Mike Huckabee Offers Completely Absurd Excuse for Trump’s Use of Racial Slur (Video)

While it’s true that we don’t hear as much from Mike Huckabee anymore, that doesn’t mean his rhetoric and propaganda isn’t every bit as ridiculous as it was just a couple of years ago when he promised to call down “fire from heaven” if same-sex marriage were to ever become legal.

Still waiting for him to do that, by the way.

Though the “Huckster” did chime in on Trump using a blatantly racist slur against Native Americans on Monday during a ceremony honoring Native American WWII code talkers.

His defense being that since Disney made a cartoon called Pocahontas, then if we’re going to label Trump racist, Disney should be labeled the same.

“They’ve [Disney] made a billion dollars off the Pocahontas franchise, let me ask you something, is that racist,” Huckabee asked.

“Have they made money off racism,” he added. “Because, if so, then they need to apologize and they need to discontinue all of their merchandise and all of their movies regarding Pocahontas.”

There’s no other way to say this, but Huckabee’s comments aren’t just wrong — they’re flat-out stupid.

When Disney made the movie Pocahontas they were doing so to honor a great Native American. When Trump uses it to refer to Senator Elizabeth Warren, he’s using it as a slur meant to slander and defame her in a derogatory way. The fact that Huckabee is even trying to compare the two shows that he’s either a total imbecile who doesn’t understand the difference between a cartoon that was meant to honor Pocahontas and some racist jackass using her name as a slur to attack a political opponent — or he’s just another right-wing fraud who’ll come up with any absurd lie he deems necessary to defend a “president” who’s completely unfit for office.

Seeing as this is Mike Huckabee we’re talking about here, it could very well be both.

This is what the Republican Party is today. It’s a group of clowns trying to defend the indefensible with excuses that are so completely preposterous I don’t know how they say them with a straight face.

When Donald Trump uses the term “Pocahontas” to attack Sen. Elizabeth Warren it’s a racial slur — end of story. There’s no debate, twisting of the facts, or any pathetic deflection to make this about Warren. This is a blatantly racist slur used by Trump, a man with a well-documented history of bigotry and racism.

As I’ve said plenty of times before, when the history books look back on this time with shame and disgust over the fact that we had someone like Donald Trump living in the White House, I hope they don’t forget to make note of all the people who helped put him there and defended his appalling behavior, racism, mental instability, and lies. Including the vast majority of today’s Republican party.

Because they’re just as much to blame as he is.

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Watch Huckabee’s comments below via Fox News (his Pocahontas comments start about halfway through the interview):

Allen Clifton

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