Michele Bachmann Actually Admitted What Most of Us Have Known for a While: “God, I’m a Loser”

bachmann-crazyHeading into the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Michele Bachmann had quite a lot of momentum.  Many people might forget this, as she wasn’t in the race very long.  However, leading up to the actual primary debates she was a huge tea party darling and, believe it or not, was the GOP front-runner.

In fact, in August 2011 she won the Iowa straw poll for presidential candidates.  Fast forward just a few months to January 2012 and she received just five percent of the vote in the Iowa primary.

Well, revelations coming out in a new book titled “Double Down” reveal that Michele Bachmann took the Iowa results quite hard:

“Sitting in her campaign bus, in the same seat where she cried with joy in August, she now sobbed over her drubbing. “God, I’m a loser,” Bachmann said. “God, I turn people off.” With two debates ahead in New Hampshire, some of her advisers thought she should consider staying in the race. Bachmann wanted no part of it. Let’s draft a withdrawal speech for tomorrow, she said.”

Of course, she dropped out of the race the day after the Iowa caucuses.

This is another one of those extremely rare instances you’ll actually see me agree with Michele Bachmann on anything.  I agree, she is a loser and she does turn people off.  That’s exactly what happened between August and January.  The more people got to know her, the more national attention she received, the more people realized what a whack job she really is.

A trend that has been pretty common for quite a few tea party candidates in national elections.  Heck, how else do you figure the Republican party ended up with Mitt Romney as their candidate in 2012?  The rest of the candidates, mostly all tea party favorites, quickly fell out of national favor the moment the spotlight was placed upon them and their idiocy was put on full display.

But let’s not forget Michele Bachmann announced that “God” spoke to her and told her to run for president.  Not that she was inspired by God or her faith — no, “God” actually spoke to her through prayer and told her to run for president.

Well, I guess “God” forgot to tell Ms. Bachmann about her humiliating defeat she’d experience in Iowa.  If “God” told her to run, wouldn’t her dropping out at the first sign of adversity showcase her lack of faith?

I mean, if I thought God actually told me to do something — as in my orders were given to me directly from the one and only God — the last thing I’d do is quit.

Except, that’s exactly what she did.

The book “Double Down” will be released Tuesday, November 5.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Ram Garcia

    She probably thought that “L” on her fore-head was for Lady…. Not even close LOSER!!!!

  • Tina Hamilton

    I agree with the author, had God spoken to me directly I would not quit for any reason….

    • regressive rightwing trash

      tina got nice br-br-br-,,,,boooobies :))

  • Michael Brooks

    Now, here’s the real question…..Did she pray as the Publican did in the Temple, or like the tax collector in the back in shadows? a Clue: “Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner”. Pull out your Bibles!

  • Francois Bergeron

    that’s funny. god told me to run… but he didnt tell me to succeed..

  • FD Brian

    Every time that Michelle Bachman opens her mouth, Susan B. Anthony turns over in her grave.

  • dave

    Left out of the article was God’s response: “I agree”.

  • J

    You know, this strangely kind of humanises her to me. I mean, her ideas are still ludicrous and bigotted, but I kind of feel bad about all the nasty shit I said about her now.

    • raggedcompany

      I had the same feeling… but I’m also incredibly relieved that she is not successful!

  • ColinSherritt

    Why do these right-wing evangelical politicians always invoke “God” in everything? God couldn’t possibly want all of them to be president simultaneously, yet they all claim God wants them to win. ?

    • regressive rightwing trash

      please reeeee-member that THEIR ” GOD” is a long -dead jewish carpenter who condoned helping poor; infirm and children.

  • hermanprovi

    Michelle was fun to watch, but what we must do now is “watch [out for]’, Ted Cruz’s father. He makes the Ayatollahs in the Middle east look good!

    • regressive rightwing trash

      ted cruz daddy? “poquito bugaron”

  • GeorgiaYankee

    God may have been so offended by her arrogance and pride that He told her to run for President knowing she’d lose bigtime – hoping, perhaps, that it would give her some humility.

    This is the marvelous thing about the relationship between God and us – He gave us free will, so He knows everything that might happen, but He doesn’t know until we make the choice which road we’ll choose.

    And I think His hope was dashed – I don’t think she learned any long-term lesson from the 2012 primaries.

  • God told me to spray diarrhea on GOP candidates whenever I get the chance…cuz, y’know, GOD. You can’t dispute me, or you’re going to Hell.