Michele Bachmann Makes Herself Look Like a Complete Fool Attempting to Attack President Obama

Michele-Bachmann-foolIt’s become really hard for me to take Republicans seriously anymore.  Especially when it comes to their seemingly endless attacks on President Obama.  I can say with almost absolute certainty that we’ll never see another president bashed as often – and as aggressively – as Obama has been by the Republican party.

Not only do they constantly attack him, the way in which they attack him has just gotten absurd.

Take for instance Michele Bachmann’s latest rant about the very small two week delay President Obama announced for the Affordable Care Act.  Basically what President Obama did was say people who have difficulty signing up by March 31 (I’m assuming because he knows people are waiting until the last minute and will flood the servers the last few days) have an extra two weeks to get in by this year’s deadline.  That is, if they can provide proof of their hardship.

Not exactly what I would call that big of a deal. In fact, it’s a good thing that some people will have a couple extra weeks to get this done.

Well, not unless you’re Michele Bachmann and her fellow Republicans who want to use this 2 week extension as another example of the “lawless presidency” Obama has presided over.

Bachmann said on Fox News, “Unfortunately, it is the continuation of lawlessness from the administration.  The administration gets to have it any way they want to have it.  All their promises about Obamacare, completely hypocritical.  They didn’t come through, and now this?  More of the same.”

First, they’ve announced that the marketplace has now signed up 6 million people (with their goal being 7 million – and that doesn’t count those who got insurance through Medicaid expansion), so they’ve pretty much reached their goal despite the fact that for 2 months the site was barely working.

“I feel sorry, honestly, for the people who are trying to be the administrators of Obamacare,” she continued.  “How in the world do they know what to comply with?  Do you either follow the law as it’s written, or are you responsible for watching Jay Carney’s press conference to figure out what the law is? It’s complete incredibility on the part of this administration.”

Dramatic much?

Adjusting parameters slightly as problems arise when implementing something brand new isn’t “lawless behavior,” it’s called using common sense.

Her comments did nothing more than make her look like a complete fool.  She took a simple 2 week delay for those who might experience trouble signing up in the closing days of Obamacare enrollment and tried to blow it up into some massive deal.

The reality is, almost all of the propaganda Republicans have tried to use against Obamacare has fallen apart and now they’re just grasping as straws.  But Bachmann’s comments are nothing shocking.  She’s made a political career out of embarrassing herself with ridiculous propaganda, blatant lies and asinine comments such as these.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Bachmann, the perfect example that you can buy the most expensive education, however, if you don’t have the necessary equipment to absorb it, it is money down the drain. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

    • PRIME79

      You can pay for school but you cant buy class.

  • Rodney Moore

    Obama is the rubber and she is the glue

  • Aanna1123

    Around my area, whenever someone says something stupid, we say Bachmann instead! LOL she really is a complete fool!

    • she gives real fools a bad name….

  • Mel Lewis

    I find it funny that people like Bachman and Boner said that Obama should follow the law as it is written. Yet they take a law, ACA, and fight it 51 times costing the taxpayer millions of dollars. Obama gives an extension for two weeks, and he’s “lawless”, yet they fight the ACA, the law, and it’s for the benefit of who and NOT considered lawless?

    • Jo Clark

      That’s a really excellent point, one I will certain remember and be spouting everywhere!

    • Aanna1123

      They just voted again making that the 55th time. Ya, I’m getting pretty pissed off how they are wasting my money. Imagine what good all that money would do.

    • GOPhater

      of course…..they are hypocrites

  • barkleydog

    Perhaps if Bachmann enrolled in “Obamacare” she could get the brain transplant she so desperately needs.

    • FD Brian

      republicans are a perfect match for the characters in the Wizard of Oz, they all need a heart, a brain, some courage and they all want to go back to 1920’s Kansas.

      • Nick Smith

        haha YES!

      • strayaway

        Harding and Coolidge reduced taxes, the working week, increased employment rates, kept us out of wars, released Wilson’s political prisoners. An era of peace and prosperity. I’d go for that.

    • SoylentGrin

      “…the brain transplant…”

      I’m afraid there will never be such a thing. Such a thing would be called a Body Transplant. Why anyone would want to inhabit her body is beyond me.

      • Markus Jonathan Savage

        the good thing is the ACA covers mental health care for bachman’s paranoid delusions which are clearly an undiagnosed mental illness

  • Eric

    When does she not make a fool of herself? Why do you all continue to even report on this women? She’s a joke. Why give her any attention? Same with Palin. Can we move on? Next…

  • katherine norton malek

    Why does anyone cover what she says? She’s got one foot in a Federal Penitentiary for campaign finance fraud. Really, she’s history. Keep mics away from her.

    • it is always good to know where the snakes in the grass are….so you can attempt to steer clear of them….

    • Markus Jonathan Savage

      if we could only get that lucky with Palin and Christie too

  • Regina Arrendell

    Every time Michelle Bachmann opens her mouth something stupid falls out. I have no idea how this woman got elected, but I certainly hope those voters are re-thinking that decision.

  • FD Brian

    I didn’t see any republicans bashing Bush for extending the sign up period for Medicare part D by using executive order. You know a program that republicans came up with but never found a way to pay for and didn’t even use the purchasing power of the United States government to negotiate for lower drug prices.

    • kickapoogirl

      I’m copying your comment to my FB wall. Very good comment.

    • …and Bush gave them nearly 6 month extension…. but heaven fore fend, President Obama gives a little two week stretch to give everyone a chance to get signed up…

    • Aanna1123

      I STILL don’t know how to sign up for that. I had no problems understanding the ACA and signing there.

    • disgustedinfl

      Don’t forget Republicans don’t know how to write legislation, that’s why medicare part d was written by the insurance industry and why there’s no provisions for negotiating drug prices. Sort of like letting the fox hold the keys to the henhouse.

  • nanamimoore

    I for one appreciate what President Obama has done for our nation. In California it is called “Covered California”. I saved $150 a month on my medical insurance through this program! The outspoken critics of this program are being selfish! The attitude of those people is like this is their property and we are stealing from them. They should be strictly admonished and even brought to justice! I am a veteran and can receive care from the VA. I freely choose my own Doctor’s in private practice……This is America, we are free to choose!

    • Sandy Greer

      My sister & her husband together saved almost $400 per mo thru Covered California. Better coverage, too. They both own their own businesses, and health insurance was killing them. For years.

      So yes: ACA is helping ordinary Americans, everyday.

      ^^^That’s the fear on The Right: That it WILL work, and people will be grateful. 😉

      • it already is working and it is causing TPOG heads to spin

    • Melanie Collins Pennock

      My husband is a self-employed CPA here in California. Since he ad a Quintuple Heart Bypass in 1998, he has had a hard time getting health insurance. Thanks to President Obama, he is now covered!

    • Pipercat

      The Federal Exchange is working just fine too!

  • Steven Bolduc

    Akin to filing for an extension on the April 15th income tax deadline. Does Ms. Bachmann oppose that? NO!

    • strayaway

      Actually, this is at least the 21st executive action change to the (un)ACA. In addition, Congress had a say in fourteen changes and the Supreme Court made two changes or rulings. Included in the magical phone and pen executive changes are the following delays:

      “Delaying a low-income plan: The administration delayed implementation of the Basic Health Program until 2015. It would have provided more-affordable health coverage for certain low-income individuals not eligible for Medicaid. (March 22, 2013)

      Employer-mandate delay: By an administrative action that’s contrary to statutory language in the ACA, the reporting requirements for employers were delayed by one year. (July 2, 2013)

      Delaying the online SHOP exchange: The administration first delayed for a month and later for a year until November 2014 the launch of the online insurance marketplace for small businesses. The exchange was originally scheduled to launch on October 1, 2013. (September 26, 2013) (November 27, 2013)

      Delaying the individual mandate: The administration changed the deadline for the individual mandate, by declaring that customers who have purchased insurance by March 31, 2014 will avoid the tax penalty. Previously, they would have had to purchase a plan by mid-February. (October 23, 2013)

      Equal employer coverage delayed: Tax officials will not be enforcing in 2014 the mandate requiring employers to offer equal coverage to all their employees. This provision of the law was supposed to go into effect in 2010, but IRS officials have “yet to issue regulations for employers to follow.” (January 18, 2014)

      Employer-mandate delayed again: The administration delayed for an additional year provisions of the employer mandate, postponing enforcement of the requirement for medium-size employers until 2016 and relaxing some requirements for larger employers. Businesses with 100 or more employees must offer coverage to 70% of their full-time employees in 2015 and 95% in 2016 and beyond. (February 10, 2014)

      Delaying the sign-up deadline: The administration delayed until mid-April the March 31 deadline to sign up for insurance. Applicants simply need to check a box on their application to qualify for this extended sign-up period. (March 26, 2014)”

      -from the article “38 ways Obamacare has changed so far” by the Galen Institute.

      • alvin


      • strayaway

        I was trying to point out that although the article tried to belittle Michelle Bachman for criticizing this delay, her criticism could also be taken in the context of a long line of delays trying to make the (un)ACA work or, at least, delay some of its major implementation problems until after the 2014 election and the legality of making large changes by executive order to congressional laws.

        I totally agree with one comment she made, “Do you either follow the law as it’s written, or are you responsible for watching Jay Carney’s press conference to figure out what the law is?”

  • Sandy Greer

    The election of our first black president has been a catalyst for the Haters on The Right to come crawling out of the woodwork like the vermin they are.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

    Because I’d rather see the Hate openly (proudly) displayed, that we may all get a good, long, look at it. Remember it, and take it into the voting booths.

    Just say NO to Hate: Say NO to Republicans.

    • Dave Brown

      You are correct! The key,though, is that we all get out and vote! If we let someone else go out and do the voting our nation will be governed by the GOPeer’s, which will be bad for everyone but the rich.

      • Sandy Greer

        Absolutely. GOP never skip an election.

        Dems sometimes let the Mid-Terms go. We can’t afford to do that: This time, especially.

        Our president needs us: Each and every vote. Otherwise, it will be even UGLIER the last two years of his admin.

        Vote Dem, all the way down the line: National, state, local. Vote ’em the Hell outta Dodge!

      • Markus Jonathan Savage

        i live in ohio boehner that dick who wants to screw everyone is up for unemployment same as his toadies at state level yeah not lookin good for any of em in the buckeye state right now…and fyi ohio HAS expanded medicaid to cover the ACA too

      • Dave

        I wouldn’t vote a republican for dogcatcher, let alone something important.

      • Sandy Greer

        We can’t even afford to flirt with 3rd party candidates this time.

        If we want to defeat GOP/TeaPugs/RWNJs, we must vote, and we MUST vote Dem.

  • Dpalm

    The Republicans are losing ground with how they are acting. This is panic mode for the rich. If you can’t beat them with facts, call them names and throw blame. It’s insane!

  • “Michele Bachmann Makes Herself Look Like a Complete Fool Attempting to Attack President Obama ”

    awww and here I thought I was going to get something new about her….

  • Markus Jonathan Savage

    they don’t call her batshit bachman for no reason

  • Dave

    If Obama was lawless, people like Michelle Bachman would be dead.

  • brian199511

    Bachmann is a disgrace and she should be in jail for campaign finance violations.

  • Paul Kerr

    Frankly, the saddest thing of all about this article is…it is an article! Stop giving this idiot media coverage and watch her fade away. She has nothing of any import to say so she just blabs nonsense to keep her name in the public eye (much like her sister Ms Palin). PLEASE reporters…stop the madness and spend your time reporting on people/things that MATTER. Please.

  • hdtex

    Mindless TWUNT

  • hermanprovi

    what does it say about our educational system, when someone like Ms. Bachmann can be given a law degree? More terrifying, is, when people who vote, elect someone of such dis-association with reality or truth! Send her back to pre-school and instruct her on when the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights were affirmed!

  • joecooling

    It is against the law to accuse someone of a crime with out evidence or a substantiation of evidence, therefor I am placing Michele Bachmann under arrest for breach of peace.