Michele Bachmann Tweets Out Ridiculous Response to Proposed Minnesota Anti-Bullying Bill

bachmannSometimes I sit back and ponder the thought of running for political office myself.  I mean, making a difference is what drew me to politics in the first place.  And as much as I enjoy voicing my opinion on the news of the day, sometimes I truly feel that the best way to make a difference would be to take the fight head on as a politician.

After all, how hard could it be?  Have you seen the clowns that have been elected to Congress?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s sat back thinking to themselves, “How in the hell did this person get elected?” the moment some elected public figure makes headlines for being an absolute buffoon.

Heck, Michele Bachmann has made a career out of being nuts.  I’m sorry, that might sound harsh, but I really believe this woman is insane.

Take for instance her disgusting tweet concerning a new bill Minnesota lawmakers are working on to establish more comprehensive anti-bullying legislation.

Bachmann tweeted:

“This is bad legislation taking away innocence from kids and denying parental rights over values taught to our kids.”

What in the world is this woman even talking about?  Taking away innocence from kids?  Denying parental rights over values taught to our kids?

It’s a piece of legislation that expands on the pathetic 37 word policy Minnesota currently has which establishes no real set of guidelines for bullying that school districts must abide by.

Oh, I know what has set her off — it provides protections for gay and lesbian students.  I swear, she’s a monster.  Does her pettiness have no limits?  She would oppose a bill that protects gay and lesbian students from being harassed in school?  That’s what she means by “denying parental rights.”  She wants parents to be able to teach their children that gay and lesbian students should be ridiculed and wants to protect their right to do that in school without fear of facing punishment for doing so.

It’s one thing to ignorantly attack adult homosexuals — that’s disgusting enough — but to oppose a bill that includes a provision that protects gay and lesbian children from being bullied is just reprehensible.

The depths at which these fanatics will go just to try to preserve their right to hate and discriminate against gays and lesbians is sickening.

I mean honestly, opposing legislation that protects children just because those children might be homosexual — that’s how vile these people are?  Good “Christian” people?  Spare me.

Anyone who opposes legislation that protects children, any children, from the extremely dangerous impact of bullying is nothing less than a monster.

Michele Bachmann should be ashamed of herself, but sadly I know that she’s not.  She’s so wrapped up in her ignorant blind hatred for homosexuals that even children aren’t spared.

Anyone who’s ever supported this woman should be embarrassed, because I’m damn sure embarrassed for them.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Scott Bennett

    of course she hates homosexuals….she´s just waiting with baited breath for the day her husband leaves her for a man.

    • moe/larry & curly keys


      • bill

        Any proof? And please don’t try and use this article. She believes everyone should be treated the same. No special treatment for anyone. And her stance on gay marriage is based on the principles of marriage. I mean really,. Forcing a priest to marry a couple of same sex against there religion is just not right. Now if they. Went with unions, married at the justice of the peace then that’s something different.

      • disqus_mmZU8TPsvi

        Um Bill, no priest or minister can be forced to marry anyone against their will. That is not how same sex marriage works. And I am all for making bullying towards anyone work the same way with the same punishment. Unfortunately gays haven’t been protected like others. Part of it is the atmosphere from parents that gays are to be hated.
        But your rant about how priests are being forced to marry against their religion shows that you really don’t care.
        Skip Moreland

      • Gene Roberts

        Any proof? And please don’t reference the Bible or I will be forced to contest you using the works of Grimm, Homer, and if necessary, Han Christian Anderson.

      • homer simpson? !!

      • Brian

        Separate but equal. Where have I heard that before?

      • ah, your circular meandering doesn’t help your case . michele bachmann has a stance on gay marriage which is based on the principles of extreme and narrow interpretation of mythology . her objections to equality are based on a religious doctrine

        in debate 101a, or logic 101a … you will learn that one cannot define a word by using that word

        one cannot use a religious doctrine to define a legal term in this country . besides being dumb and wrong and clear evidence of bigotry, it’s unconstitutional

        what is so difficult to understand about ‘shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion’


        in this country, by constitutional decree, our definitions are based in reason, logic, an understanding of inalienable rights, and equality

        michele bachmann is not interested in any of those things : reason, logic, inalienable rights, or equality

      • ChrisB

        There is no proof that would conquer your mind’s stronghold on itself.

      • Sherri Heitzhausen

        another incorrect, ignorant rant of the right

      • Diane Stanley

        And her husband’s stance is “wide”.

      • hermanprovi

        It is NOT for her to judge! If a priest, and some have, decides to marry a gay couple, that is up to him, NOT Mrs. Bachman!” Leave judgement to me, saith the Lord!”! “

      • Bendy Bentley

        The bitch is scum. The bitch is toast. The bitch is going to jail.

    • hermanprovi

      What respectable gay would want to connect with that homophobe!

  • Toni Mosley

    has she looked at her husband??? i mean REALLLLLLY looked at him???? maybe that’s why she hates homosexuals so much….they are both living in denial….tut tut Michelle….wake up and smell the coffee baby……

    • bill

      Your politics are based on looks?

      • Jim Haldeman

        shut up, billy boy.

      • Steve Smithwick

        Yours are- why shouldn’t I sink to your level?

      • Mark Brunson

        Bill, you’re the only one buying your tired old line. You are simply a bigot, a coward and a general all-around bastard trying to wring some sense of self-respect out of torturing words until they have no meaning.

        You know what Bachmann – and you – really are, and so do we. Accept it. You. Are. A. Bad. Person.

      • DannyEastVillage

        You get today’s award for deliberately missing the point. Nice going.

      • Toni Mosley

        Yeah, Bill… ya caught me… being a shallow female….lol.. no..my politics are NOT based on looks. If you had a grasp on the language you would understand that when someone says “look at” something, chances are they MAY not mean it in the literal sense of the phrase. I mean CHECK OUT her husband. And while this is just my opinion (of which i am allowed to express) he is totally in denial, as is Michelle. Nothing wrong with being who you are, but accept and embrace it…and tell your spouse to stop spitting her venom…ya know what i mean? or do i have to spell it out for you…..again…..??

      • Toni Mosley

        Also, Bill, while i have your attention,albeit briefly, you seem to have an awful lot to say…i’ve read down through the comments and your name pops up a lot….fan of Michelle’s, are you??

  • Steven Levy

    Ms. Bachmann is NOT a Christian, but rather a disciple of the devil himself. No child regardless of who they are, should be bullied or ostracized! There is NO justification for this type of this abhorrent, disgusting activity. The most unfortunate part of this is that Ms. Bachmann is in a position of influence, one she is clearly not responsible enough to fulfill. She is irresponsible and disenfranchises her own constituents and performs a dis-service to her state and the country as a whole.

    • bill

      As I have said in the past, She along with a majority of people, is against bullying period. Bullying is bullying no matter what the reason. If you want gays and lesbians to be singled out and a different class, which a few of you seem to want, then you are for the additional measures and a part of the problem. Bullies should be dealt with with the same punishment no matter what the. Issue is. Does not a kid commit suicide because people called her ugly for a period of time? The outcome and feelings of a child is exactly the same no matter what they are being picked on for.

      • Shadow Diver

        Pay attention teacake……she is against an anti-bully bill. YOu cannot be anti-bully and be anti-anti-bully at the same time.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        there U go again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, excoriating a tea party rag with FACTS

      • Dustin Rhodes

        teacake lmao

      • Jim Haldeman

        she is against bullying period?

      • Jo Clark

        Well, she’s against bullying except for when it’s the bullying of LGBT kids. Those, she feels she has a right to protect her straight nutjob constituents’ rights to bully, in the name of God, yanno …

      • Glenn Olson

        The actual, specific words Ms Bahcmann’s used in opposing this bill heavily imply heavily imply that she supports families teaching their children that LGBT youth are exceptions to the general rule against bullying.

        Why else phrase her opposition as an issue of “parental rights over values” rather than pointing out – as you do – that the current rules already prohibit bullying of gay and lesbian youth?

        I mean, other than her being a straight-up idiot who doesn’t understand how what she’s saying will be interpreted once it leaves the confines of her own head.

      • Diane Stanley

        You’re insane and haven’t taken your meds yet, right?

      • Kathy

        Bill, I don’t think I will be successful in convincing you of what MB’S issue is, but I will try. Put simply, Michele Bachmann does not want the words Gay, Lesbian–or any variation on the LGBTQ spectrum –to EVER be used by public schools period. She feels that if these words appear in the rules about bullying, then one day when a bullying incident involving an LGBTQ kid occurs, discussions among teachers and the perpetrating student will ensue and — here is MB’s problem — other innocent student bystanders will overhear the word Gay, or Lesbian, etc. and their innocence will forever be lost. Exaggeration? Not to MB and here is her thinking: Why? Because questions will follow. “Teacher, what is Gay?” “What is Lesbian?” “Do teachers know about Gay? Am I Gay, Mommy?” etc. etc.

        So in order to keep the labels or words LGBT out of hearing range of children and out of discussions among administrators and faculty, MB and others would prefer Don’t ask, Don’t tell. These people think it better to never make any mention of these LGBTQ kids…don’t allow teachers to use the words in the hallways or classrooms when they are questioning kids about a bullying incident…. Just treat all the kids the same, lgbtq or otherwise. Punish the bullies without pointing out the reason for the bullying.

        It might sound simple to you, Bill. “Just treat everyone the same and don’t bring up the whole LGBTQ lingo and all the sordid details and descriptors,” am I right? “Our kids don’t need to be learning anything about those people in school. That sounds like they are getting extra protections on top of it, which doesn’t seem necessary.”

        Here is an example of how Don’t Ask Don’t tell…Don’t Speak the lingo, etc. policy DID NOT WORK –in Michele Bachmann’s own District–the Anoka School System where the School Board instituted such a policy: Teachers were forbidden to use the words lgbt when questioning kids in an obvious anti-lgbtq bullying incident. So when questioning a suspected bully they had to skirt around the words. It became impossible for teachers to pin the bullies down to a specific glbt bullying offense without using the words. Nor could teachers easily report said offenses without writing the words down. So offenses went unresolved and unreported. Bullies got to walk away from their crimes. lgbt victims walked away feeling not only hurt by the bully, but betrayed and abandoned by their teacher and school as well. This policy had devastating consequences. The perpetrating kids not only got away with their bullying, the lack of action against them empowered them to feel the school condoned it. What a mess of misguided dysfunction all in the name of “protecting the innocence of our children”.

        So as it turns out, Schools NEED to allow teachers to USE THEIR WORDS! —To use the offending words in question— to ask, discuss and to speak freely to ask questions like, “Michelle! Did you just call Lance the F word?” “Marcus, did you just call Johnny G__?”

        And because of the mishandling of Anoka County Schools–and the resulting eleven…count ’em…1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11… SUICIDES of LGBT students, there was an outcry in the State to fix this, and all the broken systems for handling bullying. These kids took their own lives because they felt they had no one in their schools to turn to when they were bullied. No one who wanted to protect them. And likewise the teachers felt helpless –and essentially gagged and forbidden to use the language necessary to identify the bullying acts and their perpetrators.

        We MUST have guidelines, and we MUST spell out the words and distinguish clearly what will not be tolerated.. and we must not ever tie our teachers’ hands and gag them from making it very clear what we are talking about. No one shall be bullied because of their sexual preference…etc. or for any other specific conditions, etc. ever. And spell it all out. Innocent Kids can handle reading and overhearing “THOSE WORDS AND LABELS.” as referenced in anti-bullying rules. Even if they go home and ask their parents “what is Gay?” However, if we do not pass stricter and more specific anti-bullying laws, I am not so sure young lgbt kids can handle hearing those words–not when they are wielded like sticks against them.

      • aleatharhea

        Plus if the students are bullying someone for being gay, the students ALREADY KNOW those words. It’s willfully naive to think only the ones who choose to act out know the words and keep them a secret from all other students. Pfffft. Kids in school talk among themselves. WAY more than adults in, say, an office. Social interaction and status become THE most important things in a child’s life in the teens and tweens. Even if her rationale were ingenious, it would still be idiotic.

      • aleatharhea

        The bill prohibits bullying based on race and religion as well. LGBT children are not, in fact, singled out: They are legitimately in the company of other groups that are routinely bullied. The response of Bachmann and bigots of her ilk, directly after the law was introduced (as opposed to after they’d had some time to hear the universal revulsion to, and subsequently to spin, their bile), was that “it could unfairly brand some students as bullies.” You don’t have to be a genius to understand that means they consider attacking LGBT children to be righteous and correct, particularly when combined with the later spin, the veiled code words about “parental rights” (to teach their children that it’s ok – expected, even – to ridicule, ostracize, oppress and assault LGBT children). Their position, and attempts to soften and justify it, are wholly despicable, and I’m glad the vast majority of Americans view it as such. Don’t pretend to be so unbelievably stupid that you don’t understand what she’s saying, just because moral and enlightened people know it to be contemptible.

      • Avatar

        I’m one of her former constituent who didn’t voted for her. I know her. I quote her exact words, ‘Bullying is a part of the normal lives’ after strings of highest suicides of children age 12-18 in the nation during 2011. She refused to mention the victims of bullying and instead she literally promote the bullying which did intensified in 2012. But thanks to sanity-thinking school officials, those who are bullies actually did got suspended from school, minimum two weeks to a year and force repetition of grades.

      • ricklee228

        Boy oh by, your a total asshole aren’t you? Michelle Bachmann is not against anything that does not include her degree of hatred. she is a hater and for you to defend her makes you a hater by proxy. she is opnly against bullying when it does not involve gays otherwise it’s open season on hatred. You sir are truly ignorant in your opinion. It’s ass’s like you that perpetuate hatred. get a clue, get educated, get enlightened because you are really showing your ass and it ain’t pretty. You are so stupid sounding, sorry but it is what it is and your ignorant dude!

    • aleatharhea

      Please see “No True Scottsman Falacy.”

  • katherine norton malek

    Mr. Clifton, the only thing I disagree with here is your statement “this may sound harsh …”. On the contrary. Bachman is a bona fide dangerously crazy nutcase who belongs in an institution (penal or psycho-therapeutic) take your pick. One cannot be too ‘harsh’ when describing an individual whose completely lost (or never had) her marbles, is out of touch with reality and lives in an alternative universe. That would all not be inherently a bad thing (crazy can be fun and entertaining) if she was not a US legislator or on the US Intelligence Committee {choke} privvy to some of our country’s most sensitive intelligence documents. The bitch is batshit nuts. That’s harsh. Albeit true.

  • Green_Devil

    Yet Bachmann and her insane pseudo-christian ilk are the ones screaming about how we have to “protect” Christmas and “christians” from anti-christian bullies to the point of them wanting to amend the Constitution.

    • bill

      No need to amend, freedom of religion is guaranteed. But there are those out there that want to take religion out of Christmas, which has been a tradition for a very long time world wide. Nativity scenes being forced down in towns that had been there for decades just because one or two people found it offensive, doesn’t say much about our society for a couple of reasons, one being who finds a baby in a mainger offensive and is ok with adult store advertisement along a road that kids can see. Now those same groups are attempting to have people remove the same sciences from their own property. When will it stop? Why are you so against religion? They cloth and feed the hungry, yes everyone. They don’t hate gays or lesbians. They don’t condone it but Yes there is a fringe that gives religion a bad name, but then there are the same kind of people who are atheist.

      • ZAc

        There is no real war on Christmas. It primarily exists in the minds of right wing radio and TV to agitate the neo-base. Businesses are merely trying to be inclusive to all citizenry in the name of $$$, NOT religious discrimination. And most of the mockeries of right wing fundamentaism is just that, people sick of religious goons forcing their particular brand of fairy tail down people’s throats….

      • Glenn Olson

        I look to the example of the residential schools. I look to the theocracies in the middle-east, where they kill gays and lesbians (and followers of the ‘wrong’ religion) in the name of their god. I look to Salem, Massachusetts. American slavery, followed by decades of segregation and denial of supported by the mainstream churches on ‘religious grounds.’ Our history is rife with examples of devout religious men using religious beliefs as justification for the abuse of those who their religions “don’t condone.”

      • saltcay

        Sorry Bill, you are completely mixing apples and oranges. Nobody is wanting to take religion out of Christmas, we just want to KEEP religion out of our government. A church wants to put a nativity scene in its yard? Fantastic. A private citizen wants to put a baby in a MANGER on their front lawn? Knock themselves out. Someone wants to use MY tax dollars to put that nativity scene on a government property without opening up that same property to alternative or non religious entities, we have a BIG problem.
        Oh, and the adult store advertising on the side of the highway, that is bought and paid for by private funds, and obviously does not contain any pornographic photography or wording.
        Maybe religions don’t hate gays or lesbians, but they are doing a lot of things to continue the treating of the LGBT community as second class citizens. When mainstream religions start sticking up for the equal treatment of EVERYONE, as well as standing up to those fringe groups such as the Westboro Idiots, then we will start believing that Christianity actually is based on the teachings of CHRIST.

      • there are those who want to put religion into every pagan holiday

      • is this true, that your view of religious people ‘cloth [sic] and feed the hungry’ and ‘don’t hate gays or lesbians’??? this is a very strange view, in light of what we are witnessing every day straight out of washington and with all the voters that voted these twisted souls into office

        we see the hate, we feel the hate, and we’ve had enough

        religion is the opiate, and michele bachmann is high as a kite

      • Eric Keene

        Poor Bill. Reading through your past comments on Discus (not just this story, but previous on your ‘history thread’), you just seem so angry at a lot of people, all the time…take a chill pill and go read a book or enjoy a sunny day by the river or a lake. You don’t have to spend all day on the internets screaming your conservative ‘you’re stupid, I’m right rants’.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        U shouldn’t castigate bill; he knows his mental and aesthetic genetics are the causation of his “problems”
        ……………..besides: white trash FOX “news” ( and duck dynasty) watchers such as bill allow us all to die delightfully of laughter

  • thesquire1

    Replace the word ‘Christian’ with the word ‘Taliban’ – there is no difference.

    • Pipercat

      Can I preface the “T” word with hypocrite first?

    • bill

      So you’ve been to afghanistan? Naw I suppose not, if you had you would never make such a comparison. I will pray for you as opposed to cutting your head off.

      • Jim Haldeman

        bill is exactly what the gop wants: uneducated (stupid), religious to a fault, and gullible. go vote for your republlcan masters in 2014, billy.

      • bill

        Jimmy boy, just what makes you think I am uneducated? I vote for who can run this country most effectively. As opposed to party lines. I mean what dipshit votes for someone they know nothing about? Someone with no experience with even running a state, let alone having any business experience. Speaking of masters, why did you vote for him? Was it a feel good thing? Anyone with any kind of clue could have pulled this country out of the hole within a year…I would even place my bet on you. His lack of experience is showing. Middle east in a turmoil, larger number of those at the poverty level. Larger amount of those out of the work force. Have you read his book? Says a lot about what his intentions are.

      • Diane Stanley

        You poor, poor baby.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        bill is not poor: he has the keys to “heaven”

      • boB

        I can’t speak for Jim, but I personally believe you are uneducated based on the wholly incorrect statements you make, your utter refusal to acept any viewpoint but your own, your predilection for chiming in on virtually every message thread, and the huge leaps of illogic that you employ.

        One example: Someone commented earlier that Bachmann’s husband looks gay (he does, sounds it and acts it too, but that’s beside the point) – you jump immediately to “Your politics are based on looks?” despite the fact that she never mentioned politics at all. In most minds, deciding whether someone appears gay or not is not a political decision.

      • Glenn Olson

        Meanwhile, Michelle Bachman prays for the day when she can successfully push through legislation condemning non-Christian religions as treasonous. And as I recall, treason is a capital offense punishable by death.

      • bill

        Hmmm, haven’t seen that one yet, can you provide a link?

      • Diane Stanley

        Fuck off, Bill, you’re tiresome.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        we will as soon as regressive small dicked white trash crybabies such as you show ANY legislation by Obama which “comes for your guns”

      • Aster Nova

        I assume you haven’t either. There are extremists in both Islam and Christianity. I can name a whole list of American Christian terrorists. But then, you will pull out the commonly used argument that they are not “real Christians.” As if there is a special definition for a “real Christian.” There are Muslims that say the same about their extremists. Maybe it’s not your brand of Christianity, but it’s still Christianity. The extremists all have a bible verse or two that commands them to do what they do. They are usually spot on.
        Most Christians do not actually read their bible. They depend on a preacher on Sunday to read it for them.

      • bill

        Since you are the only one to actually ask a question, name one that killed for the sake of God. The only extremist Christian group I know of is based out of Kansas, Westboro Baptist, They haven’t killed anyone, but they hold their really at my comrades funerals. And they don’t vote republican. Iraq was my tour but the game was the same, cutting people’s heads off is a specialty among the islamic extremists. I do know of the weather under ground, a communist organization HEADED by Ayres who were all atheists that went around blowing up places.here in the US and actually killed a police officer. Do I agree there are extremists? Yes I do, but religiously as a group I know of no Christian organization that are actually terrorists…individuals yes, just like atheists, but Islam, sorry, They are organized religious groups, Taliban, al-Qaeda al_ Shabbat…etc…all representing Islam.

      • bill

        Shabab. Sorry auto correct.

      • Suzanne Brunner

        Are you kidding me? In this country alone there have been many killings attributed to God’s teachings. Start with the KKK, the “Army of God” who went after abortion clinics and providers, Eric Rudolph (the olympic bomber), just to name a few. I could go on but you should get the point by now. The most watched are The Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, The Freeman Community and others who define themselves as being a “christian militia”.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and the millions tortured and killed throughout history in JEEEESUS name doesn’t count because its in the past???
        GOOGLE Dr tiller. murdered in a church by a Christian
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fuck all religions

      • Glenn Olson

        Did you forget about the IRA already, or are you just employing semantic games to disqualify them?

      • Sean Jones

        Guess you never heard of the Crusades, huh?

      • thesquire1

        Oh I thought ‘burning at the stake’ was the Christian method ? I haven’t been to the moon but I know enough about it to make my own judgement.
        FACT: Christians have slaughtered more humans than any other ‘Religion’ throughout the entire history of humanity.
        Its why those who wrote the US Constitution made such a major point of leaving religion OUT of Government.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        prayer is begging,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        begging is what cretins do who cannot accomplish anything

  • Michigan voter

    I’ll vote for you if you run! I, too, have thought about entering politics, but honestly, in this current climate, one would have to be insane to want to deal with the other crack jobs in office or put yourself up to the scrutiny of the uneducated public.

  • Bill Huddleston

    i like her she reminds me just how crazy they are out there

    • bill

      Yes indeed, you only need to look at comments above.

      • boB

        Especially the sheer multitude of comments from people that believe if they say things loud enough and often enough people will start to believe their nonsense. So tell me, Bill, does someone pay you to post on every negative Bachmann comment or are you just in love with the guana loco bitch?

      • Diane Stanley

        It could be her gay hubby posting. Is that who you are, Bill?

  • wanda

    I have a desire to beat her azz and I was raised to protect the underdog so by her rules do I get to kick her azz? Hey Bachmann bring it on just you and me!

    • Pipercat

      Ever see her move in those heels? You’d never catch her!!

    • bill

      What’s stopping you Wanda?

  • Kathryn

    She is too stupid to be ashamed.

  • Dave

    She is a TWUNT!

    • D.J. Ramsey

      Thank you for the new word, I love you!

  • lindylou

    Her brain is dissolving.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “Taking away innocence from our kids”

    Yep, nothing says “innocence” like writing “DIE FAGGOT!” on somebody’s locker.

  • bill

    Really? I thought bullying covered everyone including gays/lesbians? Kind of like “hate crime” how stupid is that. I still have yet to see a nice crime committed on anyone. Instead of having to add to an already illegal act and singling out individuals based on their preferences, why not just hold everyone to the same standards…oh.my gosh, .of only would that be using common sense that somehow disappeared in the last several years, it would actually save money.

    • Glenn Olson

      Only in theory. In practice, enforcement tends to make exceptions when the victims are gay or lesbian. This legislation serves as reminder-text that the (perceived) orientation of the victim is not an excuse or justification. If those you are trying to defend had not proven numerous times that they *need* such reminders, the legislation would be redundant.

      Unfortunately, such has not been the case.

    • boB

      It’s really not that hard of a concept. Most crimes are committed for some kind of gain, usually monetary, but not always. Hate crimes are committed because the perp wants to victimize someone, usually based on some kind of ignorant fear-based prejudice.

      Understand the difference?

    • NerdEBird

      Well, there needed to be additional attention paid to certain victims because there is a difference between being an idiot who mugs a guy because (insert ridiculous reasoning here) and seeking out and choosing to do harm to a specific person because of who they are- that makes you a greater danger to a particular community than to others.

    • Suzanne Brunner

      The same way that marriage covers everyone, right?

  • Edward Krebbs

    Ever notice that those who scream that they are part of the Moral Christian Majority seem to be firmly against limiting bullying ? Perhaps conversion at the point of a sword has just transformed a little.

  • Steve Piersol

    Someone once ask me , given my penchant for expressing my opinion why I didn’t run for office and the only answer I could give was ” For the same reason that I don’t choose to swim in cesspools.”

  • Mjjez

    Christian conservatives are the American Taliban. They want the right to treat everyone else with disdain and contempt and get angry when they react accordingly.

  • Jim Bean

    Bachmann is truly nuts. Its much better to insulate and protect these developing children from ALL the harshness of life. That way, when they get out in the real world they will be totally unequipped to deal with the realities of society and every times someone says something that offends their highly refined ‘sensibilities’, they’ll be looking for teacher substitutes (government, public, corporate officials) to step forward to protect them from getting their feelings hurt. I mean, really. What could possibly go wrong?

    • disqus_mmZU8TPsvi

      Are you saying that we should allow bullying when we are adults, that people who discriminate and hate should be allowed to just treat people as they desire? Because that is what it sounds like, we should just let the haters treat people as they want with no regard for decency.
      Skip Moreland

      • Jim Bean

        You want a speech police force? Get real and grow up. We made a huge social mistake when someone (a liberal) came up with the idea of ‘sensitivity training.’ We inadvertently taught people they had some sort of right to not have their feelings hurt. (Can you believe that – A RIGHT NOT TO HAVE YOUR FEELINGS HURT!!!) Human relationship cannot exist under those conditions. What we should have been doing is ‘insensitivity training’ – teaching people to have some inner strength.

      • Jenny

        Bullying goes beyond hurt feelings

      • jim

        Spoken like a true bully, Bill.

      • Jim Bean

        If you want to meet the true bullies in our society, shuffle on over to Huffington Post. They run several stories on Palin each week just to provide a forum for their Left wing patrons to sharpen they’re bullying skills. Read the comments after the articles and meet some of the most vile and hateful people on the planet. They’re all liberals and you can be sure they’re not teaching their children anything different.

      • disqus_mmZU8TPsvi

        Well for a civil society, you need civility. Otherwise, you don’t have any kind of a decent society. It’s not that it is a right to have feelings not be hurt, but when you can’t be civil, then you have war and anarchy. Of course only civilized people realize that you need civility in order to have a society that functions, the barbarians will never get that. Otherwise you might as well go back to the days when dueling was seen as the way to settle differences, something I had thought we were beyond. As least for some of us that is. Obviously not for you though.
        Skip Moreland.

      • Jim Bean

        There is a big difference between the duels of yesterday and the blunt verbal exchange of positions that you want to prohibit (for the other guy). This ‘political correctness’ thing is an attempt to mainstream emotional blackmail. ‘If you don’t keep your mouth shut – if you say anything that offends me – I will find a way to punish you. I, on the other hand, am free to say whatever I want because I am, of course, right.

      • Diane Stanley

        You poor baby. Hope you finally grow up someday.

      • Jim Bean

        Struck a chord, did I?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        yeah– ” B flat”

      • disqus_mmZU8TPsvi

        So you want the right to be able to bully people, well most people don’t like that and fight back. Good luck with all that hostility to others and taking it out on them. The rest of us will go on being civil and respectful, something I was taught as a child many decades ago.
        Skip Moreland.

  • Mjjez

    The good news is people like her, Palin, Cruz, Perry, Jindal, Phelps are the reason religion is steadily declining in America. The more she talks, the quicker it disappears!

  • Shadow Diver

    Anything positive the Tea Party is against it. That is their nature.

  • Jim Haldeman

    wow. 2 really fucked up individuals head-to-head. doesn’t get any better than bill vs. tegu.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      bill has the proven intellect of my pet TEGU
      …………. but my TEGU is cleaner

  • Amy Black

    The bullying I received in high school increased tenfold after I kissed a girl. The administration refused to take any action except sometimes internal suspension (which is basically a naptime class anyway) and I ended up doing my finals in the office for my safety against students who were never punished. I transferred schools after that, but had been so traumatized school itself sent me into an anxiety attack every day.

    • Jenny

      Aww, hope things are better now.

  • Kate Karwowska

    I don’t understand why she hates gays so much – she married a gay guy, after all…

  • Bob

    What is with that picture? I am sure she never gave Marcus a blow job…

  • Jimmy L Aldrich

    In all seriousness. …ignore this bitch.

  • Tina Shaft-Fenimore

    The reason she (and others) spout the protecting our kids bs is because when they think gay they think sex. They think our whole life is about sex because they can’t think of gay without thinking of sex.
    She should come out already. Life is tough when you’re a homophobic homosexual.

  • Mary J Smith

    I wonder how her gay step sister feels about Michelle’s tweets? Ms bachmann is a horrible person and i am glad she isn’t running for the house again, but heaven help us, the crazies that are in her district make louis gohmerts look like einstein – scary. with any luck she will move to steve kings district in iowa were other nuts live.

  • Some Middle Ground

    what a bigoted cunt

  • Andre Machado

    …and THIS will be the comment used as an example against this bill on fox news. way to look like an idiot.

    • ChrisB

      Flag Tegu’s comment. Once you lose civility, you’re no better than the one you’re debating, no matter how right you were.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        when I want a war I don’t start with a slap— I like going nuclear right away: so “flag” me if U must…. this is simply ennnnnnn-tertainment ( that’s how my hero- bugs bunny- would say it)

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      im sorry: does it seem I care about how blog participants view me? sometimes I excoriate those in need( not that it does any good)……………..

  • hermanprovi

    Satan at work!

  • Stephen Barlow

    Even more important would be legislation that prevents any kid from juvenile immunity for accusing and bullying any child by ‘labeling them gay’. Because the one’s it hurts the most are the straight kids who have to live with the idiots the bully convinced.

  • White True Patriot

    God wants all queers exterminated.

  • Steven Levy

    Why thank you! By the way… isn’t it laundry day? Your sheets look a little dingy and there appear to be some stains as well.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Yes, I understand it’s the third most popular party game, right behind cow-tipping and sister-marrying.

  • Steven Levy

    You’ll have to explain to me why you hate jews or anyone for that matter. It doesn’t make sense. Help me understand why you hate other people.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    I’d love to hump you like a rabbit.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Well… Two out of three ain’t bad.

  • Avatar

    If it actually happens, someday, forcing racist whites into hunger games would be fun to watch…

  • Avatar

    You are fucking clueless about what communist really stood for.

  • boB

    Why are you so hate-filled? I’ve seen you make death threats against specific people, because you think they’ve got a Jewish name, now you say you kill some human beings for fun.

    Really interested in knowing how your casual murder fun fits in with your idea of patriotism, given that murder is against the law. Would be even more interested to hear if you consider yourself Christian, and if so, how does fag-killing mesh with the 6th Commandment.

  • Michael Castleberry

    I’m gonna assume he was born here, and considering YOUR ancestors at one point also came from somewhere else, seems a tad silly to call America “your country”. Says something though that while others are posting under their real names, you’re far too much of a coward to spout this crap off without hiding who you are.

  • Michael Castleberry

    I’m a white Christian, and would enjoy it very much if you left the country God apparently made for me, since you don’t seem to really be following the actual Christian part, you know “Love thy neighbor” and what not. Then again, if Jesus was alive now you’d have called him a faggot Jew anyway.

    Protip: Jesus wasn’t white.

  • Steven Levy

    You say your country like you have some sort of privilege above any others to be in this country. That may very well be true… are you an American Indian? You hide behind a mask, unwilling to identify yourself. You are anonymous, not having the pride in yourself or those you supposedly represent. This really only tells me one thing, you are a coward.

  • Anthony Horoff

    Says the pussy troll who’s too much of a coward piece of shit to use his
    real name and face. How about you give me your address so you can prove
    you’re more than a sister fucking retard with the miraculous ability to
    type? Hell, you can have mine and we’ll see if you got the balls to
    follow through with your threats. 654 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster
    Pennsylvania. Buy yourself a plane ticket if you’re not too poor from
    purchasing all that meth so you’re fucked up enough to bang your inbred
    retarded sister-mother with the fins. And just to motivate you, I’m
    Jewish and I have a transgender as a room-mate. I know that got your
    blood boiling so c’mon cow fucker! Show me you’re not just some troll
    getting his jollies off by pretending to be a bigot to piss people off
    and pay me a visit. Give me an excuse to give you the treatment you like
    to spout off about and hang you from the tree out front of my house so
    all the ethnic kids in my town can beat you with bats until your organs
    spill out like a macabre pinata.

    • D.J. Ramsey

      Well said Sir!!!

  • boB

    So in what way are you Christian? Christ did not promote hatred against anyone, He said “Love thy neighbor.” He did not promote violence against anyone, he said “Turn the other cheek.” And He was a Jew.

    How can you hate Jews and worship one at the same time?

    Someone must have really hurt you as a child for you to grow up with such bile and nastiness inside. I do hope for your sake that you get past it.

  • Michael Castleberry

    I’m neither a Jew,NOR gay, I’ll admit to the asshole thing though. I tell ya though, if you’re legit, the Klan sure has fallen if they’re down to “calling people names on the internet” as their big move.

    • White True Patriot

      We’re gonna get you faggot. God wants His KKK ruling the world!

      • Michael Castleberry

        Man, I’m so terrified of an internet troll that dresses like a Scooby Doo villain. I’m sure the Klan would take over if it weren’t for us meddling kids. It’s hard to take an organization seriously that sounds like a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons players with all the wizards and dragons and uses the same spelling rules as Mortal Kombat.

  • Michael Siever

    Here’s what I’m guessing will happen next year when Michele leaves office: Her husband, Marcus Bachmann, will file for divorce, saying that he’s gay, and that her “gay cure therapy” didn’t make him straight at all. Get the popcorn ready!

  • William

    As a man who was bullied to the brink multiple times in his childhood, I find this worse than deplorable. It is because of bullying that I got into politics because I decided to take a stand against it in a way that is deeper than simply “don’t bully” i want to make laws where it’s possible for kids to be TRULY disciplined if they are found guilty of bullying. Not any “Anti Bullying Contract” where you signed a piece of paper that means shit. I know people will be offended by my comment, but you know what? I have nearly been killed by bullies, and came closer to dying by suicide. I know how to handle bullies now, non violently, but still I want to ensure NO ONE goes through what I had to.

  • Chris

    You do realize that JC was a Jew right? I mean I know you are nothing but a troll trying to Get a reaction but I felt this needed to be said

    • White True Patriot

      Jesus wasn’t no fucking Jew! He was a CHRISTIAN!

      • Roger Sisson

        Jesus was a Jew. His earliest followers were mostly Jews who took on the new identitiy of Christianians. I doubt that Jesus would recognize you as a true Christian. Say what you will. It will probably be wrong.

    • White True Patriot

      Jesus weren’t no Jew you lying faggot communist piece of shit.

      • Jenny

        Wow. Just Wow. If he was not a Jew, then, praytell, what was he?

  • ShibumiMC

    Evidence indicates the harder the scream the more confused they are about their own sexuality……..

  • James

    Every time I see her face I hear banjos. runnnnn

  • baruchzed

    Bachmann is clearly a very mentally unstable personality. As the author says, she’s nuts.

  • Roger Sisson

    Can anyone suggest a link to a coherent, well written argument on why it isn’t an attack on religious freedom to say that Christians should not try to force their own religious convictions on others? (For example: it’s one thing to believe that samesex marriage is wrong but it’s altogether a different and wrong thing to try to prevent others from getting married.)

  • Bendy Bentley

    Bachman is one of the most vile koonts on the planet. I seriously hope she gets breast cancer, and dies from it, very soon.

  • Alexander Crouton-Skitch

    ‘Twas only a matter of satire time: Marcus Bachmann Files For Divorce, Fresh on Heels of SCOTUS Ruling – http://goo.gl/kdW6ZV