Mitch McConnell Embarrassed After Fact-Checking Site Debunks His Economic Growth Lie

mcconnell-idiotWhen I first had someone tell me that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was trying to give credit to Republicans for our economic growth, I honestly and truly thought that they were kidding. That’s the kind of stuff I’ve been joking about for years. I can remember telling a buddy of mine around two years ago that the moment the economy really starts to take off, Republicans will just start trying to take credit for it – and conservatives will be ignorant enough to actually believe them.

And then it happened. 

While speaking on the Senate floor, McConnell literally tried to give the GOP credit for our economic growth:

“After so many years of sluggish growth, we’re finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope. The uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama administration’s long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress.”

That’s probably the stupidest thing, per capita, that I’ll read all year.

Seriously? After all of the fear-mongering, misinformation, lies, deceit and propaganda Republicans have dished out against the Obama administration, the president himself, the Affordable Care Act and practically anything even remotely related to him – these jackasses are really going to sit there and try to claim that they’re responsible for our economic growth?


Just when you think Republicans can’t be anymore ridiculous, you really do just need to give them a little more time. Because they definitely can.

Well, thankfully we live in a day and age of easily accessible information that’s made it possible for such nonsense to be fact-checked. And what did well-respected fact-checking site Politifact think of McConnell’s absurd claim? Not much, as it earned a rating of “False” from the fact-checking site.

Might I point out a fact that until about September of this past year, there was still a lot of doubt as to whether or not Republicans would win enough seats to reclaim the Senate. And then there’s that whole “little” thing of the nearly 5 straight years of private sector job growth that we’ve seen since March of 2010.

McConnell’s comments are so ridiculous that I really don’t feel like I need to go into some in-depth explanation as to why they’re so absurd. I feel the idiocy of him trying to give credit to the Republican party for our economic growth, despite Republicans obstructing anything they possibly can to try to hinder our economy for political gains, speaks for itself.

Luckily I haven’t really seen Fox News running with his nonsense yet, though it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I start seeing more and more conservatives talking about the “great economic recovery” – while giving the GOP credit for it.

Because, yes, I truly believe that many conservatives are sheepish enough to regurgitate this sort of drivel.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sherry06053

    Why would you say he’s “embarrassed”? He’s not embarrassed – it was deliberate and well planned. The worst part of all of this – the last 6 years – is that we could have gotten so much more done. All of the fighting and obstruction stunned me…at first. The fact that they will try to take credit for any progress made is par for the course.

    • Alex Adams

      was not at all surprised by the rethugs. What stunned me is Obama’s lack of spine & aloof response to the thuggery.

      • Yes, let’s blame the President for the spinelessness of the rest of the country that lets the GOP get away with this. Weren’t you around when the President says anything and gets blamed for blowing his own horn? It’s up to US to stand up to this nonsense and give the President a hand, not the other way around.

      • Real truth

        Alex, Its not a lack of spine. Its that he knows he above their petty no substance arguments. You cant fight all the “wind mills”. Did Jackie Robinson take time out to go tit for tat with racists. There is no upside for our president to waste his breathe on these carnival barkers.

      • Alex Adams

        i’m don’t mean more of blah blah. I mean taking action, calling their bluff on stupid legislation by vetoing it and refusing blame for shutdowns, or just declare keystone a violation and deny it. Also this admin failed to prosecute banksters for crashing the economy, nor seizing their banks for being underwater or false foreclosures. So much venal crap just gets a pass. i am disgusted.

      • Marcus Shelton

        1) Most stupid legislation was bottled up in the Senate so there was no opportunity to Veto anything. 2) Unfortunately someone has to be an adult when dealing with children…Denying responsibility while the economy crashes and burns is not a sensible plan. 3)Seizing banks is a non starter. The votes were not there and to keep carping on it is pie in the sky BS.

      • Manny

        I disagree. I think him or someone else high up in the party should be more vocal about these things. Particularly in red states. Saying that something is too childish to be believable is fine when you have a subject that takes the time to educate themselves on the matters. That audience is a bunch of Faux Sheep.

      • thomasbone63

        Well said, could not agree with you more.

      • Ed Eller

        ‘Carnival barkers’! Lmao!!

      • Coopahloop

        POTUS know America knows the truth.

      • patrick

        And I might add that they just choose to root for their own team by ignoring the truth. It is just another sport to them.

      • thomasbone63

        I knew one of you anti Obama clowns will try take a positive into an Obama negative.

      • tomaf

        The only place Obama
        displayed “lack of spine” is dealing with the repugnantcans. He
        should have been using his power of Executive Order as often as the law allows
        him to. And he should have already long ago pardoned everyone who is in jail
        for possession or use of marijuana, as long as no other crimes were committed,
        or who is currently charged with such a “crime,” so that they can get
        on with their lives without an unjustified conviction keeping them from getting
        a job or voting.

  • Mainah

    I find that they have no problem lying. They know where there echo chambers are.

  • DMJ

    Of course they would try to take credit for others work. Isn’t that like the GOP motto? You make it, we take it.

    • Yami Sen

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  • mark wyatt

    My conservative friends would tell you that Mitch makes perfect sense . All of them . You have to understand , theyre simply propagandized / manchurian-ized evangelic auto-voters , the truth doesn’t concern them . Like Obama is a “Muslim” yet he attends a Christian church and his kids go to a Christian academy school , or he’s a socialist with the stock market and corporate profits at all time highs , or the best , hes a Harvard grad constitutional lawyer that doesnt know the constitution. The GOP isn’t speaking to the whole of America , theyre speaking to their bible belt base in code that only the top .o1% truly understand .

    • je

      They are going to shit a brick when Pope Franky gives his Papal Blessing to Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

      Heads will explode. Is voting against the pope like voting against God himself? Lol

      • marionrose

        What the hell are you talking about? Why would Pope FRANCIS, (you disrespectful dolt), endorse any politician, or “bless” him? When did Pope Francis ever endorse anyone running for office, or in politics? Again…wtf are you blabbing about?

      • je

        Sweet Jesus. Relax lady. You’re going to have a Coronary lol

        Pope Franky (fuck off if you dont like it) isnt your average pope in many ways. He is a more liberal socialist, Like my man Big Bernie and hes planning to adress congress.

        So, you see, 2+2 equals 4, and my guess (obviously, because im not pretending to know what the Pope is planning) is that the Pope could use his political power to influence the most powerful nation’s policies.

        for liberal goals like Peace, Health, equality, fairness, and helping the poor.

      • marionrose

        Congratulations, you win A-Hole of the day award. Your asinine comments are not worth a reply. And besides….my hair is on fire and I must jump in the shower.

  • Alli

    The problem is with, “McConnell’s comments are so ridiculous that I don’t really feel like I need to go into some in-depth explanation as to why they’re so absurd” is that I have many friends who do need in detail explanations. I came here hoping there would be some hashing out of exactly why those statements are false so I could post it to help educate friends who do buy into the whole media-spin against the current administration. We already know what’s up, it’s the people who are still ignorant that need the information. For you it might seem ridiculous, but there are many people who buy it hook, line, and sinker. Maybe next time you write an article like this, you’ll consider outlining why so that others can learn something besides, “Oh, this is just silly *eyeroll*” which is… Well, kinda what I go out of this. This article is more of a link to the false rating that McConnell received than an actual explanation of why what he said was not true… :-/

    • Dylan Kynaston

      Well, there’s always whatever the link itself says to show your conservative friends.

      • GenerallyConfused

        But most of those that believe the lies don’t care about things like “truth”, they truely believe the propaganda.

        Repeat a lie enough, it becomes truth.

    • Mainah

      Politifact does spell out what the lie is and why it’s a lie.

      • imapayne

        They think Politifact is a left-wing propaganda machine

      • theyak47

        Sorry, you can’t fix stupid.

      • imapayne

        Once again tell that to Fox and McConnell

      • Real truth

        imapayne spend a little more time on fact and less time on Politics. Facts are not propaganda even if you dont understand the subject

      • Dylan Kynaston

        That’s what ‘imapayne’ is Pointing out. The right-wingers that Alli wants to show the information think that Politifact is left wing propaganda. ‘imapayne’ knows this.

      • imapayne

        Why would you say that? I thought facts were facts. Maybe you should rethink your name

      • imapayne

        Tell that to Fox and McConnell

      • Roy C

        To republcants, the truth is a conspiracy cooked up by liberals. They’ve lied so much for so long their lies have become the truth!!!!

      • marionrose

        Yeah….they “think” all of the media are left wing propaganda machines. It would be futile to point to Politifact, or ANY FACT. These people don’t care who “spells it out” for them…..they think this is a football game and they are the mindless cheerleaders. “Rah, rah…McConnell”.

      • marionrose

        I don’t know why it needs to be “spelled out”. It is only common sense…..which anyone with half a brain can figure out without the help of Politifact. I don’t know why Alli doesn’t just ask those who “believe it hook line and sinker”, why they believe McConnell’s statement is true. Put THEM to the task. It ought to be funnier, and just as absurd, as McConnell’s statement.

    • The Reader

      Alli, it is not difficult to find all kinds of information on the accomplishments of President Obama, and how they were accomplished despite constant Republican road blocks. Google Politifact as has been suggested. Meanwhile, I continue to ask anyone to please provide a list of the significant Republican contributions that have improved our lives starting with Nixon. I am still waiting.

  • GenerallyConfused

    Of course they’re going to try and take credit. Republicans have been doing that for years now. If something goes wrong, it’s the Obama administration and the democrats fault. If something goes right, it’s the republican initiative that’s worked.

    It’s not really surprising though – have to have that propaganda machine well oiled and running. Things like “facts” and “reality’ have no bearing on what the propaganda machine relays to the willing participants.

    The propaganda machine says there are enemies, and the willing participants step up and go to their proverbial war – complete with keyboard warriors and screaming matches against rational debate.

    A house divided, indeed.

    • BruceCuffookJender

      I’m gone for a week and you still post stupid useless missives. Go Fook yourself or Jender

      • regressive white trash reli

        “gone for a week”
        translation: his PRIOR TROLL profiles were banished by the mods
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      • Real truth

        good luck on your next transformative doctors appt. Soon you will be considered a man. and then you can have sex with all the priests you like.

  • dstatton

    I heard a few weeks ago that consultants were telling the GOP to stop tying the economy to Obama now that it’s getting noticeably better. I guess McConnell was in the room.

  • Peggy Gunter

    Call him what he is – LIAR. And Mitch McConnell, check this out if it applies to you: “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.’ No exceptions for poiticians. No exceptions for Republicans, no matter how RIGHT they think they are.

  • regressive white trash reli

    WHERE O WHERE O WHERE are all the regressive rightwing religious trash TROLLS today? where is JIM BEAN? OY HUMID???? where are they all???? im hoping they pop in and remind us all that ” obamas a muslim an we are all gonna die” or “BENGHAZI” or “KENYA” or “spending” or ” we need JEEEESUS in our govt legislation”
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    • BruceCuffookJender

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      • Real truth

        why you looking to become a man?

      • BruceCuffookJender

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      • Real truth

        Another sexual innuendo. You are one confused thing. Although you are brave to come out here on this forum. Your religion is a farce, no better or worse than scientology. The least you could do though is actually take a little time to find out what your fairytale religion means. As usual another inbred Christian with no idea what it means to be Christian or be moral.
        I could call you a moron, but that would upset morons who most deem you no smarter than a turd that did not flush. Jesus didn’t bless you either so that’s another thing you have in common.

      • regressive white trash reli

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  • Keith Mcbee

    It would nice to think the Republican base was smart enough not to believe the trash, BUT.

  • Except that my fright wing acquaintances are already mirroring his sentiment with the claim that when Congress does nothing it unleashes the power of the free market. One even said the longer Congress stays out of town the higher the (stock) market goes Carrying on a discussion with these folks is like nailing Jello to a tree.

  • Mark Stone

    So how does one who knows no shame feel embarrassed? And we know there is no level too low to stoop to where he & his cronies and supporters will not stoop. He is an embarrassment but that is not to be confused with being embarrassed. Of course this ties right into the FLIP (fear, lies, ignorance & propaganda) kool aid that keeps these, and I use the term lightly, people in power. In fact he hits 3 of 4 on the FLIP METER. I suggest we change the name of the party to the FLIP party. At least it is an honest description. If I were one of their religous zealots I would say God help us but I am not sure we aren’t beyond help and the only thing that will help is for progressives to stand up to their bullying lying ways & VOTE them out of office every election going forward.

    • BruceCuffookJender

      I agree. Obozo is a FOOKIN moron. Let’s impeach him?

      • Real truth

        Well compared to you dryer lint looks like Einstein. Let’s educate you on the process. FOOKIN TOOL. get back to cutting my lawn

      • regressive white trash reli

        …………..formerly OY HUMID and IVAN RENKO
        ( ,,,,he is still crying…)

      • Mark Stone

        Your response is so asinine it warrats no response…uh I guess that is your response. I hope you recover soon from your chronic case if cranial rectitus.

      • GenerallyConfused

        His cranial rectal infarction has hindered all intelligent, interesting and/or coherant speech efforts. The most he can do now is utter moans and try (poorly so) to insult people he disagrees with, with multiple accounts.

  • Grand1

    There comes a point at which you expect liars to lie and become immune to them. Unfortunately, that leads to complacency. Maybe that was part of the miniscule voter turnout in November. You can only stay outraged for so long until you come to expect the worst and lose hope.
    We need to reverse this trend and it is my hope that Pres. Obama will lead the charge for the hope he campaigned on in 2008.

  • Paulie Hayes

    One does not need Politifact to know how absurd this is. To believe this nonsense you would have to accept that the economic upswing took place over a matter of only a few days. Right wingers will swallow this crap whole.

  • maritzka

    Straight from Grover Norquist. He was the puppetmaster here.

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    Embarrassed? One has to have a sense of shame to be embarrassed. Neither shame nor truth is required when all one needs is the wilfully ignorant vote to stay in office.

  • nikflorida

    “That’s probably the stupidest thing, per capita, that I’ll read all year.” What does that even MEAN?

    • rezme

      “Per Capita” means “for each person”, if I understand the author, he means that if you take each stupid statement as a stand alone, without any other factors, this statement would take the cake as the stupidest of all.

  • Lamont B Dumont

    I really, really despise headline writing like that. Put “embarrassed” in the headline and drop in a photo of Yertle with a surprised expression on his face.


    But I call BS. At no point in the article does Yertle express any sort of chagrin, embarrassment, or any other kind of acknowledgement that he said something foolish. The article points out (accurately) how foolish Yertle’s comments were, but there is no evidence of any type of “oops” reaction on his part.

    That’s the same kind of preaching to the choir that the Right does and it serves the truth poorly.

    If the headline includes the term “embarrassed”, I want to read/see/hear clear, unambiguous evidence of embarrassment and correction. And if the headline includes the term “destroys”, I want to see nothing less than a wingnut curled up in a fetal position, sobbing into his pocket square. Short of that, use appropriate terminology. “Yertle Absurdly Steals Credit for Economy!” It’s just as hard hitting, plus it has the advantage of being honest.

    • The Reader

      You are so right on.

  • Leigh Anne P

    Well, many will believe it, because they need to believe it to keep their world from tipping over. Muslims are evil, whites are better than not-whites, the Christians are the only “worthy” children of God, homosexuals are evil, all this is needed to keep them in their “place of favor” in the world. The world can be a VERY scary place when you don’t have “things” to keep you secure. Living life on it’s own terms is hard when you are insecure.

  • Knowledged

    These Republicans, who have such a difficult time taking responsibility for their own foibles, now want to take responsibility for what they fought against for 6 years. They are the Walter Keane’s of the political world!

  • Wrong? Sure. Embarrassed? Nah…watch – they’ll do it again.
    And again.
    And again.

  • BPMM

    Mitch is so out of touch with reality ,,,,,,,what is going on in his state, let alone this country. How the voters of Kentucky felt this guy would be an asset (not ass) to our legislature is beyond comprehension.

    • patrick

      In my state, we have Johnson, Ryan, and Walker. I think that stupid, like manure, is spread evenly.

  • Michael

    They seem to think that they are like stage hypnotists, they approach to electorate and, “look into my eyes not around my eyes look into my eyes, you will believe anything I say and forget anything that is contrary” And the some of the idiots believe them.

  • Richard Blue

    When did Republicans become such lying, deluded, scumbags??

    I don’t remember them being this way when I was growing up. were they always this way?? I think Reagan (their god, ???) would be shocked to see what the party has become.

    • The Reader

      FYI: Reagan had a great timing learned as an actor and could deliver his lines with passion (the GOP requirement for greatness). Other than that, he didn’t accomplish that much, but people thought he was a better president than he actually was. I remember when the media was suggesting that Nancy was behind the scenes running the White House/country. Such rumor could make you wonder about true status of the “great god”, Ronald Reagan.

  • Guest

    McConnell’s comments is what I would see a glaring headline on the tabloids at the checkput counter of the supermarket – you know the National Enquirer of the Globe and whatever the garbage is.

  • The Reader

    McConnell didn’t have to wait until fact checker called him on his ridiculous claim to be embarrassed. He should have been embarrassed to even make the claim. However, that’s Mitch at his best. Ya gotta admit he’s good; he managed to snow his constituents into electing him again. Either he’s good at snowballing or voters are easily swayed on empty promises. Both?

  • bfg

    Obama has an agenda. I respect that he’s not letting them sidetrack him. Also I’m sure they watch the news at the White House. Nobody bought this so it wasn’t necessary for the President to say anything.

  • William Valenti

    People to McConnell re economic recovery: “No, you didn’t build that!”

  • Charles Downs

    While this does point out conservative hypocrisy, the fact is, we are now led by a two party oligarchy that is more interested in self promotion through their appeals to corporate and organizational donors AND in keeping their bases in conflict with their neighbors and fellow citizens than in promoting the common good and the nation as a whole. George Washington said political parties would divide and weaken the nation. The Dems had a chance to take the high ground in 2009 and didn’t. The gop chose to oppose Mr. Obama at every turn. Both parties are bipartisan only when it keeps Americans from uniting against them or creating other parties. I am ashamed of the GOP for whom I have case many votes, but I am equally disappointed with the Dems who constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • DrPhrogg

    Google “Dow Jones Industrial Average” and look at the 5 year trend. I just don’t see any bump from the election. But in the one year average, there was a significant drop in late November, just after the election, until the nation realized that nothing was going to change in congress. The economy would continue to improve in spite of an obstructionist Congress.