Mike Huckabee Gets Embarrassed and Exposed During MSNBC Interview About Kim Davis (Video)

huckabee-msnbcVery few things render me speechless, but an MSNBC interview I just watched featuring Mike Huckabee trying to defend Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis almost did just that. Even as someone who despises Huckabee, I found myself cringing during certain points as he tried to slime his way out of answering questions that, if he were to have answered them honestly, would have forced him to admit that he is nothing more than a hypocrite.

Here’s a part of the exchange between Huckabee and MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough:

Brzezinski: What if Kim Davis wanted to get a third or fourth marriage license from somebody who truly believes that you should only get married once? What would you say to that?

Huckabee: Kim Davis – she’s actually been married four times.

Brzezinski: That’s my point.

Huckabee: Maybe you don’t know that she’s been married four times. She’s a person who says, ‘I lived a very different life. I’ve lived a life of sin.’ And four years ago, Kim Davis came to Christ… she found forgiveness and the reason that she is so steadfast and unwavering in her faith is because she knows what God’s grace means. She’s experienced it. And as a result, she says I can’t ever go back and live that life again and the God who forgave me compels me to follow my faith.

Brzezinski: That’s not the answer to my question.

Scarborough: I spent enough time in a Southern Baptist church to know most of the Red Letters in the gospels… and I say this as a divorced man,  Jesus focused a lot more on divorce; focused a lot more on lust; focused a lot more on the poor; focused a lot more on clothing the naked; visiting people in jail; taking care of the hopeless than he did on homosexuality. In fact, he never mentioned homosexuality.

You can read the text of the gospel and what Jesus Christ said and there’s a lot more condemnation for people like myself who’ve been divorced than there is condemnation for people that participate in the gay lifestyle.

Huckabee: Homosexual marriage was not an issue in the First Century. There was no push for same-sex marriage when Jesus was teaching.

Scarborough: Again, Jesus was much more explicit about divorce and you can much more easily make an argument that a judge would refuse to grant divorces because Jesus was far more explicit about divorce equaling adultery.

Scarborough then went on to ask Huckabee if he would support a judge’s “right” to refuse a divorce since the Bible is very explicit about dissolving a marriage – and the former Arkansas governor continued to refuse to directly answer any of the questions.

“I asked you a question,” Brzezinski sternly asked, visibly annoyed at Huckabee’s continual dancing around their questions.Would you support a clerk who would not give Kim Davis a third or a fourth marriage license?”

“I’m not sure if I follow that question,” Huckabee replied.

That’s where I almost lost it. Her question could not have been more specific, yet he just flat-out wasn’t going to answer it because he damn well knew doing so would instantly expose his hypocrisy and bigotry.

He then tried to insist that she was asking a question “of a different nature.”

This is about the point where things just went off the rails. Throughout the rest of the interview, Huckabee continued to dodge their questions. He just started talking out of both sides of his face. He kept going back and forth citing religion to defend his stance on one issue and law to defend his stance on another.

The entire interview showcased just how little Huckabee seems to understand about our Constitution. He continued (as he has for weeks) to try to insist that the Supreme Court wrote some sort of law legalizing same-sex marriage. Except, that’s not even remotely accurate. All the court did was rule that laws restricting the right for same-sex couples to get married were unconstitutional.

It is quite literally what the Supreme Court was created to do – interpret the constitutionality of laws that are passed in this country.

While the interview is just over 16 minutes, I would encourage everyone to take that time if you have it to watch this spectacle. It was undoubtedly maddening, but it was also entertaining to see this bottom-feeding dirtbag, Mike Huckabee, get made to look like the complete fool he is – on national television.

Watch the interview below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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