Michele Bachmann vs. Bernie Sanders Equals Priceless Television (Video)

michele-bachmann-bernie-sandersI just watched some of the best (though most frustrating) 13 minutes of television I’ve seen in a while.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hosted a discussion between Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – and it was exactly what you might expect.

A lot of Michele Bachmann spouting off typical right-wing talking points with Bernie Sanders using common sense to discuss real problems facing this country.

Now normally for things like this I’ll provide direct quotes, then break them down based on my opinion.  But not this segment.  To say it was a mess would be an understatement.  Granted, some very specific points were brought up, but with Rep. Bachmann constantly trying to talk over Senator Sanders it made following these points rather difficult.

So I’ll just basically summarize the whole event and encourage all of you to take a few minutes to check it out for yourself.

Here’s the video:

The obvious main topic was income inequality, which many believe will be the primary focal point of President Obama’s State of the Union speech he’ll give tonight.

Of course when you say “income inequality” to a Republican, all they can ever do is spout off the typical “we need tax breaks to create jobs” nonsense while ignoring the fact that taxes have been at some of their lowest levels in American history, yet unemployment continues to be high.

Which is exactly the kind of idiocy Bachmann spewed forth during this segment.  Using the worn out line of “the United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world” while ignoring the fact that the effective tax rates most corporations pay (thanks to loopholes often fiercely protected by Republicans in Congress) is much lower than what she quotes.

When Sanders points out to her that 1 in 4 corporations in the United States doesn’t pay any income tax, she actually doesn’t deny that.  In fact, she says that needs to change.  Which would be great, if Republicans in Congress didn’t continue to refuse to close many of these loopholes corporations take advantage of every single year.

Sanders continued to pound on the fact that education in this country must be seen as an investment, something that Bachmann clearly didn’t seem to grasp.  In fact, she tried to claim that government programs that help Americans get an education are actually what’s causing the cost of a college degree to skyrocket.

Which is absolutely absurd.

She then rants on about people needing to be able to find jobs, to which Sanders slammed her on the education point he had been trying to make saying that Americans want jobs but realize they need an education to get those jobs.

Bachmann never really addressed that point at all.  Quite honestly I don’t think she really grasps the concept of how wanting a job is one thing, but having the education to get that job is something entirely different.  Which was a point Sanders continued to try to make, but Bachmann simply seemed unable to understand.

There was a lot of this kind of back and forth.  Most of it being Bachmann talking over Sanders as he tried to make his points.

Though the most humorous part came when Sanders brought up Republican efforts to cut entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.  This sent Bachmann off her hinges.

In fact, she basically called Sanders a liar.  That’s when the real fun began.

Somewhere in their back and forth she essentially tells Senator Sanders to just ask her what her views on cuts to Social Security are and she’d tell him.

So that’s exactly what he did.  He asked her, probably no less than 8-10 times, if she supported what’s called a “chained CPI.”  Which is basically a cut in benefits by way of reducing year-to-year cost of inflation raises.

She refused to answer.  No matter how many times he asked, or what tone he asked, she wouldn’t answer him.  Because, of course, she does support a chained CPI – which is a cut to Social Security benefits.  Something she just flat-out denied that Republicans support.

The segment is a bit difficult to really summarize because it was a mess much of the time.

It was basically Sanders trying to make valid points based on actual facts, and Bachmann repeating the same worn out right-wing talking points.

But trust me on this, it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mike Williams

    Dow Jones Industrial Average Closed at 8,776.39 on Dec 31 of 2008.
    DJIA closed at 16,576.66 on Dec 31 of 2013.

    That’s an increase of 88.87%.

    For Pete’s sake will someone just get off their 1% ass and give ANN a job?

    If for no other reason than to shut that idiot up.

    • Stephen Barlow

      But I have netted 178% by simply using buy low/sell high strategies. I also shorted the Euro in 2009 and after the reBOOM, invested almost completely abroad for 2 years. After the election, I bought American with the Pacific profits but it’s still only 1/3 of My holdings, almost all in healthcare, energy and tech.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        Ive cleaned up on TSLA and BIDU and RICK: selling calls at appropriate times to lower overall costs. PCLN also but so pricey I couldn’t sell calls. up 71% last year NOT factoring in covered calls. Sold some Thursday; hoping selloff continues so I can add to position. Watch RENN

      • Stephen Barlow

        TY. I bought Ford and GM the day the bankruptcy was done. I also bought Merck when the Vioxx suits started and I always keep a third in energy, internet and tech. I also kept basically out of America and Europe. I never understood the wisdom of investing 75% of your money in 35% of the global economy. I have no use for bonds that pay less than 4%.

        I have 3 main mutual funds, FAIRX, FCNTX and VICEX (which holds stuff the others don’t) as IRA’s and my profit taking gets maxxed into those annually.

      • Mike Williams

        I was one of the lucky millions who had trusted investment bankers with hard earned cash and got screwed without the lube. Thanks JP . I hope you die by meteor impact.

        178% fantastic.
        Do some good with it and you’ll always be rich.
        Do some underhanded deals and you’ll always be wealthy.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Nothing underhanded in understanding both human nature and herd mentality. Contrarian plays almost always pay off. But it takes courage and a plan. I knew the artificial FEAR that drove the EURO up and could see the short sighted austerity play on the horizon. I bought futures that reflected a correct assessment of the most likely outcome.

        I also bailed on stocks and bonds the minute Bush announced a tax rebate from a deficit position. It was ‘cover your ass time’ for the election stats. The fundamentals of the economy had been compromised when he selected ENRON board members to the Treasury and FED. it just took Bush 5 years to decapitate the artificially inflated economy.

        BTW, the ladder of straddles I set up for 2009-10 in nickel increments from $1.65 down to $1.25 USD/Euro KILLED. Almost 600% in a year. This ill NEVER happen again unless Palin becomes President and she makes McCain her Treasurer.

      • Mike Williams


  • thesquire1

    A very poorly conducted debate – Bachmann’s mouth completely dominated the discussion althought it was a shame her brain didn’t keep up. If Bernie had been less of a gentleman who would have told her to shut up talking over him.

    • Stephen Barlow

      This wasn’t a debate. It was a Republican media outlet scam on Bernie the Fool. He looked almost as vacant, ancient and helpless as Imhofe, Grassley or McCain.

      • Robert Cook

        Yes he looked that way.. sadly, she sounded that way.

      • Pipercat

        Indeed, it was a war of words; perpetrated by Wolf Blitzer. As annoying as Bachmann is, I wanted insert one of my Lucchese boots in Wolf’s sit-upon.

      • Charles Vincent

        Those boots might not be good for walking after that sort of event, and if I were you I would consider using less expensive footwear for that kind of task. I suggest 70’s waffle stompers…

      • Pipercat

        The sacrifice would be exquisite!

      • Charles Vincent

        Well played sir, well played.

      • Reynard Vulpes

        Please don’t mistake manners for foolishness. When you sort out the mess it is quite easy to see he won the exchange on his points, she lost on her lies, and bad manners. Typical current GOP traits.

      • Stephen Barlow

        She didn’t lose because she wasn’t beaten. I get that Bernie is an honorable guy. What I don’t get is WHY he allowed himself to be squelched like a bad CB signal. He fell back on his talking points, not on the whole truth about Bullwinkle Bachmann.

      • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

        Sorry but she was beaten. She knew he was pointing out facts and so she kept talking over him to cover them up! She only answered one question, whether she supported raising the minimum wage! Bernie Sanders is a gentleman, look at how he nicely asked her for just a little bit of time. All she kept talking about was trickle down economics that has been proven over and over again as a failure. All those companies do is take that tax savings and place them in the Cayman Islands and other areas. She also failed to say that the large majority of jobs created are low wage jobs! Bernie hit it head on, start programs that are going to get people decent jobs! Not everyone can afford college and to be honest many aren’t smart enough. Get them trained in a trade, such as welding or construction, something that doesn’t pay 7 something an hour!

      • estfar

        Intelligent is what you failed to see. Bachmann is a fool who has a list of talking points and no matter what you ask, she is going to recite those. It is the same old policy for all Republicans, scream and shout over people. They are poorly behaved incompetents and unfortunately we have people like you who still believe that one has to lower one’s self to a Bachmann level. Bernie is a genius but that is not what this country appreciates any more.

    • thesquire1

      I had a strong suspicion Bachmann had been getting coached by Bill O’Reilly but whatever, she certainly learned the ‘Fox’ way !

  • Stephen Barlow

    Bernie is officially past his prime. ~Pouts~ He failed to rebut the idiot who ‘looks smart’ for shutting down the Government (at the cost of one YEARS unemployment benefits).

    A) Norway has Nationalized their energy. If AMERICA Nationalized it’s mineral resources, then all of Exxon, Chevron, etc profits would go STRAIGHT INTO the US TREASURY.

    B) By trotting out the 40 year old truth known as the standard Democratic rap… he missed the golden opportunity to pillory Bachmann’s “DO NOTHING COMPATRIOTS” in the House. As simple as… “Congresswoman, How do you explain calling on the President to create jobs and rubberstamp obstructing with a NON NEGOTIABLE NO!!!, EVERY POSSIBLE JOBS BILL for the last 6 years?”

    Did anyone else notice how eagerly that “left wing liberal media shill”, the “Obama biased liberal media whore” Blitzer was spoon feeding Bachmann her lines, Over riding Sander’s responses AND injecting his personally slanted interruptions? “Congress woman, you are for smaller government.. and you Senator Sanders want Big government to subsidize..”

    I do hope the Democrats BOYCOTT The right wing media. For the simple reason that even on a 2 guest show, they are outnumbered 2-1 before the mikes even go hot. How would that look if there was nothing to hear but the same talkiing points and no one to throw slurs @.

  • C Wilson

    One very RUDE BITCH….

    • Pipercat

      It’s her schtick. Wolfie enabled it and Bernie couldn’t counter it. She went first and should have been on the defensive. Didn’t happen that way so, don’t watch CNN if this is going to be their schtick…

    • ditomagik

      and quiet stupid.

  • C Wilson

    Wolf should of told the bitch to shut up and let Sanders talk…

    • Pet

      That would require balls.

  • Sj D

    This woman is an insult to all us women. She is totally ignorant!!! Beyond ignorant. I would like to slap the sh*t out of her.

    • PRspicacious

      ^^^ Mysoginistic Woman.

      Another self-hating loon on the Left!


    • mrpink99 .

      And she’s not running for re-election, she’s a lame duck, why does anyone pay attention to her?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        A better question would be “Why did CNN waste their time with this waste of oxygen???”

      • Dawn Hilton Oliveira

        Their owned by a conservative that’s why! Which is also why Blitzer didn’t stop her for fear of his job!

  • Robert Cook

    “Like the economic war on women the president has been waging for the last 5 year” – really? I thought the president offered to give co-pay free birth control in the ACA, and the GOP think it’s against their religion to allow that to happen? Who is waging war on women?

    • Karen McLaughlin

      exactly !!! the war on women is being waged by the republican party on a daily basis

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Uh, what “economic war on women?” The only economic war is being waged by the GOP which wants more tax cuts and all of us to be happy working for $3/hr

      • Robert Cook

        That’s the whole reason I posted this – Batty Bachmann made the statement in the middle of an argument with Bernie, and I just thought “wait, the group that says ‘your libido needs to be controlled by the gov’t’ is saying that the President has a war on women?!”

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        But trying to figure out why these idiots believe this stuff makes my brain hurt. I just don’t understand people like Bachmann and the whole religious right/Tea Party.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        with no health care—and giving THAT money to a nice tax-free church: PRAISE JEEEESUS

  • Bonta-kun

    That pissed me off just READING it – I daren’t click the video, my blood pressure is high enough as it is.

  • Keli Belanger

    Bitch won’t directly answer a single question asked… she won’t let either guy make his point, constantly rudely interrupting… what an ass

    • DeeVee

      As much as I am disgusted with bachmann I’m equally disgusted by Wolf
      Blitzer for not controlling this interview and letting her ramble on and her
      constant interruptions.

      • Pipercat

        I have some extra pepto if you need it.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Wolf shoulda put a shock collar on her.

      • Pipercat

        If you hadn’t noticed, only Marcus does that…

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        You sure it isn’t the other way around?

      • Pipercat

        Oh hell no, pay attention to their joint appearances. She’s definitely the subbie…

      • white trash religious teaparty

        I would pay to see and hear that

      • virtshelly

        And then he called it an interesting discussion. That wasn’t a discussion. I wanted to hear what Bernie Sanders had to say, Wolf Blitzer wasn’t in charge at all. He should have demanded that that crazy woman stop interrupting.

  • kwkiki7562

    She is SO rude!

  • Kellie C

    I couldn’t even watch more than three minutes of this clip! Bachmann can’t even answer a question with a solution, she can only point fingers and play the blame game. She makes me sick!

    • Pipercat

      Same here. Bernie is great, but he’s too enthusiastic and a bad tactician. As annoying as Bachmann was (is), it was the same old ho-hum. Blitzer’s voice and questioning, on the other hand, could tarnish gold..

    • Somebody needs to slap that bitch, She will not answer a question and she wont let Sen Sanders speak and even make a point. I despise republicans.

  • crabjack

    I think it’s time to put Wolf out to pasture as well. He totally lost control of his program.

  • robert fantina

    Blitzer is a terrible moderator. Why didn’t he stop Bachmann and allow Sanders to finish a point?

    • Stephen Barlow

      BEcause he is a liberal media fraud whore. There IS no liberal media. Never has been. Blitzer did EXACTLY what his script told him to. He cut Sanders off continuously and he doubled up on Bachmann’s shouting points to mask the lack of content in them. CNN is little more than FoxLite.

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Putting aside Mrs. Bachmann’s lack of etiquette, let us focus on what really is making Conservatives angry and defensive: The rapid changing in demographics that is actually occurring in what once was a White dominated Country..Blacks are no longer kept illiterate. They had become a part of our professional population, Doctors, Nurses, Politicians, Educators and so on holding respectable paying jobs. Hispanics had reached a level pretty much the same. They had become the largest population in the minority group and continue to grow. People in general are living longer courtesy of advances in the medical and scientific fields. Women of all races, although Conservatives continue their Neanderthal thinking about them, also had reached a level of Professionalism and respectability in our society. Those issues represent a threat to the Conservatism ideologies as practiced by medieval thinking Conservative males. What once was a White dominated society by oppressive Angry White Men is losing ground. A real threat to them. It is a known fact, even if denied by Conservative/Republicans, their actions speak louder than their voices. And may I add equal rights for those with different sexual orientation.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      “But, but, but….that’s RACISM! I’m not a racist!”

      Yeah, well, too bad. You are and your position of privilege has been eroded. Get used to the shoe being on the other foot.

  • Karen McLaughlin

    and these “job creators’ that she talks about have had their tax breaks all these years but instead of creating jobs they’re creating big bank accounts over seas for themselves …. so time to tell those job creators to either create some jobs with all that money they’re saving or no more tax breaks for them!

  • Francois Bergeron

    Can’t watch it. Thanks for the summary. I’ll take your word for it. If i listen to her speak, my brain jumps out of my head and buggers off.

  • GOP

    I’d vote for Michele. The good Senator is stupid..stupid..stupid.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      praise jeeeeeeeesus

  • Sunnysmom

    Omg…I want to kick her in the face. Not only did she run her mouth beyond comprehension, most everything that came out of it is not supported by fact. Tell me where in history it proves lower taxes on the wealthy creates jobs? I’ll tell you where, NOWHERE.

  • ccsicsery

    What Blitzer should have said: ” Beings she cannot wait her turn, can someone back there shut off her mic till it is her turn to speak!” {Never comes back on}

    • virtshelly

      Absolutely! Anyone with manners doesn’t stand a chance against this rude, stupid woman.

  • Jenny

    Anyone who books Michelle Bachman on their show is not interested in a serious discussion because everyone knows she’s an idiot.

    • ccsicsery

      …but you’d vote for her? Lol

  • kfendtumblr

    There are no jobs, Michelle Bachmann needs to get a clue. They do NOT create jobs for anyone except their wives, parents, children, and ho’s. Everything else is a crapshoot unless it’s about them and theirs. The middle class was crashed out by the Republican Party 35 years before Obama was elected. It didn’t have anything to do with BUSH, it had to do with THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

  • Mickstertor

    Bachmann’s debate strategy hasn’t changed over the years. Just keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again until the opponent goes numb. And if you call her on it – she calls you rude.

  • Maranatha

    You’re going to get the money from the same folks who stole it from the poor in the first place when they siphoned off hard-earned cash to the tune of millions in tax dollars, and gave it to the same BILLIONAIRES who don’t work for a living.

    Where ARE the jobs, Bachmann?

    If all the tax breaks you got for the PAST 50 years didn’t create jobs by now, they are not ever GOING to create jobs, cow.

    They shouldn’t NEED propane to heat a house, propane is killing people and should not even be sold in its current state.

    President Obama has been fighting for natural energy for heat that uses the earth’s resources in a responsible and HEALTH-driven sustainable way.

    If they did what they were supposed to do, jobs would be created the RIGHT way, not the WHITE RACIST way.

  • Nick Wride

    Jesus Christ, STFU, you ignorant bitch. I couldn’t watch all of it. I need my monitor and I was about to punch it.

  • sfwmson

    I just could NOT listen to her. I simply couldn’t do it. UNBEARABLE.

  • Jake Mulvaney

    As bad as it was – Bachmann’s bombardment of nonsense vs Bernie’s polite sporadic fact interjection – the worst was the end’s right out of CNN 101 with wolf saying, “This has been a good debate and you both bring good points.”

  • Sunnysmom

    I’m no economist, but explain to me how it is that we still have no significant jobs increase since the “job creators” have the lowest tax rates in history? Demand creates jobs crazy-eyes Bachmann, not the the other way around. Middle class and working poor need money to spend to buy the crap that your job creators produce in foreign countries (another problem with our system). I just don’t understand what historical fact she can point to that lower taxes on uber-wealthy creates jobs?

    • white trash religious teaparty

      the job creators just need more time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, circa 2044

  • Sandy Greer

    Half way through I wanted to beat my head against a brick wall and knock myself unconscious. Hard to believe anybody voted for this woman in the first place. And that she actually ran for president. Good Lord.

    Why the HELL didn’t Wolf Blitzer control that discussion?

    They were polite enough not to interrupt her. But she took their courtesy and used it – because she is a woman – and that’s just WRONG!!! Gives us ALL a bad name.

  • Karen

    hmmmm – should I watch it?

    oh, I dunno – based on the comments, I think I might end up throwing a coffee cup at my monitor, which would be really bad . . .

    but, I KINDA wanna see/hear what all the fuss is about; I guess I could clear my table before I watch . . .

  • Scaramongus

    Bachmann is just another national disgrace – how do people like her get elected

  • Jorge

    Bachmann is always good for a laugh and Sen. Sanders is always a bright shining light in the darkness of Congress.

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Her brain is on CRACK!

  • virtshelly

    should have used duct tape on Bachman!

  • annicka

    I am a business owner, and like most everyone, I detest paying taxes. But I do in the hope of generating an educated society. Also, I know, as a fact, that if I get a tax cut, this extra cash is going to go directly into my and my partner’s pockets. We aren’t going to hire people just because we have more cash. Nope. Sorry. But if demand for our services increases, I will hire more employees. How do people like her get elected? With help of my colleagues, who know she has their best interests in mind, not the common person. Its called brainwashing and it works.

    War on women by Obama? Just plain bat-shit crazy statement. But if its repeated enough, it becomes fact to those who are incapable of independent thought.

    • Nick Wride

      War on women by Obama? Just plain bat-shit crazy statement. But if its repeated enough, it becomes fact to those who are incapable of independent thought.>>>>>>>>>>
      Those would be viewers of Fox “News” and followers of RedNeck Radio.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        the only war on women Obama has is the UN official one on Bachmann and palin and Kelly and michelle “no tits and hating life” malkin………………

  • ltneid

    Jesus, doesn’t that woman ever shut up?

  • Dan

    Bachman is such a disgusting individual and is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party. Yet people keep voting the Bachman’s of the US into the House and Senate and Wolf Blitzer – ugh.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Bachman’s opening that what we need isn’t income equality but income opportunity. OK, I’ll agree with that. Just how do we gain income opportunity ? Bet it isn’t low wages and lack of education is it ?

  • Edward Krebbs

    BTW – in preparation for tonight’s SOTU, Faux is hammering the point that the top 1% of earners pay some huge amount of our taxes. Of course, they avoid any mention that the top 1% of the earners have something like 85% of the total income so them paying say, 50% of the taxes still means they’re getting a free ride for half their income. (not sure about the exact number, but in the right ballpark).

  • A Girl

    Coherence and reason are not Bachmann’s goal; to repeat talking points to the people who already suspect them to be true is the tactic, and sadly, it often works.

    “You both bring good arguments to the table,” says Blitzer.


  • rossbro

    She is one braindead bitch !

  • Demetra M.

    She doesn’t even sound like a real politician, she sounds like a salesman and an actress- a totaly front. She knew her script well and didn’t deter when asked about how she “feels” about something. What a twat!

  • gerry tierney

    Just a waste of time. Wolf Blitzer is a Republican shill, lets the big mouth shout Fox talking points over Sanders and himself. Why didn’t he just let her give a speech. I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying.

  • Wayne Forsythe

    I stopped watching Wolf (the joke) a couple years ago because he doesn’t know how to conduct an interview. ( Or as he put it ” A debate”).
    Just saw the video on Facebook… Why is he still on the air…Should be
    on FOX NEWS He needs to go back to debate school.. Can’t imagine
    why anyone would appear on his program or should we say comedy show
    in poor taste.

  • Steve K

    Choo-CHOOOO! Another train a-comin’ for a-wreckin’!

  • FD Brian

    There was a time where the government let companies do anything they wanted and guess what, they hired kids, made workers work 100 hrs/week, made them purchase supplies with credit issued in the company store, didn’t give 2 shits about a safe work environment, polluted the air, water and land among other things. Not many business would do the right thing without oversight.

  • Mike

    Not everyone’s internet connection is comparable with video… so thanks for your summery. It sounds like it went exactly as I’d expect – – bats-hit crazy and utter ignorance competing to see which can get out of Bachmann’s mouth, while Bernie Sanders talks sense.

  • Democrat

    This is why I could never be a Republican, what do they eat that makes them so stupid?

  • Rich

    this lady is wasted-totally drunk bro.

  • PRspicacious

    Leftists = Statists/Totalitarians/Hypocrites

  • PRspicacious

    “…About Allen Clifton

    Allen Clifton is from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has a degree in Political Science…”

    A degree in political science?! Quite the accomplishment. Didn’t think you could obtain a degree in political science from a community college.

    Well done, Allen!

  • Ann-Marie Heschle

    The first mistake was calling this a discussion. I am so embarrassed by Sarah Palin as an American and a Woman. She is an idiot. I had a female friend defend she was intelligent–she went from being a beauty contestant to Gov of Alaska. I am sure the people of Alaska did not vote for her it was all her furry friends which there are much more of than people. There are more people in King County WA than in all of Alaska.

  • David Britten

    If the rich continue to drain money out of the economy, the capitalist system will simply collapse because it depends on consumer spending, and the vast majority will not have sufficient money to spend.

  • Sharon Beyma

    Good thing she is getting out of office.

  • Dennis McClune

    The Republican way…when confronted by intelligent argument…Keep on babbling … louder….

  • So you’re the one who watches CNN….

  • veronica Alleyne

    empty barrels make the most noise

  • MLR

    You know what’s scarier than the fact that this nutcase is a congresswoman? The people that actually elected her. It scares the shit out of me to think there are people that actually believe this woman is operating on a full deck of cards. And if we don’t get off our sorry butts and vote in 2014 we are going to have more of these type of people in congress because the midterms generally favor republicans. It’s crazy that this country elected Barack Obama in 2008 and then didn’t bother to show up in 2010. This method of voting is a recipe for disaster (as we can now see). We can’t vote someone into office and then leave him/her hanging in the midterms, then turn around and blame him/her because he/she can’t get anything done. We are to blame for this damn mess this country is in. Let’s not do the same mistake in 2014!

  • BigNoseDog

    This interview should be shown in journalism schools, if for no other reason than to show an example of what a poor journalist looks like. Wolf Blitzer sat their picking his nose while Bachmann interrupted Sanders and kept avoiding answering his questions. A real journalist would’ve made her answer the questions about CPI and the minimum wage, not let her continue spewing talking points. Anyone who still thinks the media is liberal doesn’t watch CNN. They’ve become Fox News-lite.

  • fel121

    This is why right wingers think their side knows more, because they are rude and just keep screaming out simple bumper sticker slogans that the mouth breathers that vote for them can understand.

  • fel121

    Someone should ask this woman how she can see so clearly how to fix America, but can’t see the obvious truth about here own husband.

  • Richard Kern

    It’s a travesty that the media trivializes the very real and serious candidacy of Senator Sanders by lining up a so-called serious conversation between the Senator and the former Representative from Bat Shit Crazy.

  • JefferyHaas

    You have to put a muzzle and a shock collar around people who interrupt and talk over others