“Molon Labe”: Or How the Radical Right is Right Under Your Nose

molonlabeThere’s this guy who makes my chocolate protein shakes a couple days out of the week who always calls me “brother.” He’s a friendly enough person, but perhaps it’s because I’m an athletic white male with tattoos. On the side of his truck, he has a sticker with a Spartan helmet and the phrase “Molon Labe” which seemed oddly familiar.

I’m not a complete expert on right-wing code words and phrases but this one jumped out at me. Especially after seeing this phrase used on some of the more popular pages like “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” and others that cater to some of the more mentally ill folks who believe that any moment now, Obama is going to take their guns and send their kids to FEMA reeducation camps.

After a quick Google search, I found out that “Molon Labe” is said to be the phrase uttered in defiance by King Leonidas at the Battle of Thermopylae when the Persian Army, which completely outnumbered the Spartans, demanded that they lay down their arms and surrender. Of course, the Spartans told the Persians what they could do with their surrender and almost 2,500 years ago, they got wiped out as a result – but not before making a legendary last stand that got turned into the movie “300” a few years ago.

Somehow in all of the fear mongering and swamp fever delusions of the radical right, they’ve now decided that the President is going to bring in UN troops to seize all of their guns. UN special forces will rappel down from black helicopters, confiscate their firearms, and take their families to reeducation camps where Hillary Clinton will introduce their children to the joys of the gay lifestyle and higher learning.

“Molon Labe” loosely translated means “come and take it,” which is similar to the phrase from that moment in 2000 when Charlton Heston raised a flintlock musket over his head and uttered the phrase “from my cold, dead hands.” This isn’t a new thing, it’s part of a ratcheting up of the NRA’s propaganda. For months after the Sandy Hook tragedy, it was nearly impossible to buy any ammunition other than shotgun shells and a few basic hunting rounds. Prodded on by the NRA and paranoia, ammo such as .223 was stripped from the shelves in a flurry of hysteria where gun owners truly believed this was their very last chance to stock up on bullets before the Kenyan socialist Muslim sent his Persian army (the UN) door to door to demand they hand over their arms. The same thing happened in 2008 after President Obama was elected – I couldn’t find .380 ammo for nearly a year.

The thing is that this would be funny if it wasn’t so damn scary at the same time. There are thousands of people out there sitting on thousands of rounds of ammo just waiting for the chance to use them against law enforcement and folks they don’t like. There’s even many current and former military members called “Oath Keepers” who have pledged the following:

We will never disarm.   We will never surrender our military pattern, semi-automatic rifles and the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them.  The fundamental purpose of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military power of We the People so we will have effective means to resist tyranny. Regardless of what unholy, unconstitutional filth issues from the mouths of oath breakers in “Mordor on the Potomac” our answer is MOLON LABE.

If you find this disturbing, you are a normal human being. They are the folks who make your protein shakes, write traffic tickets, and perfectly manicure their yard around the flag pole flying a military flag. These are people who have bought into the far right lie that every member of the left wants to completely strip the 2nd Amendment rights of every American. These aren’t crazed gold and ammo hoarders living on the side of a remote mountain in West Virginia or Montana. They are people who we encounter in everyday life – and they vote.

“Molon Labe” is even a film supported by Alex Jones – and surprise, it features Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan. Yes, that Ron Paul and that Pat Buchanan. You see, there’s a group of people who are just simmering underneath the surface waiting for a chance to commit armed revolt against state and federal law enforcement. They’re armed, and they’re voting based off the crazy stories fed to them by Fox and sources even further to the right. They’re politically active and they’re planning on turning out for the polls this fall. The question is, are you?


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  • Ily Michael

    Wow, I’m from West Virginia. Should I give up my logic and turn into the idiot hillbilly I’m portrayed as?

    • Mr Mike

      No, you should move before it’s too late.

      • Ily Michael

        Well, if I were a weak-minded individual who could be persuaded by right-wing nuts I would. 😉

      • Freiheit

        What would you consider a nut, I thought liberals aloud different options. But it seems as though anyone else with a different opinion is a nut.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Sadly, its a beautiful state that gets a negative view. I love West Virginia. It is home to many wonderful people, including some of my relatives. It is also home to some pretty closed minded conservatives, including some of my relatives. But, like the article tries to point out, some of my most closed minded, conservative relatives (the ones that believe only Fox tells the truth, Glen Beck is great, and Obama wishes to take their guns, then take their life savings to redistribute) are all people that aren’t from WV and wouldn’t set foot in the state because they believe its filled with backwards hillbillies. My most extreme relatives look like normal people until they start talking politics.

      • jesus isnt real!

        deliverance is what painted you guys like that, also your tendency to vote republican.

      • Andrew Justin Hollins

        Deliverance was in Georgia.

      • Ily Michael

        Deliverance had nothing to do with West Virginia and I don’t vote Republican.

      • Freiheit

        Well… Give me a reason up up until recently the rest of the media hasn’t been Obama’s lapdog, not saying its not slightly conservative but not as bad as the rest of the media.

    • David Chipman

      Keep fighting for your fellow sane West Virginians.

  • Aurizen Darkstar

    What worries me more about this is people like the ‘Oath Keepers’ in the military that state they will take no ‘illegal orders’ from the President. Yet they never say what those orders might be, and that THEY obviously know what they are.

    I support our armed forces, but I don’t like the idea of a faction within them that feels that they will revolt if they feel the President gives them ‘illegal orders’ and only they know what those orders are.

    • Brian Wise

      As a member of the military, I can say that I, too, will refuse illegal orders from my Commander-in-Chief. Unlike the “Oath-Keepers”, however, I can personally define what I consider an unlawful order. It would be anything that would cause our Armed Forces to turn weapons against the people of the United States, especially unarmed civilians. As of this post, I have yet to receive anything remotely close to such an order, and I don’t really expect one in the foreseeable future, so I think everybody’s safe. I, however, never took an oath to hoard weapons or ammunition, nor did I take one to shoot Federal, state, or local law enforcement in the performance of their duties, so I don’t see how I’d be an “Oath-Breaker”.

      • Sam Brosenberg

        You, sir, are a credit to the uniform you wear. I can only hope that more of our servicemen and women hold the same mentality you do.

      • John

        Military members like Brian are the majority rather than the minority or in better terms “oath-keepers” are the exception not the rule. Of course biased articles like the one written above are are just as responsible for fear mongering as the propaganda that this writer is accusing the right wing of perpetrating as evidenced by Aurizen’s fearful comment.

      • bmorejoe

        Agree, except that I do not see “responsible” gun owners publicly protesting or organizing a counter move to the NRA and the 2nd A fanatics. If the extremists were a small minority I would expect more public push back from the responsible majority. Not seeing it. Do you know why?

      • Shaun Gonzales

        This has nothing to do with right wing or left wing, but people who know what can happen and how to prepare for it. The left wing is incredibly for the most part blind to the fact that all nations since time immemorial have risen, fallen, and been full of corruption, they feel it is incomprehensible that such thing’s can happen here. Doesn’t matter if your straight, gay, right wing, left wing or whatever. What matter’s is that the people stand together and demand accountability, help your fellow man, and look for the red flags that reek of corruption in the name of reason and liberty that all in this country may enjoy.

      • Shaun Gonzales

        Civil war will break out, it will be because the people are fed up with the rampant bs all around us. There will come a time in the near future where martial law will be declared. All it would take would be a few “ISIS” attacks on US soil to usher it in. In order to honor our fore-father’s and liberty, we must always question and investigate, for tyranny fear’s an enlightened populace and those who seek power seek obedience. All citizens should as a youth be taught gun safety and should with less restriction’s have access to such weapons. Even if the law completely forbade an armed populace, the criminals IE law breakers would never turn them in and would find a way to get them making a “gun-ban” purely illogical and detrimental to the law abiding citizens. A govt who fears an armed populace has a dark agenda for the people, because if they didn’t have a plan to harm the people, they would have no reason to fear a citizenry with arms.

    • It would be impossible to list every variant of illegal orders, but you can visit the page and read the list describing the types we will not obey.

    • Inapinch

      Its pretty easy to tell what an illegal order is. Compare the order to the constitution, federal laws, organizational regulations and the UMUC. If it counteracts those, then it is illegal. Just like you know that there are speed limits, and if you go above a posted speed, your doing something illegal. The same applies here.

    • Melvin Gillham

      Actually military personnel are not required to follow illegal orders,if they do they can be prosecuted just as the person who gave them. And that you worry about what those orders may be is not your place considering you are not military. Also, all you have to do is wait for obummer to open his mouth you can bet it’s a lie or illegal. I will not even associate his name with the office because he has so twisted and perverted the law and the constitution. He is a failure as a president and for the record, the worst in history. I am not a racist I have many friends of color,all of them Americans. And I laugh at you decidedly paranoid attempt to belittle Patriots and vets just because they use a historic phrase to identify with concerning their stance against tyranny. And the definate idiocy concerning your paranoia about they’re just out there waiting for a chance to rebel. In fact it’s the opposite, we do not want to use them in that capacity but if forced will do so. And Brian Wolf, thank you sir for your service.

    • Snarky McGurk

      I’ll give you an example, as you seem to be too dumb to fill in the blanks. BLM animals decide one day to move out of their own neighborhoods to attack and destroy and a group of true citizens defend themselves. Obammy, because of his Daddy and his Mammy, decides to use his “authority” to order troops against those fine citizens. There it is. Do you understand now?

  • Pipercat

    Voted here yesterday for some off-cycle ho-hums.

  • lawguy

    I always am sorry that the Thebians who fought there also never get a mention, especially since there were twice as many of them as Spartans and they were a special outfit. That is to say it was an outfit made up of male lovers of each other.

    • Sam Brosenberg

      They didn’t choose to be there, though, they were there under duress, having been essentially conscripted by Leonidas.

  • Steve Reaves

    Good luck with those drones, Apache helicopters, and fighter jets. Maybe you should just stay at home and “oil your weapons”.

    • Dam

      you say that like all the military would be against said rebels. You also say that like the people some of them ex special forces would not know how to deal with that. You also speak like it would not divide the nation into different factions.

    • jsgolightly

      …meanwhile, in Afghanistan:

    • Paul Joe G

      Google asymmetrical warfare. Or maybe get on Amazon and order that book that was written by your patron saint Che’.
      Guerrilla fighters don’t use their rifles to shoot down drones, jets and helicopters.
      They use them to kill the maintenance crews that are necessary for keeping them in the air.

  • Chad Dempsey Carver

    It intrigues me how modern militia and gun rights groups utilize and distort ancient history in order to fit their agendas. Of course, looking back at history the Spartans merely had 7 foot spears, short swords, and shields. Incidentally, the Spartans also considered the bow and arrow to be the weapon of a coward, since long range weapons removed a great deal of personal risk in battle and dismissively referring to arrows as “spindles,” or weapons only women would use (a very derogatory remark in the ancient world). A true warrior, however, fought man to man in close quarters. I find the appropriation of this ancient Spartan saying by 2nd amendment fanatics ironic because if the Spartans felt this way about the bow and arrow, how, I wonder, would they feel about the gun?

    • Freiheit

      I think considering they thought that the closer you got or the more dangerous it was, they would think them to be the eloquent of a a spear and no armor. All our men and women have are guns and somewhat protective gear, it dosnt get anymore dangerous then that.

    • John

      That’s a very deep and well thought out yet utterly useless and completely missing the mark comment that you just wrote. Good job. The fact is they are using Molon Labe not to distort history or to even associate or compare themselves with the Spartans. They are simply using it because it “sounds cool” and portrays some air of resistance while at the same time literally saying (only in a different language) if someone wants their guns they will have to take them by force. Try not to over think things.

      • Chad Dempsey Carver

        Merely pointing out the irony of their misappropriation. We should be more cognizant of historical references. Perhaps they don’t want to distort history with their position, but they do that when they misuse an ancient language in defense of current ideology. Also, “Good job?” What’s up with the snark?You are aware that when one says something is useless it does not make it so?

      • John

        The “good job” “snark” was a proverbial pat on the back for managing to get me to use so many adverbs in one sentence. I am aware that expressing my opinion does not make it truth yet here we both are expressing opinions as if they were facts… Anyway good luck with the whole over-thinking things thing.

    • the7thson

      Why is the word “fanatic” only used on supporters of the second amendment, and not on supporters of the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth amendments? Oddly enough, the second amendment is the ONLY amendment which the framers of the Constitution said should NOT be infringed…yet it is the MOST infringed of all of the amendments.

    • Snarky McGurk

      It would appear, Chad, that you are even too much of a pansy to use a gun, unless you want to come fight me hand to hand or with a sword, shut the phuk up.

  • USMC9298

    Sorry but that little rumor has been around since at least 92. Except then it was Clinton who was going to do all. There were secret U.N. concentration camps on Camp Lejeune. We had British SAS stopping civilian vehicles and handing out tickets to see how Americans would react to an occupation force, etc. etc. Seriously I think most of this crap really took off when Reagan took office, urged a born again Military movement, and opened up the asylums and released all the loonies into the greater habitat which is society. The ones with more serious illnesses became homeless, but the others are currently the lunatics we know as the right wing.

  • Hassan Hamza

    It seems some people on the right don’t know the difference between patriotism and sedition and get the two mixed up.

    • John

      You might be right. However, I am sure that you know the difference between taking action and being prepared to take action, and if you do then I am sure they know the difference between patriotism and sedition. Its kind of like this, if I am the Executive Officer of a Naval vessel and my Commanding Officer started acting suspiciously or doing and saying things that made me question his ability to command the ship without unduly risking the lives of the crew, I may need to be prepared to mutiny. Making my concerns known to the other officers without taking any action or suggesting that any action should be immediately taken is simply being prepared. Of course people like you and the writer of this article would probably call it paranoia but then I would counter by saying that doing anything less would be naive or for a word with a more derogatory connotation, gullible.

      • Hassan Hamza

        I think you watched Humphrey Bogart in the Caine Mutiny one too many times. Do you also check under your bed and in the closet before you go to bed with a gun under your pillow? If you are one of the people that believe the United States is stockpiling guillotines in Montana and training our soldiers to use them in the FEMA concentration camps them I would seriously suggest you get back on your Thorazine immediately.

      • John

        You obviously are incapable of thinking beyond your own narrow perspective without assistance, so I will try to make this a little easier for you to understand. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about taking precautions for things that concern you. Now I understand that there could be a problem if those concerns are irrational but judging by your response, I would say the only one being irrational here is you. I didn’t say anything about me owning a gun in my last comment and in fact I don’t own one, so with your wild ignorant assumptions aside… actually your entire comment was just a big pile of pointless assumptions containing no intellectual value. Why did you even bother responding? Oh I get it, your ego felt threatened so you were compelled to defend your honor, or something like that, and in so doing you just said whatever nonsense popped into your head. Well good job, you managed to convince me of your idiocy.

      • Hassan Hamza

        Project much? I do own guns. Quite a few as a matter of fact. This is because I am an avid hunter not because I’m waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse, the impending Race War, the economic collapse of the United States, an impending natural disaster or the UN troops forcing us into the New World Order or any of the other paranoid nightmares that haunt the doomsday preppers out there who believe that they will live on to help found a brave new world. These people have some serious mental issues and should get help.

      • John

        Yet more wild assumptions. To answer your ridiculous and irrelevant movie questions, I have never watched Humphrey Bogart and I have only seen Red Dawn once and it was the remake and I wasn’t impressed. Frankly though, I’m not surprised that you somehow think that the only way another person would have ideas is if they got it from a movie. What you fail to realize is that not everyone learns the way you do. Some people learn from reading, some from school, and some people even learn how to think for themselves (not that you would know anything about that). Just because your thoughts are highly influenced by fictional movies does not mean everyone’s are. I am beginning to realize though, that your intellectual/mental shortcomings are causing undue difficulty in our communication, so I will move on from this pointless argument with the unfortunate knowledge that people like you exist out there and they probably vote.

      • DefiantDeity

        John, great job picking him apart and destroying his entire argument with facts and intelligence, two things he is severely lacking in.

      • jsgolightly

        I’d like to know how you came to such a conclusion. Possibly because you would gladly stick your head through such guillotines if 1.) they existed and 2.) a liberal politician told you to.

    • Both are idiotic concepts. Sedition is whatever the political class decides it is, and patriotism is a means of enlisting help in oppressing people in the name of some political end.

    • txngirl4ever

      It seems all who carry the name hassan or hussein are incredibly damaging to the United States of America. One Nation founded under God, perceived in liberty and granted rights that’s we so called “crazy right wingers” treasure and will defend at ANY cost because Freedom is not Free. It was paid at the highest price from those who went before us and it is our duty to continue in that defense. That is why we are so passionate in our defense of liberty, freedom, and the Constitution. So I say to any who threaten my right to bear arms, infringe upon my rights, and violate the Constitution “Molon Labe.” And I say it with pride and with conviction.

      • Odd Jørgensen

        you lost me at “founded under god”,by default I just surmised that everything after that would be texans for crazyville.

  • Pipercat

    Perhaps the first “l” should be changed to an “r” …

  • badneolib

    nothing has ever been broken as proof of anything, EVER

  • Andy

    This Left Wing propaganda is no better or worse than the Right Wing Crap it mocks.

    • Ron Paul’s Tin Foil Hat

      Can you provide examples or have the meds run low again?

      • John

        Anyone who has ever heard of Google can provide you with a wealth of examples. How about next time you learn to think for yourself rather than asking someone to do it for you, or is that to difficult for you?

      • Hassan Hamza

        John, it’s up to Andy to provide proof for his claims not the person asking for the proof. Is that too difficult to comprehend. If I make a claim that the moon is made out of cheese it is up to me to provide proof. Andy made a claim of left wing propaganda so he should give examples of it.

      • John

        I would agree with you if he made a specific statement that isn’t already well known and accepted. But as his statement is general and widely accepted as true it needs no extra proof.

  • FD

    now the gun right advocates are trying to use the UN gun trafficking treaty to mislead and gain supporters.

  • John

    This article does a great job of putting a very negative spin on an otherwise benign saying. First, I must point out that making people worried about people who use this saying is fear mongering plain and simple, A.K.A. propaganda (the hypocrisy in not lost on me). I also feel its important to mention, before all of you “progressives” (aka extremist liberals) start flaming my comment by lumping me in with the supposed “right wing extremists,” that I personally have never used this saying. There is a rather large and, in my opinion, obvious difference between being prepared to take action (the people collecting ammo), showing your support for those who are prepared (people quoting molon labe), and actually taking action (0% of the population). Personally I believe in the legal system and the limitations it puts in place over our government. I know it is not a perfect system but I believe that it does a good job of mitigating most of the damage caused by idiotic liberals. However, if a time came where American citizens would be justified in taking up arms against the government I am comforted that at least someone is prepared for it. No, I do not believe it likely to happen but trying to claim that it can’t happen is idiotic. History has proven time and again that it can happen very easily. The last thing I feel I must mention is that most of the people quoting “Molon Labe” are simply all talk. They want to sound cool so they regurgitate the same crap that their buddies are posting on Facebook. The only real difference between the extreme left and the extreme right is the right is afraid of the government while the left is afraid of its citizens.

    • Janice Peters-Hill

      Dear John: We have different views. I agree with being prepared and all that. But in my personal life, I have seen formerly level-headed people become irrational over political beliefs. I also believe in our legal system, but nothing is absolute. I am worried about what some extreme beliefs will do to our country, therefore creating a response from the government that none of us want to see happen.

      • John

        Hi Janice, I understand your concern about people becoming irrational over politics but I have to tell you, people acting irrationally is lot limited to one side of the political fence as politicians and biased media, like the writer of this article, would have you believe. In fact normal rational people all over the world tend to act irrationally or say irrational things from time to time. This isn’t some new concept either. The problem i have with calling this particular topic irrational is that it is not impossible nor even unreasonable for a situation to exist where these people might be correct. Anyone who makes the claim “oh that could never happen” is just blindly accepting the idea that things are the way they are and they aren’t going to change. It is incredibly naive to think that way and in my opinion that is not rational. As far as the legal system part of your comment I did not say it was absolute. In fact, I said “I know it is not a perfect system.” I agree with you, that we should be worried about extremism and its affect on America but don’t think for a second that its only “right wing extremists” that we should be concerned about.

  • jwgraybosch

    They think the 2nd amendment is there to protect us from our own government. Funny…armed revolt is NOT one of the ways the Constitution provides to make change when we have disagreements. These people would burn the Constitution and start over….they are the farthest thing from patriots.

    • Damien

      No but the founding fathers of the US belived all government becomes corrupt. They were revolutionaries themselves who knew the value of an armed populace in keeping tyranny in check. I am Canadian and even I can see the US is not as free as it once was. This has to do with the Patriot act NDAA and things like the NSA. I pay attention to your nation because your country effects mine with their laws. You have to remember that The american Military is made up of People. Those drones and all the advanced weapons Might just side with the rebels a percentage. You also have US senators who do want to strip everyone of their weapons and only have the police and the military have them.

      The right wants the Constitution followed the problem is they feel it is not being followed that government is growing and becoming out of control

    • jsgolightly

      …meanwhile, in Ukraine:

    • Inapinch

      With respect, I must disagree with you. The original meaning behind the 2nd amendment is disputable. The argument that it was placed in the constitution as a last resort against tyranny is valid, and can be backed up by many historical sources. Yes, armed revolt is not in the constitution. However, the constitution is the result of armed revolt. Who are “These people”? Are they the “Oath Keepers”? who swore to defend the constitution? Isn’t that just a wee bit paradoxical?

  • Andrew Gault

    I have one of these stickers, and some tattoos…

    But I’m also gay and am not a racist. Think sometimes, it gets you places.

    • Scott Bush

      Love it

    • Odd Jørgensen

      so it`s a form of camo?

  • jsgolightly

    Boy this article was worth the time it took to read it. Never in my life have I ever had the opportunity to indulge in such a comedic farce of “intellectual thought”. Surely these pains in my sides will subside, and my eyes will finally dry so that I might read this again and erupt in such laughter at the sad state of liberal progressive group think.

    People weren’t buying .223/5.56 ammo because they were afraid they would have to fight their way out of gulags a la Democrat F.D.Roosevelt, but because there was in consideration plans to ban military calibers following the Sandy Hook shooting.

    But this is merely a case of Liberal Projection, a psychological phenomenon where Liberals claim that the “Radical Right” has an obsession with a “UN/Obama/Hillary” boogey man only because the Liberal in question believes in a “Radical Right” boogey man.

    What passes for an intellectual oped from left leaning writers is truly disappointing.

    • txngirl4ever


  • Jay Stang

    It is funny how paranoid you are about us. The unlawful orders we pledge not to obey are merely violations of the Bill of Rights. You aren’t against that, are you Manny?

    Coincindentally, the abuses of the Constitutional rights that spurred us to form Oath Keepers occurred under the Bush Administration, not the Obama administration.

    We oppose violations of the Bill of Rights whether committed by Democrats or Republicans. I consider Allen West, for example, to be a prime example of an Oath Breaker for his work in crafting and passing the NDAA 2012. That bill authorized warrantless detention, incarceration and arrest in perpetuity.

    How can Obama’s extraordinary claim to be able to order the death of American citizens without due process be considered a legitimate exercise of constitutional power? Sneering at our membership as ignorant rubes displays your own blinders in regards to a “partisan get out of jail free card”.

  • Oathkeepers was started in response to the actions taken against peaceful civilians following hurricane Katrina.

  • SusanBClark

    I agree with the comment below that his progressive paranoia is about the same as the far right gun hoarding paranoia propaganda (except the people wanting to keep their guns have more of a real problem on their hands then those oh the left who fear crazies .) Am I the only one who as aware of the door to door gun grab in New Orleans after Katrina? Guns were confiscated from law abiding citizens-they probably didn’t even have “Come and take it” signs on their cars.

  • Inapinch

    Please people, take a collective breath and relax. Fear is the root of this blog post, it is responding to fear with fear and nothing constructive can come of it. it concerns me that this phrase can cause so much anxiety, concern and fear.

    It says more about the author’s state of mind than the political climate of the nation. You have no legitimate reason to fear people who have “Molon Labe” or “Oathkeeper” swag. These are not phrases solely reserved for right-wing fanatics. “Molon Labe” is an ancient phrase that has many meanings, including the motto for SOCCENT (a military command within our government) What if someone in SOCCENT, or who served in SOCCENT in the past, or a friend or family member of that person was wearing a hat, or shirt with this phrase on it when they were off duty? What assumptions made by this blog writer would remain valid?

    As for “Oath Keepers” They are just an organization that wants to remind people of and emphasise a key phrase in the oath that some government employees take when they begin their service. Feel free to look up the specifics on the oath that people take upon induction into service, while your at it, go look at their website too, I didn’t see anything about guns being taken away when I took a quick peek over there. Sure, they may be right wing, but it looks to me like they revere the constitution, and that isn’t a bad start.

    The oath in question is basically stating that the person swears to do their duties in accordance with the constitution. They must also obey their organizational regulations,the UMCJ and the orders they are given. The UMCJ, the regulations and their orders must be lawful and must be allowed by the constitution. These guys are all about reminding people of that oath?Nothing subversive, revolutionary, radical, crazy or outlandish about that.

    We are not on the brink of civil war, no one is kicking in doors to take guns, the vast majority of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and sailors would say the same. They would also tell you that “Molon Labe” and “Oath Keepers” are not notions of a radical right. Perhaps some that hold the radical right view may take in these phrases as a call to arms, or attempt to adopt them as their own, but it won’t change what these things mean to service members.

    I am a member of the military, I will defend the constitution, I am obligated to not follow any order that undermines, counters or goes against the constitution. I suppose that makes me an “Oath Keeper”

    I will never surrender, never yield and never give up, in other words “Molon Labe” is a virtue in my life. I do not horde guns and ammo, I don’t think anyone is about to take my guns, I don’t think that the government is on the verge of becoming a authoritarian dictatorship and I definitely don’t believe that we are on the brink of civil war. I am neither liberal nor conservative. I believe good ideas come from all parts of the political spectrum. I believe in civilized discussion and try to listen to people who have different opinions than myself.

    What would the author of this blog post think if he saw me wearing my “Molon Labe” hat? Would he want to even talk to me? Would he call the police? Would he automatically assume I was a gun toting right wing fanatic? Would he even consider joining me for a beer and having a polite political discussion with me? What if I had a shirt that said “Oath Keeper” on it, would the same apply?

    It appears as though he would make an incorrect assumption based solely on my appearance. To bad, I would of bought that beer for him, and we both may of learned something.

    The real problem in national politics is the demonization of those who you disagree with. This demonization comes from fear, ignorance and obtuseness. Its a problem on both the left and the right. Its shameful, embarrassing and I hope that one day soon, it will be a footnote in the history of american politics in the early 21st century.

    Finding the most fearful connotations associated with a notion and then attempting to instil fear of the notion in others with a blog full of biased opinion, half-truths and conjecture does not solve problems, it perpetuates this demonization. In doing this, you are just as culpable as those who perpetuate the fear of our government.

    I suggest that next time you see “Molon Labe” “Oath Keeper” or anything else that you are not familiar with, maybe you could ask that person about it. After all, these people “are the folks who make your protein shakes, write traffic tickets, and perfectly manicure their yard around the flag pole flying a military flag. They are people who we encounter in everyday life”

  • Dane Glesak

    This entire artice is so wrong and rifle with opinions it hurts my brain. The fact that guns have been attacked by leftists for nearly 70 years now, all while we spout off about how glorious and free we are every time a new feel-good law is passed, is truly astounding but ai suppose you don’t have to pay attention to politics or think critically to spew misinformed opinions and feelings.

  • NoMoLies

    Manny Schewitz is a putz who would have excused Hitler until his dumb аss was in a gas chamber. The Left’s own darling, Diane Feinstein, has said herself that if she could get the votes she would confiscate every American gun, but those of us who say we will NEVER capitulate to radical left wing unconstitutional goals are called right wing crazies. Molon Labe IS right under your nose, and I mean it when I say I will never give up my guns, because if I ever allow that right to be taken then all other rights are unprotected and up for grabs. We’ve already seen in 2008 Obama anti-speech squads threaten to arrest anyone who claims Obama is not what he claims to be. Our right to free speech was directly threatened. So does it make us crazy right wing radicals or simply patriotic Americans who hold tight our rights? I served, my father served, and my grandfather served to defeat the very threats we are seeing coming from the contemporary left wing. “Progressives”? Right! These progressives are a threat to everything we stand for and everything many of us fought for. In fact, the far left is mentioned in our oaths we took when we signed up to served when we said we would defend this country from all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC. Molon Labe!

  • C. Chaya Khan

    When it’s a post about guns, the comments section always makes the author’s argument for him. “Move to Europe if you can’t handle Liberty,” Thor Gustafson (#shootback ? Really?) says. With pleasure. And I’ll get socialized medicine as well as sane gun laws!

    • DefiantDeity

      You will also get raped or molested by refugees with no means to protect yourself. Or you may end up getting gunned down in a shopping mall, so much for the sane gun laws out there. You may also live in a place that brags about low gun deaths yet has the highest rate of violent crimes in the world.

      Your post does not even make sense, how do the comments make his argument for him? If anything they prove how you leftist have an irrational fear of firearms and people who own them. The facts are against you and if you want to talk facts then prepare to get destroyed, or you can continue to say your opinion which has no basis.

  • Brian Ritchie

    “The Radical Right” or as we were referred to twenty years ago, “Moderates”.
    How about this paradigm; modern Progressives= Communist Agitators

  • Snarky McGurk

    Quick. Someone get this pansy a d-ck to suck. Before he pees in his pants. Molon labe, MF’er.