote in Democrats who can override the crap Republicans are constantly trying to pull.

      No, what many liberals do is elect a president, ignore all the other smaller elections, then complain because their hopes and dreams aren’t coming true when THEIR LOW VOTER TURNOUT was the reason why.

      And 2014 is a prime example. Despite the fact that the GOP has obstructed Obama since 2010 – liberals stayed home during those midterms. Which allowed Republicans to CRUSH Democrats all over the country.

      You can’t bring about change by only showing up to vote every 4 years when it’s popular to do so.

      • LonnieThunderNLightning

        Using your reasoning Allen, can you imagine the millions of progressives, millennials, and victims of our broken economic system who will rush to the polls in 2018 to support Hil’ry’s vision of incremental change?

        I can almost see it now, the excitement and enthusiasm generated by Hil’ry will create such commitment we’ll have a Yuge wave of voters waiting to cast their ballots so they can say, “I was there to help to realize Hil’ry’s vision of maintaining the corporate status quo.” Gee Allen, I’d love to have a hit of whatever you’re smoking.

        The only chance we have to inspire real change and enthusiasm will come from a true visionary, someone who can inspire us to act, and that ain’t Hil’ry—it’s BERNIE.

        From our President Allen, we need visionary leadership. Those of us who’ve been around the political block enough times recognize that it will take a a total realignment of our current political thinking to begin accomplishing Bernies vision, but it’s the only vision worth attempting.

        It’s not we Bernie supporters who stay home during the off presidential year elections. Your lack of understanding is showing Allen.

        With the negatives Hil’ry carries into this election process, do you really think that anything about our mid-terms will change with such an apparent lack of vision?

      • yellowdogdemocrat

        Clifton is correct about midterm voting; Dems don’t do it and Rethugs do. Do your research and you’ll see.

      • LonnieThunderNLightning

        You make my point for me. Without a real political tidal wave such as ‘Bernies 27 dollar revolution,’ it’ll continue to be nothing but crickets come 2018 if we have the queen of ‘incremental change’ the Hil’ryBORG occupying the WH.

  • bohemio

    Support Shrillary, Allen. Im voting my conscious and it tells me to feel the bern.

    • Jean Šrámková

      Did you read anything Allen had to say? Anything past the headlines? No? Didn’t think so.

      • Michael Wallingford

        If you vote for Bernie, then we will not have to worry about a Republican becoming President. I personally did read the article. Since you will not vote for Bernie, I will never, under any circumstance vote for Clinton! Never! don’t blame me if we have a Republican for President, blame the DNC. and yourself

      • Scouty Lincoln

        Do you read anything besides Allen? If you did you would know he tells what he wants you to see thinking that is more persuasive. And if you fall for it, then it’s your problem. But maybe you should do some independent research.
        While I support Bernie, I did not start out this way. Besides his stance on issues, every week I’m more and more disgusted by Hillary. And I’m having a very difficult time trying to figure out, if Hillary is the Dem nominee, of how I’m going to vote in November. This is because of her.

      • Her, or the ongoing propoganda you read about her? Have you attended or watched her townhalls?

      • Traucins

        I started true blue Hillary. Through and through. Then I researched. I remembered things she and her husband, which she supported his efforts and lobbied for each item, did. Type in their last name and Scandals… Once T goes after her with all that she’s toast. She is everything people hate and if you are honest with yourself you know it.

      • Traucins

        Read every word. Know what has been going on that the media keeps hidden and we are awake.

  • Amy J Audet

    Honestly, Bill Clinton with a bullhorn at the MA polls did me in. I felt that my vote was disrespected, the entire process was mocked and Clinton and Walsh thought they were above the law. I will not vote for that dishonesty or disrespect ever. ACtions matter.

    • Traucins

      Yesterday at NV caucus threatening to arrest supporters and even a Clinton delegate finished it for me. Good thing I hadn’t voted

      • Mark Fukerburg

        Of course not it is always easier to sit on your can and let others do the heavy lifting while you sit there and whine

      • Traucins

        You aren’t even worth breath. I work hard. Bachelors degree. Human resources management. Farm. Animals. Up yours.

  • some guy

    I think the comments section very clearly illustrates that both sides are pretty shitty to the other. No firm ground to climb onto a high horse from either side.

  • Max Curtis

    If you run as a Democrat for POTUS, we have a higher bar and hold our candidates accountable. Hillary supporters give her a pass and act like we are obligated to do the same. They compare Sander’s trite misgivings to Hillary’s epic laundry list of misalignments with progressivism. Hillary has turned a lot of Democrats into politically correct Republicans, where “corruption is ok as long as you get to the bottom line.” Sanders is gunning for the many things that have needed fixed for a long time… Hillary isn’t really interested, in fact she wants to keep the ball rolling as it is. It isnt about Bernie, its about Hillary being a pet of the elite and the establishment. We have a better choice and after the crap her and the DNC has pulled, it’s Bernie or Bust.

    • Annie Coffman

      You mean it’s President Cruz.

      • Max Curtis

        If that’s what you want

      • Bob Spinazzola

        You tell ’em Max.

  • Traucins

    Btw… All the deleted comments didn’t have curse words. They support the old guy with barely any hair. That’s why they are gone. Because the 1% supports HER and is doing their best to keep every penny.

  • Annie Coffman

    I supported Bernie until he refused to help down ticket Dems. I now realize that he is not the person I admired all of these years and it’s painful to admit. He isn’t honest enough to admit that the House will remain in Republican hands for years to come and that will severely impact his stated plans. He’s even refusing to help Dems to take back the Senate so we can hold off the worst of the damage. The GOP wants Bernie to be the nominee and I’m beginning to understand why. And although I didn’t support Hillary, I was also increasingly disgusted with the Tea Party-like, my way or the highway attacks on her. Even Obama never endured this level of demonization from both sides. Sadly, millions and millions of vulnerable Americans will pay a terrible price when Cruz or Trump takes over.

    • Bob Spinazzola

      Annie, he’s fighting the battle of his life, with Hillary Clinton, the DNC and Disastrous Debbie opposing him tooth and nail, not to mention the corporate media. And you want him to diffuse the resources he has at hand while fighting for the nomination to help other candidates? Sorry, but that’s Hillary “I never saw a dollar bill I didn’t love” Clinton’s game. Of course she’s funneling big money down ticket and to the state Democrat parties. That how she wins big influence and garners both super delegate support and folks willing to put up with voter coercion and strong arm tactics at the state level. Look at Nevada and the BS that happened out there. She wins the caucus, but under the light of day, despite her best efforts to twist arms, at the convention she loses her lead and Bernie Sanders wins the state. What does that say to you? I’m sure Bernie, once nominated, will do absolutely everything he can to support down ticket PROGRESSIVES that might actually help bring much needed change to our country. That is all.

  • london4

    I really want Bernie supporters to respond to the fact that Bernie has not donated to down-ticket elections. The revolution has to occur at the state-level more than at the federal level. Just look at that anti-LGBT law NC passed with it’s conservative state congress, even though it’s a swing state by voter population. Unless people vote in local elections blue, there is no progress.

    • Amy J Audet

      As a supporter of Bernie, I can say I’d prefer at this point he get himself elected, and he’s going to need every penny. On the other hand I have happily gone and donated personally to those down ticket candidates who support the revolution. Bernie hasn’t been at this long enough to support the entire ticket. And frankly, honest politicians shouldn’t be looking for handouts and secret deals. They should be developing platforms the electorate wish to support. Not oil, not pharma, not Agra, US!!!

      • Mark Fukerburg

        At this point the Democratic Party is pretty damned tired of footing the bill for y’all to ride our coat tails to a ballot…..
        Bernie has ‘been at this’ for 27 gdamn years as a professional politician

      • Amy J Audet

        I would think the Democratic Party would be thrilled with the thousands of newly registered voters. That is democracy in action. I wish we weren’t tied to the Dem party actually, the level of cheating, rigging and dishonesty they engage in is off-putting and beneath the dignity of many of us.

      • london4

        Thanks for the reply! I’m still trying to understand – from my experience in NC, when the governor was Dem, the state congress was 50/50 and the state elected Obama in 2008, conservative Art Pope spent hundreds of millions defeating progressives in local elections. As a result, he turned the entire political apparatus of the state red, the first time in over a century. So I don’t agree with the sentiment that “honest politicians shouldn’t be looking for handouts” – they need the full support of the party to succeed in local contests. The Republicans have no problem using Koch/Pope/Murdoch money in their elections, so how could we possibility beat them with that mentality? I’m trying to understand how Bernie supporters can envision a revolution succeeding from the top-down, and not the bottom-up when local progressive politicians are being completely outspent and defeated by conservative money. For context: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/10/10/state-for-sale

      • Bob Spinazzola

        Amy, is there something stopping from donating to those down ticket candidates yourself? Are you experiencing a certain paralysis of your checkbook and expecting Bernie Sanders to do it for you? I’m just having trouble understanding. I’ve donated to Bernie multiple times, because I know he’s in the fight of his life for MY BENEFIT. I’ve also, however, donated to Tim Canova, who is challenging Disastrous Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a Florida primary for her House seat. You have the power of your purse, why are you relying on Bernie, who is fighting the Democrat machine, Hillary Clinton, the mass media, and the Democratic National Committee aka D.W. Schultz all at the same time??????

      • Amy J Audet

        Bob if your going to reply to my post at least read it first. My second sentence states that I do indeed support down ticket players financially. Time to put the cap back on the Wild Turkey.

      • london4

        Why would you assume I haven’t? I do donate to down ticket candidates in my state. But I also expect the Democratic party’s nominee to do the same and he/she should regularly make endorsements of progressive candidates in tight races. Bernie’s purse is millions x bigger than mine and he is going to need local help to pass through his policies on a state-level.

    • Bob Spinazzola

      London4, is there something stopping you or others from donating to those down ticket candidates yourselves? Are you experiencing a certain paralysis of your checkbook and expecting Bernie Sanders to do it for you? I’m just having trouble understanding. I’ve donated to Bernie multiple times, because I know he’s in the fight of his life for MY BENEFIT. I’ve also, however, donated to Tim Canova, who is challenging Disastrous Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a Florida primary for her House seat. You have the power of your purse, why are you relying on Bernie, who is fighting the Democrat machine, Hillary Clinton, the mass media, and the Democratic National Committee aka D.W. Schultz all at the same time??????

      • lobotom

        Except that its a false dichotomoy. It’s not either – or.
        We can make donations to downticket Democrats either way. But Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has signed a joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee. If he doesn’t intend to honor his obligations, he should not have signed the agreement. Of course, he would not have been able to ride on the coat tails of the Democratic party. But such is life.

  • Randi Pokladnik

    I going to do what I should have done a long time ago…leave the Democratic party… Because as far as I can see there’s nothing Democratic about it!

    • Bob Spinazzola

      Hello, just testing…