Here’s Another Great Example of the Mind-Boggling Ignorance of the Typical Trump Supporter

Recently I wrote an article showcasing a conversation I had with a friend of mine who happened to be a Trump supporter. Being that the article got a great reaction from readers, I figured I’d showcase another debate I had shortly after that one with another Trump-supporting friend of mine. While the exchange went about as “well” as you’d expect it to go with someone foolish enough to think Trump would make a good president, the kicker to this particular exchange is that I basically got her to admit that she saw some of the anti-Trump points I was making against him.

Here’s how the exchange went:

April: I really never claimed to know a lot. You know that. But I’m voting for Trump. It’s in my gut. So I will do that. Tolerate me, if you must but I am me and I am proud this year. I am voting for the first time in my life. And I know you are gonna bash that probably, but I was selfish about my life for years and now I finally realize that I have to exercise my right to vote.

Me: I just find it funny your first words to me were that you think Clinton is a liar when Trump, the most dishonest person to ever run for president, “motivated” you to vote for the very first time. You don’t see the irony in that?

April: Agree to disagree.

Me: That’s not a subjective opinion, that’s a fact. His record with fact checkers is abysmal. He just makes stuff up, or do you really think he’s not releasing his tax returns because he’s “being audited”? Furthermore, are you okay with men kissing you and grabbing you by the crotch without permission? Just wondering.

April: So you believe that huh? Maybe you believe what you wanna believe too. Hmm.
Dont rant about how you know it’s true! You couldn’t know unless you were f*cking there so I don’t want to hear that!

Me: Yeah, I do. Considering he has a long history of sexist comments about women, around 12 various women have accused him of unwanted touching, and he was clearly not making that up because it was far too detailed. I have never, ever heard a guy say he’d just grab a woman by the p–sy as a joke. Even his Tic-Tac comment about kissing women without permission – what did he put in his mouth before getting off the bus? Tic-Tacs. Why would he joke about that — which would be a dumb joke, by the way — then end up doing exactly what he said?

April: Most of these women coming forward during his run. Where were they when his was STILL A DISGUSTINGLY RICH MAN and they could’ve sued then or “settled” then?
Cmon. Just Cmon man.

Me: So, 12 women are all liars and the words he said aren’t serious because no one was there to prove it (even though women have publicly accused him of sexual assault — they all must be lying). However, you’re going to use Clinton’s emails that were heavily investigated by the FBI, at which point they found no wrongdoing after a year’s worth of investigations, and you’re going to believe what you want to believe regardless of what the FBI said — yet you weren’t there. So, are you saying, even though you weren’t there, you know more than the FBI does about Clinton’s emails?

As for the women, have you not heard many of them say that they blew it off initially, but when they saw that video, it made them realize that what he had done to them he had done to many other women and they wanted to come forward? This is someone who often bullies people with lawsuits. Hell, he’s already threatened to sue these women. If you’re a women wanting to come forward, you know what happens if you do? He’s likely going to sue you, make your life a living hell, and you’re almost certainly going to end up with death threats because his supporters are going to come after you. Why would someone want to put themselves through that?

April: Most BLEW IT OFF? Stupid women, if ya ask me. I think I might have gone after some dough when I could have. But then again blowing it off sounds like I would get a whole lot of nothing. Yeah, women love a whole lot of nothing.

Me: Wow, that’s just pure ignorance. Most of these women are random, private citizens who were often very young trying to make something out of themselves. You really think you’d publicly come out against a billionaire with a long history of suing people out of spite who’d do whatever he could to make your life miserable and crush your career? Probably not.

April: I’m talking about before his run. Why would they blow it off? Micheal Jackson’s alleged victims didn’t. Many of them got a lot of money.

Me: Because there were actually records of those children being at his house. There was actual evidence that linked these children to interactions with Jackson. A lot of what these women are accusing Trump of are random encounters where it’s not as if people are keeping track and this was long before everyone had a camera on their phone.

If I came up to you and grabbed you by the p–sy when we were out, alone, then you accused me of it a week later, how would you prove it? It would be my word vs. yours without witnesses. By the way, some of the friends and family of these women have said that, at the time these assaults allegedly happened, they remember hearing about it from them.

April: Look, I see some of your points, I’ll admit that, but I don’t have time to debate you on this. I need to get going.

Me: No worries. I’ll just be sure to let folks know that you’re apparently okay with myself or other men grabbing you by the p–sy without permission.

April: I’d f*cking deck you.

Me: Then vote for me for president, apparently.

April: So stupid.

Me: Yes — yes it is.

Knowing this woman as long as I have, there’s no way she would ever admit that she was wrong or change her mind. In fact, admitting that she saw “some of my points” is about as close to admitting she’s wrong that I’ve ever seen or heard. She’s the classic Trump supporter: Someone who knows next to nothing about politics, or how our government works, ignoring facts or reason to support the most dangerous presidential candidate in U.S. history.

But I do love that she’s the second female friend of mine to claim these women accusing Trump of sexual assault are lying, saying that there’s no proof — while also admitting that proving sexual assault is incredibly difficult.

Furthermore, she’s also the second woman who has told me that if I did to them what Trump admitted he’s done (or likes to do) to women, they wouldn’t be too happy with me. Yet, despite that, they’re still okay with supporting him as our next president.

As I’ve said before, Donald Trump hasn’t built a presidential campaign, he’s built a cult. It takes a cult-like mentality to believe that someone as vile, disgusting and dishonest as he is should be this country’s president.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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