Mitt Romney Looks Like a Fool on Fox News Trying to Blame Obama for Bush’s Mistake (Video)

romney-ryan-fox-newsNo matter how many times I see one of them do it, it still amazes me to see Republicans trying to blame the violence in Iraq on President Obama.  It’s absolutely pathetic.

President Obama has had almost nothing to do with what’s gone on in Iraq.  He didn’t start the war.  He didn’t botch it just about as badly as any president possibly could have.  He didn’t even sign the SOFA agreement with the Iraqi government signaling the date all American troops had to be out of Iraq.

That was George W. Bush.

All President Obama did was ensure that we did exactly what Bush promised the Iraqi government we would do; leave Iraq by the end of 2011.

But that didn’t stop Mitt Romney (appearing alongside his former VP candidate Paul Ryan) from going on Fox News’ The Kelly File and blaming President Obama for Bush’s mistake.

Romney said, “I believe the president has made extraordinary errors with regards to the Middle East that contribute to the growth of ISIS and the danger that it represents to us and to the world. And one of those things was not putting in place a status of forces agreement that would allow us to have troops in Iraq. The president has a foreign policy which has failed once again. He underestimated the extent of the threat of terror in the world and specifically ISIS, and as a result now we find ourselves facing a very severe and horrific series of scenes on the world stage.”

As I said before, we had a status of forces agreement (SOFA) signed by Bush.

Not only that, you don’t unilaterally “put in place” a SOFA agreement.  Hence the word “agreement.”  President Obama couldn’t just go to the Iraqi government and say, “Look, we’re sending our troops back into Iraq whether you want them there or not.”

The Iraqis wanted us out and Bush obliged when he signed the original agreement.

So, what would Mitt Romney have us do? Judging by these comments he would have already sent ground troops back into Iraq. Which is something the vast majority of Americans opposed, and President Obama is trying desperately to avoid.

See, that’s how a president should act. War should be a measure of last resort and avoided at all costs. Only if it’s absolutely necessary, after all other options have been exhausted, then it should be considered.

Republicans tend to talk about war like it’s some kind of a game.

And we might very well end up having to send troops back into Iraq.

But trying to blame President Obama for the mess currently going on in Iraq is absurd. The reason why Iraq is such a mess now is because Bush destabilized it, had no idea how to rebuild it, then signed an agreement that pulled our troops out probably much sooner than they should have been. Now to be 100% fair and accurate, President Obama did portray our troops coming home from Iraq as a fulfillment of one of his campaign promises. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Bush administration negotiated the SOFA agreement with Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki which set the deadline for all of our troops to leave Iraq.

And even 5+ years later, President Obama is still having to fix many of the messes still lingering that were caused by Bush’s incompetence.

Watch the interview below via Fox News

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Tom Hubert

    i would watch it but i dont watch faux news… its not news

  • Laura Hague Mock

    I watched the clip on Romney only so I could check for myself that the guy actually made those stupid statements. However, I would not waste my time watching Fox news because it is anything but news. I am soooo tired of the GOP/TP/Condserv blaming Obama for all the ills of the world. Of course, the man is not perfect and sometimes he does the wrong thing (like everyone). It is so ridiculous that he is blamed for the debacle that Bush made and that the Fox news viewers cannot remember what happened yesterday let alone 6+ yrs ago. I am proud of President Obama and the efforts he has made to change things for the better. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should fade into obscurity along with McCain, Palin, Bachman, Perry, Cruz and the rest of the G/TP/Con who wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit them in the ass.

    • Kathy morgan

      I couldn’t agree with all what you just said .

      • Laura Hague Mock

        I am not sure from your comment if you agree with me or not.

    • PitoDaddy

      Excellent comment, Laura. I’d like to add one thing if I may. I honestly believe that the Rush Limbaughs and others on the right are knowingly spewing lies because they also know that their typical devout GOP voter has been thoroughly brainwashed to believe virtually anything they’re told by right wing politicians and media personalities, especially when it comes to this president. These GOP voters will not accept any facts that do not fit inside their carefully crafted ideological box. I have tried until I turned blue in the face to reason with some whom I know, but it was totally futile, and I have since given up trying. They are too far gone. Verifiable and irrefutable facts that, if they were to verify for themselves and accept as facts, they would dump the GOP immediately and start voting for the Democrats to look out for their best economic self-interests. Unfortunately, however, they just double down on stupid and recite what they’ve heard on Fart Noise or from some other right wing source.

      • Laura Hague Mock

        PitoDaddy…You and I are definitely on the same page. I, too have tried to get my GOP friends and relatives to search for the truth themselves but they would prefer to soak up the deliberate misinformation and lies that FOX news and its comedy team spit out. Several years ago, I started to wonder if the GOP/TP/conserve bunch had developed a plan to divert media attention away from the POTUS and the Dems, by making ridiculous, uneducated statements. It was the only conclusion that I could make when supposedly educated members of the G/TP/C continually made outrageous statements about womens’ anatomy, abortion, birth control. etc., as well as blaming Obama for acts of nature such as hurricanes. It was difficult for me to believe that these individuals who had been elected to represent us could be so stupid. I have banged my head on the wall many times over the fact that most of my GOP friends can’t remember what happened last week in politics. This was especially evident after the government shutdown. Cruz held several news conferences taking credit for the shutdown. Afterwards, when the G/T/C realized that they looked like fools, they blamed Obama for it, and Cruz denied his part in it. Of course, the FOX nation conveniently forgot that the G/T/C started it. This is only one example of their selective memory. I have to give the GOP credit, they know their audience.

    • Kathy morgan

      meant to comment on this one saying i couldn’t agree more that they should just fade away.

      • Laura Hague Mock

        Glad we are in agreement.

  • dutch163

    well, it would appear Mitt does not know what he is talking about! Good thing we did not elect HIM!

  • marecek21

    Still campaigning, Myth?

  • wheldon rumproast

    Fox & Teapublicans: a special kind of stupid (with selective memory to match!)

  • damienjaymz

    The problem isn’s that Faux News is trying to make people believe it. They are trying to convince the rest of the people that either don’t believe it or aren’t sure.

  • Nathan Frigerio

    Best way to hit fox is with the truth. From now on let’s not use faux noise or like names. Call it what it is…….Fox Entertainment. Join me.

    • Kathy morgan

      Thank you for saying that because what you just said is 100% so very true.

      • Snarky Daemon O’Mockery

        Hail Eris!

        I call it “F’N,” for short…

        You can either impose yourself on reality and then write about it, or you can impose yourself on reality by writing.

  • Eg Kbbs

    He really appeared with Paul Ryan at his side. Wouldn’t that duo tend to remind folks of something Romney would wish they would forget ?

  • A Olson

    I really tried to listen, but after about a minute, I was ready to vomit! I could not continue and, instead, tuned into Comedy Central!

  • guest

    Stop calling him governor. He’s not governor anymore!

  • giankeys LOVES shemale porn

    notice how the REPEATED big FOX “news” –and scum such as coulter and “non tits” malkin and sarah P– phrase is ” obamas FAILED policies? wow—— WOW!!! lets allllllll bring back those SUCCESSFUL republican loicies of past 25 yrs; shall we? especially financial/economic!!! PRAISE JEEEEEEEEEEESUS!!!

  • David Treece

    I ONLY watch Fox to see “The Simpson’s”. Only intelligent show they air!

    • Daniel Franklin

      That is SO not true… they have a 2nd intelligent show… NFL on FOX

  • Jason Haze

    Romney – Ryan 2016

    • rick dalton

      Hillary would eat these two morons for breakfast in 2016. They only have the same old tired talking points nothing new both are losers

  • rick dalton

    HE a another war monger running that mouth hell this moron would done had us in WWIII he talking out of the other side of his face. Far as Putin goes he was put into check on Syria and everything else he has try . To have these two clown speak against the President it just makes a laughing stock out of this nation

  • Dexiner

    Megan Kelly is a dimwitted twat and Romney is a fucking hypocritical bafoon. I always believed our elected officials had intelligence but every day I hear and see more moronic vomit spewing from the mouths of these right wing politio-paths. I try sooooooo fucking hard to like these guys on the right but over and over and over again they make ignorant statements re our current President. A person these idiotic assholes are supposed to at LEAST show some fucking respect to. Instead they blame the actions of THEIR president on the one not of their party. I’m so sick of you lying, thieving, bullshit-religious whack jobs blaming Obama for what happens when he follows through likes REAL elected official and does what his opposition put into effect .
    Megan. Romney. Paul. Limbaugh. HANNITY. For gods sake and the sake of this great nation will you please grow the fuck up ???!

  • Stephen Barlow

    Hey Mitt! What is your replacement plan for the Romneycare II that is the PPACA? Which you SWEAR on a stack of The Book of Mormons to reveal someday.

    WHICH day would that be?

    “Elect me and I’ll tell you.”

    And 47% of America BOUGHT this smoke and mirror magic mushroom show!!!!!!

    If Obama hadn’t rubbed his “Black” half in conservative faces and hailed himself as THE African Queen… McConnell might have gotten drunk enough, to get John (always wanna call him TOILET for some reason, and not just John) Boehner drunk enough to actually put a JOBS bill, a FARM bill, a VETs bill, a HIGHWAY bill, a ANYTHING AT ALL BILL except a…
    55th Repeal PPACA bill…
    on the floor for a vote.

    Probably NOT though.

  • mymojobiz

    clearly we all need to read Lying Ryan’ book to understand him and strategy for the country to move forward – maybe Willard/Mitt should write a book as well ’cause he is forever so misunderstood – especially when he flip/flops and changes his words – FOCUS you inbred faux person!!! It’s not US it’s YOU!!!

  • RobertLongView

    RE: Republicans tend to talk about war like it’s some kind of a game.

    No, war is one of those sophisticated investments, a hedge of sorts for our profiteers. Think, buccaneers and privateers of days past.
    On the Origin of Corporations.