Mike Huckabee Gets Schooled on the Bible by Town Hall Attendee Exposing Blatant Hypocrisies (Video)

mike huckabee 1It’s no secret that when it comes to Republicans and their so-called “Christian faith,” I think most of them are absolute hypocrites. They’re people who mostly seem to base their religion on church attendance, their opposition to same-sex marriage and the fact that they’re against abortion – though it’s always nice to point out that Jesus Christ, the individual on which Christianity is based, never spoke about homosexuality or abortion.

For me it always goes back to the hypocrisy of those who cite the Bible to defend their stance on an issue, only to ignore the parts that they don’t feel like following. Which was essentially the point made by a guy calling himself Rod Webber who schooled Republican presidential candidate, and former Fox News host, Mike Huckabee on the many hypocrisies both he and the Republican party display when it comes to the Bible.

First he nailed Huckabee on the Republican party’s position on welfare and helping the poor, which the Bible clearly says we should do.

Well, Huckabee’s response was as predictable as it was idiotic: That’s not for the government to do, but the church.

This is something I’ve heard many conservatives say and it never sounds anymore rational no matter how many times I hear it said. If the churches were meant to help the poor, then what’s stopping them from doing that right now? That’s not to say that they don’t (many do) but the point is their help is not enough. How exactly do Republicans expect our churches to fund housing, food, clothing and health care for the literally tens of millions of Americans living in poverty right now? I understand churches can do a lot of good, but the money they raise and the actions they take to help people doesn’t even come close to what’s really needed to provide for the most vulnerable among us.

To say that our churches should serve as our “welfare program for the poor” is just asinine.

Then they went back and forth about killing and war and whether or not any death is justified. Both individuals agreed that self-defense or death in a time of war was mostly justified, though Huckabee pretty much avoided Webber’s questions about the thousands of civilian casualties that are often a result of war.

But perhaps the most “got’cha” moment of the entire exchange was when Webber brought up shaving, pointing out that Huckabee has a cleanly shaven face – which goes against what’s in the Bible.

“There’s more passages about shaving being a sin than there is about homosexuality,” Webber said.

Clearly this was a jab at the former Fox News host who has been one of the most vocal opponents against same-sex marriage, while seemingly ignoring the multitude of passages against shaving your face.

While the exchange was cordial, and to Huckabee’s credit he at least addressed most of what Webber was asking, I never get tired of seeing hardcore Bible-thumpers get put in their place by people exposing the hypocrisy of those who claim to be “followers of Biblical teachings” only to ignore the passages that they just don’t feel like following.

Watch the exchange below:

Allen Clifton

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