Mississippi Republican Switches to Democratic Party Over GOP’s Stubbornness on Obamacare (Video)

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

A Mississippi Republican has decided to leave his party and join the Democratic party over the GOP’s continued sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. Former Republican state Sen. Tim Johnson not only announced that he was leaving the Republican party to join with the Democrats, but that he would be running for Lt. Governor of Mississippi in the next election. But it wasn’t just the GOP’s continued opposition to helping millions of Americans obtain health care that drove him away – that was just the final straw for Johnson.

While I could try to summarize why he made this decision, I’ll let Johnson do it himself:

Why join the Democratic Party and run for Lieutenant Governor? I’ll tell you. We are all Mississippians first. Elected officials should be in the business of helping all Mississippians. Not picking out who to hurt. In the current way of doing business in our State Capitol and especially in the State Senate, has hurt a lot of my fellow Mississippians. We watch these current leaders make excuses for underfunding our schools. We see them refuse to repair and maintain our crumbling roads and bridges. And we stood by while they ignored the twelve thousand dollars pay gap between working women and men. We have also witnessed shocking corruption on their watch.

But the failure of the Republican leadership in the Senate to help sick people was the final straw. My home town hospital in Kosciusko Mississippi was up here the other day asking for a five million dollar stopgap bond loan to try to stay open due to the drastic hit they are taking because of Republican leadership refusing to take and accept the return of federal tax dollars through Medicaid Expansion. Instead of doing the right thing, the Republican leadership would rather see five million dollar tax burden on the backs of the eighteen thousand citizens of Attala County. That’s not right. That’s my hometown. And that’s my home county.

If Montfort Jones Hospital had been closed three weeks ago, we wouldn’t have had a place to take my mother when she suffered a stroke. Thank goodness they were still open when we rushed her there for help. Because all indicators are that they won’t be open much longer all because of Republican political grandstanding.

That’s what you call someone who’s sick and tired of the nonsense constantly being pushed by the Republican party. Cuts to education, cuts to infrastructural improvements and the blatant attempts to sabotage the health care law are all cornerstones of the modern day GOP. For them it’s not about helping Americans or even about improving this country, it’s all about playing partisan politics. And that’s essentially all they do.

Even in states like Kentucky and Arkansas where the ACA has proven to be both successful and popular, Republicans within those states continue to push for its repeal.

I just wish more Republicans had the courage to speak up in the way that Tim Johnson did, because that’s a politicians who’s fighting for the people, not his party.

Watch his comments below:

Allen Clifton

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