A Message to All Liberals: Stop Complaining, Get Off Your Asses and Go Vote

Image via rockthevote.com

Image via rockthevote.com

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more frustrated with liberals than I have been heading into this year’s midterm elections. If Democrats lose the Senate in a couple of weeks, we might as well just write-off the last two years of Obama’s presidency. Because if you thought Republican obstruction has been bad these last few years, just wait and see what happens if they gain control of both the House and Senate. Not only will absolutely nothing get done, but Republicans will have even more power to sabotage the progress that we have made in this country since 2009.

Though the only reason why Republicans stand any chance at reclaiming power in the Senate is because polls overwhelmingly show that millions of liberals aren’t going to vote this November. Which is a pattern liberals often follow in nearly every midterm election. Sure, we show up in decent numbers when it’s time to elect a president, but then we seem to sit out the midterms which are actually more important. Without a Congress that’s willing to work with the president, no matter who we elect, they don’t stand much of a chance of accomplishing anything.

The truth is, when liberals get off their asses and vote – we win.

And I’ve already heard the comeback used by many liberals when I’ve said this before, “Well, who’s to say that just because I’m a liberal and I vote, that means I’ll vote for a Democrat?”

Okay, good point. And it’s your American right to vote for whomever you want to.

But if you want to throw away a vote on some no-name candidate who stands no chance at winning, then don’t complain when the Republican wins and literally none of the values for which you stand are represented in Congress.

Can we be real for a moment? Just some unfiltered, honest talk.

We all want to vote for the “person who we feel represents our values” most, right? And that’s not always a Democrat or a Republican. But when we vote for someone who stands absolutely no chance at winning, we’re not “sending a message.” We’re simply wasting our vote. Someone’s going to win, and the “message” that they’re taking with them is that whatever they ran on is what people want. Politicians don’t care about voters who don’t vote for them. They care about the voters who do. And when we throw away votes on some candidate who gets 6 percent of the vote “just to make a point,” all that says is that the ideologies supported by that candidate aren’t what most people want.

Let me explain how I approach voting.

When it’s time to vote, I analyze the candidates who are on the main ballot and assess which ones have the best chance of winning and who represents most of the values I care about. Because at the end of the day, I want my vote to go to a candidate who I think has chance at winning. Not just a symbolic vote for someone who has absolutely no shot at getting elected.

Does that make me a “sellout”? I guess some could say that. But I just think that it makes more sense. I would much rather disagree with a Democrat 40 percent of the time than a Republican 95 percent of the time.

And no matter what any of us think or feel about our political process, nearly all of our elections come down to two parties. So, either pick a side and do your best to change it from within or whine and moan about it while Republicans gain more power and completely screw this country over. Because every time a liberal doesn’t vote, or votes for someone who stands no chance at winning, that’s a win for the Republican party.

Oh, and if you’re one of those people who “doesn’t vote” just to prove a point as to just how “dissatisfied” you are with our government – you’re an idiot. Not voting because you’re angry doesn’t “prove” a damn thing. You know what it does? It puts all the power in the hands of those who do vote, leaving you with absolutely no voice. Because if you don’t vote, then you shouldn’t complain. Because like I said, when you don’t vote – that’s an automatic win for the other side. So you’re not doing anything but hurting yourself and helping Republicans. You might as well throw on an RNC shirt, whistle Dixie and call it a day, because your absence at the voting booth is just as good as a vote for a Republican.

So, it’s like I said, would you rather have a candidate who represents 60 percent of what you value or practically none of it?

As voters, we make the difference. If we want better Democrats to represent us, then pick better candidates during primary season. It’s that simple. And if you don’t get the exact person you wanted, too bad. That’s why we have elections. More people chose one person over another. And you can either sit back and pout about it, or write to that candidate who won the primary, voice your opinion and hope to bring about change within the party.

But I can promise you what doesn’t bring about change – apathy.

Though that’s a choice every American must make for themselves. But just know, for every liberal (and young voter) who chooses to be apathetic, or “sit this one out,” that apathy is just as good as a vote for the Republican party.

So, my “advice” to all liberals is to pick a side, stop whining and get their asses out and vote this November. But if they just can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, then just vote. Because while I might see it as throwing away a vote (which I clearly said I don’t agree with), at least you’re doing something.

And to all these liberals who aren’t planning to vote this November, you’re doing exactly what Republicans want you to do – nothing. Because Republicans aren’t just hoping for liberal apathy, they’re counting on it. And I don’t know about all of you, but I’m damn sure not going to give Republicans what they want.

So, liberals, I’m begging you. Get your asses up, stop being apathetic and make a damn difference in this country. If you’re unsure of where to vote, hit me up on Twitter and I’ll do my best to help you figure out where to vote or provide any information I can to possibly help you to get to the polls.

Because the last thing I want to see happen this November is Republicans take control back in the Senate. And I’ll do everything I possibly can to prevent that from happening.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Macdoodle

    It wont be the Republicans who are the obstructionists, it will be Obama and his veto pen.

    • strayaway

      What about his other pen, the one by his phone he writes new laws and declares wars with? Republican Congress? Bingo, he takes his other pen out and he gives millions of illegal aliens work permits putting them on the path to citizenship and (un)ACA benefits. Squeeze those Southern Baptist crackers out of the military and replace them with his foreign legion. Congress doesn’t have to provide money for his new laws either because a continuing resolution turns on the electronic printing press. Obstructionism is so old school. Why can’t congress members be content to be well paid ombudsmen?

    • rossbro

      Bullshit ! All the Repubs will want to do is repeal the ACA, even though it gave insurance coverage to over Nine MILLION people, most for the first time being insured.

    • itsabsolute


  • Krimsen King

    message to ‘liberal’ politicians: GIVE US SOMETHING TO VOTE FOR… tell us you’ll get the ridiculously corruptive MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY out of our electoral system… tell us you will ELIMINATE REDUNDANT AGENCIES… tell us you will REFORM THE TAX CODE to eliminate loopholes and PUNISH OFFSHORE TAX ‘HAVENS’… and for fluke’s sake… STAND UP FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, you spineless weasels…. good grief, ‘liberals’….

    • Jim Bean

      A word of caution with regard to health care. The worst of Obamacare has been hidden from view from most. Next April, (or later if they delay it some more) Obama is going to reach out and ‘touch base’ with the 30 million who did NOT opt to enroll through Obamacare. That’s not going to be pretty nor would it be prudent for any politician to be seen as being associated with it.

      • Krimsen King

        you know what’s not ‘prudent’ for politicians to be seen with… ‘campaign donors’ who ‘donate’ MILLIONS of dollars to them in exchange for ‘favors’… it’s not ‘prudent’ for ‘insurance’ companies to gouge and profit from peoples’ illnesses… it’s not ‘prudent’ for healthcare to be based solely on profit, literally and actually forcing every one of us to gamble, to bet that we will get sick.. that’s a losing bet either way, isn’t it…. it’s not ‘prudent’ to leave millions of people with NO access to healthcare just cuz they can’t ‘afford’ it (pay for it)… yes, tell me more of this ‘prudence’ you seem so in tune with………. haha 😉

      • strayaway

        It’s not prudent for insurance companies to write their own health care bill either; a health care bill that actually stood in the way of Vermont having a truly affordable Canadian like single payer system.

      • Krimsen King

        very true… well said 🙂

      • Lawrencia

        Please take your Fox/Right Wing/Alex Jones BS and go peddle it else where.

      • Jim Bean

        Why should I be the one to yield to you? What makes you special?

  • Jim Bean

    If liberals are unhappy, the last you thing you want them to do is go out and vote. If the candidates they would vote for win, you’re guaranteed two more years of unhappiness.

    • Jillz

      As opposed to the bliss of crushed rights and liberties by a Republican government? 😛

      (Sorry Jim Bean – couldn’t help myself)

      • Jim Bean

        What rights and liberties have you lost?

      • Krimsen King

        the right to vote for representation… our ‘votes’ are now meaningless because the MASSIVE amounts of money flowing through our elections necessarily, fundamentally and inherently corrupts all our politicians, regardless of political party or ideology… this, technically destroys the voice of WE THE PEOPLE and transforms this country from a relatively free and fairly-elected democratic republic into the brutal, medieval oligarchy you see today… u know, the system where only the very few, very wealthiest control all aspects of society… like russia or china or malaysia or every other third world dump in the world… welcome to medieval america… welcome to the oligarchy 😉

      • Jillz

        I haven’t lost any rights or liberties. I live in a free country that isn’t trying to restrict my voting rights; isn’t trying to legislate my body; where my gender orientation does not impact my ability to get married (or work / do business free from discrimination).

        I have the freedom to walk around the streets of my country and go to bed every night not clutching a gun in fear from some mystery assailant, and the freedom not to worry about getting randomly shot by some fearful, “responsible”, gun owner.

        If I do get injured somehow, I have the freedom to walk into any hospital and receive treatment, content in the knowledge that having paid for my treatment in advance (through my taxes) that I will not be burdened or financially ruined trying to pay medical bills.

        And of course, I have freedom from the religious beliefs of others, and the government is not trying to force me to follow laws based on those (or my own) religious beliefs.

        I really don’t understand how Republicans have the audacity to use “freedom and liberty” as part of their battle call, while simultaneously trying to pass laws that restrict the freedoms and liberties of millions of people.

      • Jim Bean

        Your “freedom not to worry about getting randomly shot by some fearful, “responsible”, gun owner is an illusion because you have much better odds of winning PowerBall than being shot by a responsible gun owner.

        You also have no freedom “from” not being exposed to religion. Your freedom in that regard is the freedom to respect, or not respect, any you choose.

      • Jillz

        There must be a lot of PowerBall winners lately then for all the “accidental” shootings I hear about in the USA. The real reason I don’t worry about it though, is simply that I don’t think about it that much. I’ve never even seen someone (outside of law enforcement or military) with a gun in public (excluding seeing news reports of criminal shootings which isn’t what I’m talking about – I’m referring to “accidental” shootings by “responsible” gun owners). I’m not around guns, at home or in public, so I don’t worry about them.

        LOL I didn’t say I have the freedom not be exposed to religion; I said I don’t have to follow laws based on religions (mine or others).

        Respect is a human thing. I’m grateful that I have had “exposure” to other religions – it helps me to understand the human being a little better, regardless of whether I share the belief. As long as they don’t try to force them on me, I will respect them for their religious beliefs.

      • Jim Bean

        You are a moderate. I respect that.

    • Lawrencia

      Yes of course, we need another Bush in Office.
      ~Economy/Stock market collapse
      ~4k dead soldiers, thousands permanently disabled.
      ~Foreclosure crisis
      and on and on and on…………..

      • Jim Bean

        Well, if you were defending Bush for his misconduct back that as vigorously as you are defending Obama’s misconduct now, doesn’t that make you just as bad as Bush?

  • Sandy Greer

    I vote, every single time. My vote is never wasted – even if I vote “some no-name candidate who stands no chance of winning”. I vote my conscience, with a clear conscience – because my vote means something – to me.

    Whether I win or lose has nothing to do with how I vote. We’re not back in High School – voting the popularity contest for Homecoming King and Queen.

    I can’t think of a worse reason for voting a candidate than a desire to ‘pick a winner’.

    If we want to change our country – We need to work from the ground up. All movements start small, and lack support in their early stages.

    Keep the Faith. Vote your conscience. Win or lose – Vote your conscience.

    • Matthew Reece

      While I find voting to be a moral evil that should not be done, I do have some observations to make about it.

      1. I find it interesting that we never hear the “he/she can’t win, you’re wasting your vote” argument when a Republican or Democrat is very far ahead in polling and funds and the major party opposition candidate has as little chance of winning as independent and third-party candidates typically do. If the duopoly supporters were to be consistent, they would have to make the argument in those cases as well, which tells me that they are just trying to hold down independent and third-party candidates rather than present valid reasoning.

      2. If you are completely unwilling to consider voting third-party or staying home, then the major parties do not need to listen to you because you will vote for them regardless of whether they do something resembling what you want.

      3. The history of third parties is that they get what they want by playing spoiler enough times that one of the major parties has to adopt the major aspects of their platform in order to regain the edge over the other major party. So the point of “throwing away votes on a candidate who gets 6 percent” from a historical perspective is to show the major parties what votes they could be getting if they would take certain actions on certain issues, and that they will not get these votes until they do so.

      4. In modern times, the role of third parties is changing because the larger third parties now (Libertarian and Green) would rather end the duopoly than get their issues assimilated into it, and the Republicans and Democrats are using every tool they have to try to stop that. This may get interesting because those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution certain.

      • Sandy Greer

        Exactly. End the duopoly. It will happen, and must occur – one way, or the other. More choice – more control – more Power to the People.

        This is probably my favorite post of yours, ever. Thank you, Matthew – for voicing what I was inadequate to do.

  • Matthew Reece

    A wasted vote is any vote. If you vote for anyone, you empower the state at the expense of the individual and help to legitimize the imposition of violent rulers upon peaceful people. The path to liberty is anti-political in nature.

    • Maszk

      Good for you for being of a peaceful mind but a nonpolitical society is not somewhere I want to live. And if we did what would all these people have to do all day if they can’t complain and get angry at other people for doing exactly what they are doing? Haha sounds kinda boring to me.

      • Guest

        I am not of a peaceful mind. I would be the first person to take up arms against the state if I thought I had a decent chance of winning.

      • Maszk

        Well the good news is you won’t have the chance to put an end to your life by taking up you civilian arms and be any match for the weapons the government has to smash your up rising within a blink of an eye. Just one more reason the second amendment is out of touch with modern reality because when it was written there wasn’t much of a arms gap between the military and the civilians but anyone who thinks even the largest civilian arsenal could not hold a candle to its own military weaponry is dreaming. I believe in that part of the 2nd amendment before American development the insane military inferiority complex and spend decades and trillions of $$$ into the best weapons ever seen but now for citizens don’t have a snowballs chance in that mythical place call hell.

  • Leaning Blue

    Yeah, nothing pisses me off more than for my liberal friends to complain, especially about the president. And when I ask them if they voted in 2010 they just give me a blank look and say “no”, then I tell them to STFU and stop complaining and get off their lazy ass and vote in 2014. Then I get that blank look again. They just can’t get it into their thick skulls that a president needs a congress to work with.

  • rossbro

    V O T E , dammit, VOTE !!!!!

  • itsabsolute

    This article is just plain stupid and unfounded. I would love to see rewinding and fixing what’s considered the worst presidency ever.