Michele Bachmann’s Biggest Accomplishment — An Impressive 75% Lie Ratio on Politifact

bachmannliesThere have been a lot of interesting characters in politics over the years, but very few will ever come close to that of Michele Bachmann.

I really hadn’t intended to write anything more on Bachmann (unless it was actual news), but scrolling through the fact checking website Politifact I noticed something I hadn’t seen with anyone else on that site.

In their rulings, 75% of the comments they’ve fact checked from Michele Bachmann have been proven to be at best Mostly False, but the majority have been flat out lies.

To put it in overall numbers, they’ve fact checked 59 comments from Michele Bachmann over the years and 44 of them have been lies.

And let’s look at a quick rundown of a few of her comments they’ve fact checked:

  • The IRS is going to be in charge” of a huge national database” on health care that will include Americans’ persona, intimate, most close-to-the-vest-secrets.—Ruling: Pants on Fire.
  • The IRS is going to be in charge of our health care.—Ruling: False.
  • The IRS will have potentially the ability to deny or delay health care.—Ruling: Mostly False.
  • Scientists tell us that we could have a cure in 10 years for Alzheimer’s” were it not for “overzealous regulators, excessive taxation and greedy litigators.—Ruling: Pants on Fire.
  • A report just came out that if we continue with President Obama’s policies, we’re looking at over 9 percent unemployment next year in the fourth quarter.—Ruling: False.
  • After the debate that we had last week, PolitiFact came out and said that everything I said was true.—Ruling: Pants on Fire.
  • Under Barack Obama’s watch, we have expended $805 billion to liberate the people of Iraq and, more importantly, 4,400 American lives.–Ruling: Pants on Fire.
  • When Standard & Poor’s “dropped our credit rating, what they said is, we don’t have an ability to repay our debt. … I was proved right in my position” that the debt ceiling should not have been raised.—Ruling: False.

*To see the rest, just visit the link I provided above.

But the reason why I felt this was important to bring up is because Michele Bachmann has been, and is, a pioneer in the Tea Party movement.  The Tea Party since its inception has been a propaganda machine for the far right and an easy outlet for conservatives to slander President Obama.

You see, in politics you don’t really have to be right or even tell the truth—you just need to muddy the waters enough to create doubt.  And that’s what they’ve done.

This propaganda machine has pumped out so much sludge against the president and many of his policies that most Americans don’t know what’s true anymore.  If you want proof, just look at a few of the polls done about the Affordable Care Act.

When broken down into parts, a far greater number of Americans approve of what “Obamacare” does.  Yet, if you ask these same people if they support the health care legislation, the approval drops.

Michele Bachmann was the face of the propaganda against the Affordable Care Act.  A woman who throughout the years has been one of the most dishonest politicians I can recall.  I mean, they all lie, but nobody lies like she does.

But can we really even call Bachmann’s claims lies?  After all, when you’re proven wrong this often, with such blatant distortions of reality, doesn’t that border on being delusional and in need of serious treatment for mental illness?

I’d say so.

Good news for Mrs. Bachmann — according to Politifact, it is “true” that her and her husband run a mental health facility.

Seventy-five percent of the 59 Bachmann comments Politifact has checked have been lies.  I’d say that’s a fantastic representation of the Tea Party movement, and certainly Michele Bachmann’s biggest accomplishment as she ends her years in Congress. I’m sure she’s proud.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Gary Smith

    Not even the slightest bit surprised

  • sommelier

    “it is “true” that her and her husband run a mental health facility.” She and her husband…

    • Deborah Patton

      Thank you. That was buggin’ me. 🙂

    • Anthony Buzzin

      When you become an editor or writer, then and only then is it acceptable to correct one’s grammar. Focus on the article.

      • Another Jane

        I totally disagree. When an error is so bad that many of us can’t ignore it, we might as well correct it. We never give the teabaggers a pass on their horrible spelling or grammar, so I don’t think progressives should get one either. I can pass up the occasional typo, but outright grammar errors are just bad. And yes, Bachman is a total lying idiot.

      • Anon

        I agree with you: trying to read bad grammar is like trying to mentally slog through sand wearing clown shoes

      • Pay Attention

        Zip it, Buzzin; You don’t decide who gets to correct atrocious grammar. You are nobody. You are nothing.

  • katherine norton malek

    The onlu surprise about this is that it is ONLY 75%. I would have guessed closer to 95%. Too much carbon dioxide …pfft!

  • Anthony Buzzin

    Michele Bachman belongs in a Sci-Fi movie, one with multiple-dimensions and the guy with the crazy hair from Ancient Aliens.

  • mujerado

    I want to ask ForwardProgressives a question unrelated to the story. Halfway down, the text is interrupted by a “poll” question which leads to the Newsmax website. In fact, it’s a paid ad, and Newsmax is a conservative-action website. Surely you have the choice of who advertises on your own page? Why do you help Newsmax? Isn’t it the opposite of what you supposedly are about?

    • AuntInAZ

      A lot of Newsmax stuff shows up on this and other progressive websites I’ve seen. I don’t get it. What they stand for is NOT what Forward Progressives stands for. Where do these ads come from? And doesn’t anyone screen them? The ads on one site I frequent are made to look like the site is endorsing NewsMax.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        I think that the paid ads are placed there after the article is submitted. I am not sure that the author of the article is even aware of them…Things I noticed just this morning – an article in the Daily Kos warning against reverse mortgages was led off with an ad for reverse mortgages….
        Many times, I have noticed Allen’s articles come with ads asking about impeaching Obama & ads for John Cornyn (from TX) wanting to defund Obamacare. Most of them come complete with little x that if you hit it a “blurb” comes up that says NOW they will take your hint that you don’t like that ad into effect; but it never, ever happens.
        & yes it is really stupid.

      • Doggo

        Hey, folks, just download and install AdBlock and you won’t be bothered by that stuff.

  • Dave Pavlatos

    And she will leave office WITH A PENSION after lying the majority of the time and not having 1 single bill passed……Hey Washington, you want to save money????? Cut off politicians like this asshammer!!!!!

    • David Meaders

      A lifetime pension -and- for her and that amoebae she is married to, permanent health care. (You know, that thing she doesn’t want anyone else to have.)

  • fofo

    Don’t blame politicians, blame Americans for their stupidity.

  • william major

    lib losers

    • Amercian with a Brain

      How insightful and intelligent. Thank you for that cohesive and informative response.

  • memeremalek

    I’ve come to my own conclusion that she’s not so much a blatant “liar” (well, a bit) as she is completely clueless & uninformed and then reaches into thin air, spewing facts she wants to be true. Since she wants them to be true so she believes them to be so. She knows most of her fan base are more uninformed than she is and they will believe her because of her position. She knows she can make anything up, state it as fact and it will be for enough ppl fornher to get by. Short version: the ignorant led by the delusional. It’s been working rather well, at least until she got snagged by the campaign finance paper trail and some disgruntled employees who stopped believing because she stopped paying them what they were owed for work they’d done for her. All bubbles eventually burst. I just do not believe she’s smart enough to calculate lies.

  • Leftygrammarian

    It’s should say, “she and her husband…”, not, “her and her husband…”. Great article, but lets have some basic grammar, so we can articulate intelligent points intelligently. And maybe an editor would come in handy?

    • Potential Editor

      “It’s” should say??

  • crockettfish

    Excuse me, but If you want this potentially interesting factoid shared, ‘Pants on Fire” doesn’t cut it as a valuation that can be shared in any meaningful way… I know MB is a nutcase, but to document her as such, True/false would be much more effective.

    • Steph

      That is Politifact’s term, not Allen’s. He’s just reporting how they ranked her comments.

  • paisleyface

    Michele’s relationship with her husband, Ladybird – Won’t Ask, Can’t Tell

  • theabby

    Maybe she had the HPV vaccine and now suffers from mental retardation!

  • jeet

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