Morally bankrupt Sen. David Vitter tries to deny funds to Detroit which haven’t even been requested

David+VitterIt’s no secret that as a former Republican there is little love lost between me and the party. Some are just greedy, union-busting corporate puppets like Chris Christie or Scott Walker, others are just religious-right driven nuts like Rick Perry or Rick Santorum.

And then there’s Louisiana’s own Senator David Vitter.

Let me tell you what kind of scumbucket this guy is. In addition to his prostitute scandal which far outdid anything Anthony Weiner or any other member of Congress has been involved in since, he had the unmitigated gall to vote against bills like requiring TRICARE to expand coverage for autism. He’s also voted against keeping student loan rates from going up, for an amendment to defund the Affordable Care Act, etc. One look at his overall voting record will show you how he is morally bankrupt not just personally, but politically as well.

Thursday, David Vitter once again proved what a partisan sleazebag he really is by attempting to introduce a bill that would have prohibited the Federal bailout of any state or local government that was in financial distress, like Detroit currently is. Detroit has not asked for a bailout, but that didn’t stop the guy who represents a state that pays far less into the Federal government in taxes than it receives, from trying to preemptively score some political points with the tea party wing of the GOP.

“When you look at situations like Detroit – the largest ever municipal bankruptcy – and when you look at our fiscal situation in Washington at the federal level, it’s clear that this bar against bailing out state and local government is very, very much needed,” Senator Vitter explained.

This is the same Senator who begged Washington for help after Katrina and requests Federal money every chance he gets for Louisiana projects, yet he has the nerve to try to deny money that hasn’t even been requested yet and may not even be requested at all?

For those of you who don’t have to face the embarrassment of having this moral and fiscal hypocrite represent your state, consider yourself lucky. Barring some scandal or other event that forces him from office, we are stuck with David Vitter until at least 2016.


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