Mike Huckabee Goes Full Crazy, Declares America a ‘Dangerous Place’ Because of Abortion and Gay Marriage (Video)

mike-huckabee-cuckooWhile people are making a big deal out of basically anything and everything Donald Trump has been saying and doing lately, as shocking as it might seem, Mike Huckabee is actually the far more radical (and vile) Republican presidential candidate. Huckabee’s rhetoric lately has gone beyond simple anti-gay opposition to blatant fear-mongering and borderline hate speech.

For example, comments he made during an event in Illinois where he declared that America is now a “dangerous place” because of gay marriage and abortion.

“I would suggest that if man believes that he can redefine marriage, it’s apparent that man believes he has become his own god,” Huckabee said, “and this is a dangerous place for America.”

Yes, because God has wiped Canada off the face of the Earth, right? After all, they “redefined marriage” a decade ago. This whole “debate” is just so… stupid.

Let me just say: Republicans, same-sex marriage is legal – get over it.

Of course, Huckabee wasn’t done spouting off nonsense. 

“We need to address the economic concerns of the people of our country, and we must,” he said. “And yes, we must address the national security threats to our country. We must. But if that’s all we do, and we do not come back to the understanding that the only explanation for this great republic of ours is the intervention of God’s providence, then we will never see this nation rise to its greatness again.”

So, let me get this straight: Gay marriage and abortion (which he’s going to get to in just a minute) are what’s going to destroy this nation, but slavery, genocide, murder, war, violence, rape – the stuff that’s been going on in this country since its inception – that’s all okay?

The idiocy of these fanatics is astounding.

He then went on to state that our Founding Fathers clearly meant for this nation to be established upon Christianity. Which is always a ridiculous statement for anyone to make considering there’s not a single reference to Christianity anywhere in our Constitution – not one. 

“I’m convinced that there is a great need in this country for us to address the folks that do lift the heavy things every day,” Huckabee stated, “who do sweat through their socks every day, who go to church each week, who do not buy in on the nonsense that we can kill 60 million more babies over the next 42 years and that God won’t richly judge us for it. I’m convinced this country can get back on its feet, but it can’t do that until it first gets back on its knees and repents.”

Another asinine statement. Let’s look at this logically shall we? If abortion is indeed “murder,” as people such as Huckabee believe that it is, what’s taking God so long to “act” against the United States considering abortion has been legal in this country for over 40 years? Conservatives often talk about how all these things are going to bring about “God’s wrath,” yet it never seems to come. If God is omnipotent – what’s taking so long? Why wait to act?

Then again, there I go breaking my rule: Don’t try to use rational thoughts and logic when dealing with people who are irrational and illogical.

Sadly, Mike Huckabee and his ilk have proven time and time again over the years just how immensely irrational and illogical they truly are.

Watch his statements below via Right Wing Watch:

Allen Clifton

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