Mike Huckabee Warns That Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Turn Christians Into Criminals

mike-huckabee-ted-cruzThe long war by the religious right against gay marriage is nearly over and they’ve lost, even though many right-wing conservatives have failed to realize the inevitable tide of progress can no longer be held back. Ahead of this month’s expected ruling from the Supreme Court that will wipe out the remaining laws against gay marriage in the United States, some states like North Carolina or Oklahoma are scrambling to throw up last minute roadblocks that will accomplish little else other than to waste taxpayer money defending them in court.

The 2016 Republican field is also tripping over each other trying to see who can come up with the most ridiculous and hateful responses to the legalization of gay marriage, and Mike Huckabee is trying his hardest to be the greatest Christian political crusader against gay rights. Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and others have certainly tried to claim that banner – Bobby Jindal even issued an executive order encouraging discrimination against LGBT people in Louisiana – but nobody can match the rhetoric of Mike Huckabee so far.

Now, Mike Huckabee is pounding the panic button even harder, claiming that the expected Supreme Court ruling could make being a Christian a criminal offense. From Right Wing Watch:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee warns that it could even lead to the “criminalization of Christianity.”

“When you elevate a lifestyle to the status of a civil right, I don’t think a lot of believers fully understand or comprehend that once it’s risen to that level and our government accepts it, then anyone who disagrees with it could be at least civilly liable, but more than likely would be criminally liable,” Huckabee, a Republican presidential candidate, told Decision during a recent visit to the Billy Graham Library.

“The impact is this: A pastor getting up in the pulpit and proclaiming God’s Word that marriage is the act of one man and woman joining together for life would violate the civil rights of a same-sex couple. … That would make it a criminal act.”

Proponents of same-sex marriage—backed by the Obama administration—say LGBT couples are being discriminated against and deserve marriage equality protections.

Regardless of how the case turns out, Huckabee made clear that the true definition of marriage will stand.

“Even if the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is OK, it doesn’t make it OK because the Supreme Court is not the Supreme Being,” he said. “The ultimate rules for marriage were not made by the Supreme Court, but by God. He is the One who gave us the blueprint.” (Source)

What Mike Huckabee fails to understand, or at least he fails to tell the people who believe in this nonsense, is that you have every right under the 1st Amendment to hold any view you want on gay marriage – or any other issue you care to have any opinion on. You can believe that the moon is made out of cheese, that the government is run by reptiles from another dimension, or an endless plethora of other wacky ideas without worrying about being prosecuted for your beliefs.

In addition to the right to believe whatever they want to think their god says about marriage, no religious institution would be forced to perform same-sex weddings (or any other ceremony that violates their rules), but good luck trying to explain that to the evangelical Christians Mike Huckabee is trying to court ahead of the 2016 Republican primaries.

The Republican clown car has been traded in for a clown tour bus, and with so many candidates in the race, each of them is trying to sway the key block of evangelical voters to their side in order to have an edge in that crowded field. The war against same-sex marriage is all over except for the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mike Huckabee and the other false prophets of the religious right.


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