Mike Huckabee Compares Planned Parenthood to Benghazi – Seriously

Image posted by Mike Huckabee on September 29th, 2015

Image posted by Mike Huckabee on September 29th, 2015

House Republicans have decided to launch yet another Congressional witch hunt, this time over the debunked Planned Parenthood videos which were created by the anti-abortion group calling itself “Center for Medical Progress.” While the credibility of the videos is highly suspect and the footage is clearly doctored, Republican lawmakers are pressing ahead with their investigation which is designed to pander to their anti-abortion base, just like the Benghazi hearings are designed to erode support for Hillary Clinton.

In other words, both the Planned Parenthood hearings and the Benghazi hearings (now the longest Congressional investigation in history) are little more than political stunts designed to gin up their base ahead of the 2016 elections.

As if these investigations weren’t bizarre enough, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has now managed to insert himself into this political circus, just like he embraced the last conservative outrage du jour which was the Kim Davis media frenzy in Kentucky. The whole spectacle was completely absurd; from Ted Cruz being forced out of the “religious freedom rally” photos, to the anti-government Oath Keepers group trying to get in the media spotlight by sending armed members to keep federal marshals from arresting Davis.

So I guess it isn’t a huge surprise that Mike Huckabee finally found a way to tie the Planned Parenthood videos to, you guessed it, Benghazi.

While a majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood, Republicans are doubling down on their calls for defunding the organization. Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has repeatedly claimed that she has personally viewed footage in the videos which did not exist. Now Mike Huckabee wants to tie it to Benghazi, which proves how ridiculous this entire investigation is.

Needless to say, Twitter users are taking the former governor to task. Here’s a sampling of the backlash he’s getting.

Considering this level of ridiculous political showmanship, it’s no wonder Speaker John Boehner has decided to resign at the end of October. It hasn’t been about governing for Republicans since the Tea Party has taken over, and this latest investigation is further proof that the lunatics are now running the Congressional asylum.


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