Monday Couldn’t Have Gone Much Worse for Republicans, Donald Trump (Video)

With the GOP convention kicking off yesterday, I had a feeling things were going to be very interesting considering Donald Trump is the “guest of honor” for the party this year. Though the truth is, the whole past year has been a nightmare for the GOP. While most won’t publicly admit that fact, any rational person can tell that a good portion of the party (if not the majority) is embarrassed that Trump is going to be their candidate.

Well, if you are a Republican, Monday was disaster for a whole lot of reasons that go beyond even what happened at the convention.

We can start with probably the biggest story of the day, rumors that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is on the verge of being fired or resigning from America’s most watched conservative entertainment network following a growing number of women accusing him of sexual harassment. While Ailes has clearly denied these allegations, the fact that there are already reports that he’s essentially being fired from Fox News so soon after these allegations emerged is a pretty significant sign that they probably have some merit.

Then the RNC was forced to suspend live chatting on its YouTube page after it was flooded with anti-Semitic comments. That shouldn’t surprise anyone considering Trump has been openly embraced and supported by white supremacist groups throughout his campaign.

In a bit of a smaller story, the man who served as the “ghostwriter” for Trump’s book Art of the Deal said the thought of him being president was “terrifying,” calling the soon-to-be GOP presidential nominee a “sociopath.” He also said he regrets writing the book, saying it’s “full of falsehoods.”

En route to the convention, Trump’s motorcade was involved in an accident. While I’m glad nobody was injured, and this wasn’t exactly a “story,” an unexpected and embarrassing accident heading into a huge event serves as a pretty good metaphor for how this entire year has been for the GOP.

Then in a rather unprecedented move, the “never Trump” delegates at the convention did their best to basically humiliate Trump by forcing a roll call vote on the convention’s rules that would have really served as nothing more than a symbolic gesture showing how much of the party actually opposes his nomination. While this movement originally had enough signatures from nine states to force the vote, three eventually withdrew, allowing the GOP to block their attempt to embarrass the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee.

While these folks didn’t get their way, it was still a rather entertaining spectacle with delegates walking out while others chanted “dump Trump” and “roll call vote.”

Clearly as Trump and the Republican party tries to sell the American public that they’re “united,” this stunt showed that there’s still a sizable chunk of the Republican party which staunchly opposes Donald Trump being the GOP’s candidate this November.

Finally, just to top off the absurdity of the day’s events, Melania Trump plagiarized parts of Michelle Obama’s speech to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Yes — that happened

In a year that’s been fairly harsh on the GOP, Monday was just another day many Republicans would like to pretend didn’t happen.

Watch some of the chaos on the convention floor below:

Allen Clifton

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