Mike Huckabee: Prayer In Schools Will Stop School Shootings

Mike HuckabeeAhead of the 2016 Republican primaries, presumed candidates are doing anything and everything they can to pander to extreme religious views, Islamophobia and fear. This past weekend, Bobby Jindal proclaimed that America needed to “turn back to God” as part of his “The Response” prayer rally in Baton Rouge. In Iowa, other potential contenders as well as political grifters trolling for attention were also banging podiums and claiming to speak on the behalf of their god, and the American people.

This small but fervent section of the voting populace usually determines the outcome of the early Republican primaries, and politicians like Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal know this all too well. Do they actually believe in what they’re saying? I doubt it, but they know that as long as it elicits a reaction from the media, they can point to their followers and say, “See? The liberals are angry!” as they put their hands out for more donations to their super PACs and make veiled hints at running for the White House.

So it is no surprise that once again, video of Mike Huckabee saying something outrageous surfaces courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

During a speech earlier this month at televangelist Morris Cerullo’s annual conference, Mike Huckabee said that school shootings wouldn’t take place if public schools organized daily prayers, religious assemblies, Bible readings and “chapel services.”

“Because we were bringing Bibles to school people weren’t bringing guns to school, except for the deer hunters who left them in their trucks,” Huckabee said. “What has happened to our culture? What’s happened is we have lost our landmarks. When we reject the Bible as the objective word of truth, when we say that the Bible is no longer the standard by which we live and we make it whatever we feel, what we think, what we believe, then we have no landmark at all because that landmark is always being moved to accommodate our lifestyle rather than make our lifestyle accommodate the word of the living God and the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Source)

I honestly don’t think Mike Huckabee (like many other members of the assumed 2016 field) believes in half of the nutty religious things that come out of his mouth, but he knows it sells. The people who will determine the outcome of the early primaries want to believe that America will again become the way they remember it decades ago, because they’re so sold on the message the far right has been feeding them for years.

The simpler world of Leave It To Beaver, Mayberry and John Wayne shooting all the bad guys without remorse or consequences – that’s the mythical era they want to return to, and individuals like Mike Huckabee make them think America can go back to an imagined time that never existed.

Uncomfortable discussions with your kids about how some guys like other guys or how Aunt Caroline is now Uncle Bill? Those never have to happen in Jesusland with Mike Huckabee or Bobby Jindal in the White House. Worried about how to explain to your kids why school shooting drills are necessary? That also doesn’t have to happen in Mike Huckabee’s America where all mental illness (and the gay) can be prayed away in school. It’s a very simple, false promise that’s being sold: vote for Jesus (me) and we get our country back from the godless atheists, feminists, liberals and gays that have destroyed it. It almost sounds like one of those goofy weight loss ads you see on nearly every website these days: “This one easy trick will fix America. Liberals HATE it!”

Never mind the fact that we live in a complicated world with issues that can’t be solved with wishful thinking and MoveOn.org petitions, just vote for the candidate who can reference Jesus and the Bible the most times in a pandering statement. That’s the strategy to make a strong showing in the early primaries, and that’s also why Republicans won’t be winning the White House again anytime soon.


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