Michele Bachmann Proudly Shows Off Tea Party Delusion During CNN Interview (Video)

bachmann-cnn-tea-partyLeave it to Michele Bachmann to perfectly personify Republican and tea party delusion following this year’s elections. While almost every Republican you meet is sure to tell you how this year’s elections were a “message from the American people,” it was actually one of the saddest days democracy has seen in decades.

While Republicans overwhelmingly “won” this year, it’s not because a massive surge of Americans rallied in support of their ideological beliefs. They won essentially because when voter turnout is low, their party always does well. That’s honestly the biggest strength for the GOP. Their core voters – older white Americans – are the most consistent voting demographic in this country. So when liberals and independents “sit out” elections like we saw this year, Republicans are going to succeed.

Well, during an interview on CNN, Michele Bachmann tried to push the ridiculous idea that this year’s elections were some kind of a mandate from the American people that they want Republican ideology to reign supreme.

“What we heard on last Tuesday from the American people, they do want us to move forward, they do want us to get things done,” she said. “But the first thing they did is they held up a big stop sign. They said, ‘We don’t like what’s been coming out of Washington, D.C. Listen to us.’”

“And if we here in Washington, D.C. only are talking about D.C. and not about back home, then we’re going to be in trouble,” Bachmann continued. “We have to implement what people said to us on Tuesday, then we’ll be successful.”

That’s not at all what these elections told us. Voter apathy is something both parties should be ashamed of. Instead, Republicans like Bachmann seem proud that their congressional obstruction has killed the will of millions of American voters. Then again, as I’ve said before, when voter turnout is low, Republicans benefit. Conservatives like Bachmann actually love when voter turnout is low during elections.

But then she went on to insist that the tea party is really what Americans voted for.

“That’s what the Tea Party is, it’s maligned. And people don’t — misunderstand what it is, but it’s really about bringing fiscal sanity,” she insisted. “That was the message of Tuesday, and that’s a united message, both in the House now and in the Senate.”

Actually, a big part of the reason why Republicans did so well this election was because the tea party has been marginalized by much of the GOP. They backed more “sane” (I use that term loosely) candidates this year and did a great job at keeping a lid on the tea party radicals who did win their primaries.

The reality is, Republicans didn’t run on their ideology, they simply ran against President Obama. But once the American people begin seeing the crap they’re going to try to get passed, that’s when millions of Americans are going to realize just how radical the Republican agenda really is.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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