‘Morning Joe’ Can’t Stop Laughing After Hannity Humiliates Himself Thursday Night (Video)

They say the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Well, I think we can add a third to that list seeing as Fox News’ Sean Hannity will say or do anything to defend Donald Trump. So it should surprise absolutely no one that’s exactly what he tried to do Thursday night following reports that, back in June, Trump ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, only to change his mind after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to quit.

Hilariously, Hannity’s initial defense of Trump lasted only a few seconds as the Fox News conservative entertainer was forced to admit that his network’s own sources had confirmed the story almost immediately after he had claimed that Fox News hadn’t confirmed the validity of the report.

Hannity quickly pivoted away from his humiliating moment, immediately showing footage of a high-speed accident.

This was the point of embarrassment ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough was brought to tears over as he played the clip Friday morning.

“Look over there!” Scarborough said, laughing and wiping tears from his eyes. “Oh my god. ‘But didn’t Bill Clinton’… look at the bird, look at the bird! Look at the car wreck! Oh my god.”

Scarborough then got serious, saying that time after time we’ve seen this from Trump supporters desperately trying to deflect from something that’s essentially indefensible. He mentioned Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson’s quick pivot on his claims of an “informant” confirming to him that there was a “secret society” of U.S. intelligence agents — only for it to be revealed that the comment was said as a joke.

“The desperation, every day there is desperation, and every day, it blows up in their faces,” Scarborough said. “But I guess the big takeaway here is just how much people are willing to actually sacrifice their political souls for a man who will never show loyalty in return.”

As I’ve said plenty of times before, I absolutely believe history is going to look back upon this time with disgust and shame toward not just Donald Trump and his administration, but the people who, as Scarborough put it, “sacrificed their souls” to support and defend him.

If you have a couple of minutes, I’d highly suggest everyone reading this watch the beginning of the segment. Not only do you get to see Scarborough wipe away tears of laughter at Hannity’s expense, but it’s great to watch the Fox News con artist get made to look like a bigger fool than usual as his propaganda was immediately debunked by his own network.

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Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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