Mike Huckabee Endorses Radio Station That Blames Gay People For Terrorist Attacks

mike huckabee twitterIf you thought Mike Huckabee’s comments last night on Twitter were bad, you’re totally not going to be surprised by what he did today. Granted, Huckabee’s been pandering to “persecuted Christians” since before this current Republican primary season even began, so his outlandish behavior is nothing new – but it seems like he’s really ramped up the ridiculousness recently.

American Family Radio, which is the broadcast arm of the rabidly anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian organization known as the American Family Association, is currently holding a fundraiser. As part of this fund drive, their president called Mike Huckabee while on the air to get him to persuade listeners to contribute. Huckabee answered and praised American Family Radio, stating that it was the “voice of Christian America.”

It shouldn’t be a shock that Mike Huckabee and right-wing media outlets that make Fox News look liberal would be on such close terms that they could just call him up and ask for an endorsement. After all, Mike Huckabee has made it a point to court the likes of the Duggars and members of Christian fundamentalist groups. Ted Cruz and his father are tied into the Christian Dominionism movement, and Bobby Jindal will happily pal around with any of those groups who will give him the time of day.

Via Right Wing Watch:

In the past, Huckabee has been a guest on Fischer’s show, “Focal Point,” where he suggested that President Obama’s youth was infused with anti-American and Islamic teachings. In a previous appearance on Wildmon’s program, the former Arkansas governor threatened to quit the Republican Party if it didn’t condemn gay marriage more passionately.

It would be odd if Huckabee wasn’t aware of all of the insane conspiracy theories and bigoted statements made by hosts such as Fischer, Wildmon and Sandy Rios, who anchors the network’s morning program.

Fischer alone has a long record of making racist statements against African Americans and American Indians, insisting that the government strip non-Christians of their First Amendment rights and make them convert them to Christianity and decrying gay people as demonic terrorists who are responsible for the Holocaust and should be banned from committing “homosexual behavior.”

He even trashed a Medal of Honor recipient, tied gay rights to ISIS and blamed the separation of church and state for school shootings. (Huckabee made a similar claim.) (Source)

In the past, the Republican Party used to distance itself a bit from the right-wing fanatics it counted on for votes. It used to be that people like Bryan Fischer or his followers were considered to be the oddballs who were allowed to set up a booth down the hall and around the corner next to the janitor’s closet at GOP conventions in exchange for turning out to support Republican candidates.

If they were lucky, they might even get a candidate on the ballot as long as they promised not to embarrass the party or cost them an election. That didn’t always work out so well; I still remember the Virginia lieutenant governor’s race back in 1993 when GOP candidate Michael Farris lost due to his extreme right-wing positions and statements. The GOP scored a number of huge victories that year, including electing George Allen to the governor’s office, but thanks to Farris and his radicalism, Democrat Don Beyer was elected instead.

That was 22 years ago, and the wing of the Republican Party which was once kept in check is now firmly in control. As radical as Michael Farris was then (and still is), his 1993 platform would be to the left of the rhetoric of current GOP presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee or Bobby Jindal – that’s how far the Republican Party has drifted toward the lunatic fringe. This may not hurt the GOP in deep red states like Texas or Mississippi, but it’s hurting them badly in swing states like Virginia where another radical-right candidate cost them the election again in 2013. Now right-wing extremism is costing the GOP national elections and if Mike Huckabee is any indication, it’s only going to get worse for the Republican Party.


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