Missouri Councilman’s Excuse for Racist Anti-Obama Posts: ‘I Was a Very Active Republican’ (Video)

peter-tinsleyNo matter how many examples there are of someone within the Republican party being blatantly racist, they’ll never admit that racism is a big problem for the GOP.

Heck, just look at what conservative hero “Joe the Plumber” posted on Facebook yesterday.

I always go back to the cliché saying that a lot of other liberals use.  It’s not that I’m saying all Republicans are racists, but it does seem that most racists are Republicans. A point which most of them will, of course, deny.

Well a Republican city councilman in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Peter Tinsley, sure isn’t doing his party any favors. Monday during a city council meeting, racist anti-Obama photos were brought up that the councilman had posted on his Facebook page.

In one of the photos it depicts the president as some kind of tribesman, I’m assuming African, sitting outside by a fire.

Tinsley later apologized, saying, “At one time, I was a very active Republican, very opposed to Obama.”

Comments that local party leaders were not at all happy with.

Eddy Justice, the chairman for the Butler County Republicans, said of Tinsley’s comments, “It even got more intense when he proceeded to blame the Republican party for him thinking like that. Republicans believe everyone should be judged on their qualifications, on their ability.”

Justice’s comments are pretty much the typical Republican response to an accusation of racism.  It never ceases to amaze me whenever these numerous, and frequent, accounts where conservatives are caught being blatant racists become public, it’s never because they’re Republicans.

But this kind of behavior is nothing surprising. At least not to most liberals. I’ve often said that living in Texas, I’ve heard President Obama called derogatory names for African-Americans far more than I have by his actual name or by his title as president.

Hell, just visit any (and I do many any) conservative Facebook page or website and locate just about any article or post. Then just scroll through the comments. See how long it takes you to find one that’s racist. I promise you 95 percent of the time it won’t take you very long. And the racist comments are often the most “liked” or “up voted” on these various pages or websites.

Racism within the Republican party is real whether conservatives want to admit it or not. And the only way they’ll ever be able to alleviate some of it is when they finally admit that it exists.

But the real problem isn’t that Republicans aren’t aware that racism is prevalent within their party – they know it’s there – it’s that many of their candidates are actually counting on it to get elected.

Watch the report below via KFVS 12:

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Allen Clifton

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  • Eg Kbbs

    Ah, to live in Missouri like I do. There is this story. The guy who shot up folks at a Jewish Community Center in KC was from Missouri – some of the fall out included a sheriff having to leave office for voicing support for him. etc. etc.

  • Nemisis

    Some of my best friends are republicans…Hell I even married a republican.

    She’s pissed because the republican party she grew up with is not the party that exists right now.
    She might just become an independent too.

  • HateStupidPeople

    Republican = racist jack a$$. Got it.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “But Robert Byrd was a Democrat!!!!!!!”

    Okay…. Name two more.

  • james dixon

    Not every Republican is a racist,but every racist is a Republican!

  • Jesse Chunn

    Stop with the race bating, PLEASE. Can’t you see that bringing attention to these idiots just makes more hate? Every chance you (the media) get you are bringing another idiot to the gallows while we (the public) crowd around with pitchforks and torches, demanding revenge. There will always be somebody out there saying or doing something stupid. Don’t play into it. Look at all the hateful comments from people that are apparently outraged but do not realize that they are doing the same thing he did… Reacting emotionally to the actions of one person, until somebody steps over the line. And so the vicious cycle goes. When will we realize that this guy and this guy alone is responsible for his actions… Not the Republicans, or the Democrats, or Whites, or Blacks, or Hispanics, or the rich, or the poor. This one, lone idiot must stand for his actions.

  • knight4444

    The GOP has become a SOUTHERN majority party, when they took the democrats DIXIECRATS in the 1960’s both parties basically switched side, the once racist democratic party became the PRO civil rights party and the GOP ”needed’ VOTERS!! so they sucked up the DIXIECRATS !!!