Michele Bachmann Says Jesus Is Coming Soon, Thanks To Iran Nuclear Deal

michele-bachmann-insaneRepublicans have been pitching a fit about the recent deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program. While some Democrats have decided to oppose it for various reasons, Republicans are almost unanimous in their condemnation of the deal and have vowed to do everything possible to kill it. I think that many Republicans are against the deal simply because they are obliged by the current political climate to oppose almost anything President Obama is for, even if he were to endorse breathing.

Then there are the religious zealots like Louie Gohmert and Michele Bachmann who are fully subscribed to far-right Christian ideology concerning the “End Times,” which includes a series of events they believe have to happen so that Jesus will return. One of these events involves a war which results in the destruction of Israel, and the conversion of many Jews to Christianity. I know it sounds weird, but many evangelical Christians believe in this, even as they claim to support Israel.

Michele Bachmann has previously stated that President Obama has abandoned Israel by refusing to go along with Netanyahu’s insistence on war with Iran, and she was back at it again this weekend, appearing on a right-wing radio show where she once again insisted that President Obama was bringing about the End Times.

Via Right Wing Watch:

Bachmann claimed that the unanimous UN Security Council vote to approve the agreement was “the most important national security event of my lifetime” because it fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah 12:3 that all the nations of the world will unite against Israel, “with the United States leading that charge.” She added that God and “heaven’s armies” will use groups like AIPAC to defeat the deal in Congress and in doing so “prove to the world His power and His strength.”

“There are consequences to doing things like this against God’s covenant land, there are horrible consequences,” Markell said. “Then you throw in some other things such as the Supreme Court decision back in late June and a lot of other things. Judgment isn’t just coming; judgment is already here.”

Bachmann told listeners that they should feel “encouraged” by the fact that they are living in the End Times, explaining that these dark times are actually the best time to be alive since that means the world will soon come to an end.

“The prophets longed to live in this day that you and I are privileged to live in,” Bachmann said.

Predicting the arrival of nuclear war, Bachmann said that Iran will position its future cache of nuclear weapons in Cuba in order to aim them at the U.S. (Source)

What I find puzzling is if people like Michele Bachmann think that certain prophecies have to be fulfilled in order for Jesus to make his way back from heaven, then why are they so opposed to things like the Iran nuclear deal?

For many conservatives, political points outweigh ideology, and for others ideology is first and foremost. Perhaps in cases like the Iran nuclear deal, when they are so utterly detached from reality like Michele Bachmann is, they can’t determine if it is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which side of the brain the squirrels have built their nest in that day.

Michele Bachmann may no longer be representing Minnesota’s 6th district in Congress, but there are still quite a few people in government who believe in these bizarre religious prophecies – or pander heavily to voters who do. Next January, they will turn out in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and across the United States to support candidates who want to make war with Iran a bloody reality. Even though they are outnumbered, these voters are motivated by delusion and religious fervor. They’re going to turn out to vote – are you?


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