Michael Savage Says Obama is Planning Anti-White Genocide, According to Mayan Prophecy

michael savageWe’ve talked about Michael Savage before. You know, the guy who created Rockstar energy drinks with his son, Russell Weiner, and rails on about how Obama is going destroy America on his radio show? The same Michael Savage, originally named Dr. Michael Weiner, who was a homeopathy and herbal medicine book author in the 1980s before turning to shock jock radio in the 1990s? Yeah, that guy.

Michael Savage’s shtick, like many other right-wing media figures, is to constantly fan the flames of fear, anger and paranoia in his followers for profit. In order to do that and keep them buying the products they pitch, they constantly have to come up with new angles on how President Obama or liberals are going to take away various freedoms, or lock away white conservative Christians. It sounds bizarre, but in the world of fear-based ratings and marketing, that’s how it works.

This time, Michael Savage wants all of the white people who follow his show to know that President Obama has a sinister plot to kill all of the white people, according to an unnamed ancient Mayan woman who prophesied it all. Yes, it’s that freaking bizarre.

Via Right Wing Watch:

On yesterday’s edition of “The Savage Nation,” Savage said he felt the need to tell his audience about this prophecy, which he said he read about in an email, because of “the hatred towards white people that is being fanned primarily from inside of the American administration.”

“They interviewed an ancient, an old Mayan woman who said she had a dream and she said, ‘I see the future and in the future we will be missing our white brothers,’” Savage said. “That was chilling, that was a shocking, chilling statement. I don’t want to dwell on that too much but the fact of the matter is that unless something drastic is done quickly, how does this all end? How does this end when you have an administration that is siding with terrorists in the case of the PLO, are siding with the burners and the destroyers in Ferguson or in Baltimore, tell me how this ends?” (Source)

If this sounds like some wacky conspiracy story from Worldtruth.tv or Collective Evolution, you wouldn’t be too far from wrong.

Whether it’s Mike Adams from Natural News and Vani Hari (aka Food Babe) peddling fear of modern medicine with Alex Jones on Infowars (while they conveniently pitch their own wares) or Michael Savage screaming about how President Obama wants to kill all the white people, the product and the message may change but the business strategy remains the same. It isn’t confined solely to right-wing politics; Vani Hari was a 2008 delegate to the Democratic National Convention, but is a regular guest with both Alex Jones and Mike Adams who are fringe right-wing libertarians.

Like most successful fear-mongers, it’s a safe assumption to guess that Michael Savage doesn’t believe in most of what he screams about over the radio five days a week. Unfortunately, there are people out there like the deranged gunman who opened fire in a movie theater here in Lafayette who do buy into the incessant paranoid hyperbole. Every once in a while, one of them snaps. While people tend to rightfully blame guns and mental health, they often forget the constant barrage of fringe media figures like Michael Savage who profit from the angriest and sickest people in America – at our expense.


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