Mike Lee Whines About “Unfair” and “Demeaning” Attack Levied Against Him and Ted Cruz by Republicans

lee-cruzWhile some Republicans continue to perpetuate this idea that they’re “100% unified” when it comes to the government shutdown, most sane Americans know that’s not the case.  There are two distinct factions waging war within the GOP right now, with the future of the party — and our country as a whole — at stake.

On one side you have people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, the tea party darlings who represent the most vile and disgusting parts of their party.  Years ago these kinds of people still existed within the GOP, you just rarely heard from them because they were kept in the dark and basically told to sit down and shut up.  They were tolerated, but never had any real influence within the party.

On the other you have your prototypical Republican establishment types like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.  Horrible politicians for sure, but they’re not the tea party right-wing radicals like a Michele Bachmann or Steve King.

As this shutdown continues, there have been numerous stories surfacing about many Republicans who are simply sick and tired of dealing with these tea party radicals.  And apparently, in a closed-door meeting, a few of these Republicans lit into Utah Senator Mike Lee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Which seems to have hurt their feelings.  Aw, too bad.

During an interview with a conservative media personality, Senator Lee gave some insight to the rumors that he and Cruz had a barrage of attacks slung their way by members of their own party.

Lee said:

“Normally, I don’t comment at all on closed-door meetings between Republican Senators.  It’s a pretty strict rule we have.  It was an all-out attack against Ted Cruz and me.  It was unflattering.  It was unfair. It was demeaning.  It was demeaning to Senator Cruz and to me, but more than anything it was demeaning to those who engaged in the attacks.”

Oh boohoo.

Senator Lee also went on to say that not a single Republican at the meeting came to either he or Ted Cruz’s defense.

Is he really whining because members of his own party were mean to him and Ted Cruz?  Well maybe, like most Americans, they’re sick and tired of these tea party antics which always seem to be getting in the way of everything we try to do in this country.

Hell, we can’t even raise the debt ceiling without bringing our economy to the brink of collapse.  People are sick of this obstructionist crap that’s primarily orchestrated by tea party Republicans.  And you know it’s gotten bad when even other Republicans are growing sick of it.

The tea party has made so many Republicans fearful of being “primaried” (having the tea party turn on them during their primaries and losing their seat to a tea party-supported candidate) that many Republicans think they have to constantly give in to ridiculous demands by these right-wing radicals who seem determined to sabotage our government for their own political gains.

But forgive me if I don’t give a crap that Republicans brought Senators Lee and Cruz into a closed-door meeting and tore into them.

Good.  They should have done it long ago and more often.  It’s time Republicans start standing up to these right-wing radicals that seem to be taking over their party. Liberals can’t convince Republicans to return to some form of sanity, but sensible Republicans can.

But trust me when I say this is just the beginning.  Once primaries really get started and some of these Republicans face challenges from tea party-backed radicals, it’s going to get really ugly.

The thing is, they brought all of this infighting on themselves.  The GOP embraced the tea party to be its savior, but instead it’s turning out to be the catalyst for what just might destroy the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Rolle Diaz

    It’s like dealing with two stupid kids, after everyone tells them they are wrong they still don’t get it…..

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    I have Republican friends that are kind of disgusted with their party right now. They are the ones that have seen the light and stopped watching blathering Rush!

    • nwbennu

      At least they are waking up! I am in dismay over the abundant number of relatives I have, who think the TeaPartiers are doing absolutely the right thing for our country. They length they will go to in an attempt to distort reality and facts is both sad and irritating!

  • Jose Lopez Maldonado

    I really don’t understand their tactics it seems like political suicide, Cruz and friends put all their eggs in one basket(ObamaCare Failure) In the hopes of gaining ground for the next presidential elections. Even if this were to be the case most voters will still remember the shutdown of the Government. It would be the moderate republicans gaining any traction. If “ObamaCare” succeeds, there is no way back.

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      they put green eggs in the basket, hope it posions them all

    • Skyhollower

      If I had the money I would barrage the media outlets by running commercials, ads in magazines and newspapers about a week before any election to make sure people remembered who did this and why. I hope the GOP loses lot’s of seats in the next election.

  • The Green Devilish One

    The GOP are being hoisted by their own (t)e(a)tards. {{ narf }}

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Good one.

  • Personally, I’m proud to say that my congressman (Mark Takano) and my senators (Feinstein and Boxer) are all Democrats because I’d move if I had a republican representing me.

    • motherunit

      Most of us can’t afford to move. Me, I’m staying put and campaigning against David Joyce and Rob Portman.

      • msc2116

        Right there with you on those two! ( right here in NE Ohio…)

    • Robyn Kern

      You have some of the good ones!!!!

    • You are so lucky. I live in East Texas where it is extremely hard to be blue….but I stick to my guns. Im surrounded by idiots!

    • Mike Minyen

      I live in fricking Oklahoma, if it wasn’t for the fact I own property here I would get the hell out. The last election they called the election for Romney 2 minutes before the poles closed. They hadn’t even counted one vote, I hate this state,

  • i appreciate and agree with your articulate statement to a certain point. these men are big fat toddlers and need to be put in time out. and grammar check would be helpful to you.

  • odie91

    Unfortunately, a vast number of Americans don’t really know or understand what goes on in the Capitol. They listen to “sound bites” and think they’re facts. They don’t take the time to figure it out for themselves. As long as their lives are unaffected, they don’t worry about anything else. I know a lot of these kinds of people. Many probably thought Ted Cruz was doing something righteous with his feigned filibuster and didn’t realize what a waste of time, money and space it was. The “Tea Party” name sounds noble, but nothing could be further from the truth. The colonists in Boston had a valid cause and were extremely brave. I think most if not all of the “Tea Party” are arrogant egotistical cowards.


    Yea, Mikey, just like they let you guys make
    COMPLETE fools of yourselves for 21+
    You really should have realized you

    were on your own, any legit Republican
    staying far, far away from your fili-BUST,
    Quietly whispering, ‘forgive them, they know
    not what they do’

  • Pat

    I am thrilled to hear that the more “reasonable Republicans” FINALLY let these two have it. Gee, (boo-hoo and sniffle-sniffle), how sad for them that not one single Republican came to their defense! DUH…………………. that ought to tell you that no one wants to hear your “Tea Party crap” any longer. Shut up, do your damn job and open the government again NOW.

    • Kits

      I’d have a lot more faith in these “reasonable Republicans” and their outrage against the TeaPartyGarbage, if it had happened sooner. It seems to me that they’re like rats on a sinking ship. They’re trying to save their own tails. Nothing more. Or they’d do something about it besides squabbling behind closed doors.

  • Dee Wright

    Man, Mikey, you know what’s demeaning? Calling child labor laws “unconstitutional”. You know what’s unfair? People actually passed over Bob Bennett for your dumb ass. Maybe what you can best contribute to any conversations from here on out is … silence.

  • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    well if this is so why does Bohner not go against them and allow the vote/????

    • Robyn Kern


    • slavicdiva

      Because Boehner is terrified that if he does that, he will no longer be Speaker of the House. Yes, folks – the country is held hostage because of one man’s ego.

  • Linda Jenkins

    Not that the GOP and the Tea Party are any better, one than the other; but it seems that there is dissension in the ranks 🙂 .

  • Cheryl Bland

    These “right wing radicals” as you call these “Tea Party Republicans” are standing up for America like you “forward progressives” refuse to do. These guys and the “Tea Party” I might add stand for PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITY which means we can’t keep spending more that we have to spend. Our national debt is already over 17 trillion dollars and that does not count unfunded liabilities. At what point do you think that we have to stop borrowing money and spending money we don’t have? Do you have an answer to that? The “Tea Party ” also stands for FREE MARKET PRINCIPLES” which means the government gets out of the way and let’s the system work. Small business drives this nation as far as jobs go, but because of high taxes and government regulations, it is impossible for small business to survive and now we have wonderful OBAMA CARE. Do you have any idea how many people will have to cut from full time hours to less than 30 work hours to keep their jobs. Millions!! These are not college students holding these jobs, but people with families. I could go on and educate you more on what the “TEA Party stands for and TED CRUZ AND MIKE LEE’S ,but you probably want believe that these things are important anyway , so just let me say that “may God Bless you and yours. He loves you just as he does us TEA PARTY TYPES, so I am called to love you as well.

    • Greg Gomez

      Did you actually say “PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITY”? That just shows you and the Tea Party are aligned in one major way…STUPID!!! Now FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY is what you’re referring to. But it’s OK, the damage has been done. Oh, and standing for “FREE MARKET PRINCIPLES” means you don’t shut down the government and default on debts you had previously approved of because you are also hurting small (shutdown) and large (default) businesses. Not to mention the global markets. Try to get a loan after we default. Then you will see the damage your Tea Party buddies have inflicted upon you and the world.

  • CharlieSelf

    Republicans have a lot of hard work ahead to regain control of their party.

  • Boo-fucking-Hoo