MSNBC Guest Makes the Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Claim About President Obama Yet (Video)

earl-catagnus-jrSince President Obama was elected in 2008, there have been more conspiracy theories levied against him than I can even remember.  If you believe these conspiracy theorists (and there have been plenty), President Obama is the most powerful man to ever inhabit the Earth.

And while most of these conspiracies have been so outlandish that they’re closer to satire than anything to be taken seriously, the most recent one I ran across is probably the most ridiculous one I’ve ever heard.

A guest on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, Iraq war veteran Earl Catagnus Jr., seems to believe that the number of military advisors President Obama is sending into Iraq (300) is extremely significant.  He said:

“I have to just mention this about the 300, and what the significance of that number is, it’s symbolic. The movie now, 300 with the 300 Spartans, is an East versus West fight. I don’t know if this is where the sophistication – why the President chose 300, and I don’t know but it signals maybe to Iran, because we see that because the movie was a big downer, and Iran it wasn’t allowed to be played because it shows the Persians in this negative, barbarous state. Again, it’s an example of something, if it isn’t intended, and it’s an unintended consequence, you’re thumbing your nose at another part of the region just because of your ignorance of what that means, that 300 military advisers, American Spartan warriors that are the special forces and, again, I don’t know if that was intended or unintended, but it will signal a message to Iran.”

Yes, that’s someone trying to claim that President Obama’s decision to send 300 military advisers to Iraq is somehow tied with the movie 300 starring Gerard Butler.

I’m sure in the midst of an extremely tense situation developing in Iraq, President Obama sat there thinking to himself, “You know, let’s send 300 troops over to Iraq in a symbolic gesture like the Spartans used against the Persians in that movie 300.  That way, we’ll not only be advising Iraq on how to handle these Islamic insurgents, but we’ll be sticking it to Iran at the same time.”

This sounds more like some kind of moronic plan Dr. Evil might come up with in another Austin Powers sequel.

But this guy honestly believes that either President Obama purposely picked 300 to take a jab at Iran, or that he’s ignorant about history and doesn’t understand the “significance” of 300 to Iran.


Watch segment below via MSNBC:

300 by tommyxtopher

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • lindylou

    EeeeeeK! I am heading out to enjoy some thin air, and hopefully pluck out a nutty theory of my own.

    • Kelli2011

      I suggest Alex Jones or Breitbart.
      Above Top Secret is a lot of laughs, but don’t forget your tinfoil jumpsuit.

  • Nan


  • Jess Manuel

    Dafuq ?

  • katherine norton malek

    Surprised MHP could keep a straight face. And, this goober is a professor ?! Holy Bowling Ball head, Batman … What the hell are young minds learning from this Merlin?!

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Fixed delusions. This proves that conspiracy theories are a figment of the imagination of someone mentally ill. Not to put down those who suffer from the most damaging and crippling illness known to man, but it seems to me that the insanes(the McMurphys) are taking over the asylum.

  • freethinker666

    They spend waaaayyy toooo much time whacking their dummy.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Way too many people in this world base their world views on Hollywood movies. I am convinced, for example, that the Open Carry twits think that when they sling an AK-something on their backs, they suddenly look like Rambo. But this really is the dumbest guy yet.

    • Reynard Vulpes

      Not the point at all. Ever talk to one of them? Try it. It’s a gesture, it’s an “Occupy,” or in plainer language, a demonstration which is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment.

      Note that many demonstrators are female. Note also that despite the media and certainly politicians, puppets, drooling with lust for a shootout or other disaster involving them NO SUCH EVENT HAS OCCURRED.

      Doesn’t that just kind of ring your chimes, yet?

      Why do you have the opinion you do? Rhetorically speaking of course.

      You, just as the rest of us, are often too easily manipulated psychologically by the powerful to believe what they wish you, us, to believe. Your thoughts and feelings, which I should really write in reverse order to properly prioritize, are being determined by them, just as you have brand preferences you purchase, just as you may or may not believe in racist bigot terms (you’d like to hide from yourself, wouldn’t we all) and your beliefs about your government, the law, and what the Constitution means, or you fail to note the importance of.

      All programed. Some by good well meaning people, some by evil twits and thugs in suits and ties.

      I was there once. I know what you are thinking about guns for the most part. But being an academic, in mind if not in title, I tend to research all edge of fear claims… and guns qualifies.

      So I researched. Guess what I found that turned me into a staunch supporter of the right to own, possess, and carry a gun. I found that nearly every claim by gun prohibitionist media and politicians amounted to various and assorted lies, misleading and misguided.

      Note how you felt when you read that? Your denial must have been extreme. Mine was when I first started doing my own fact checking. I looked at authorities on the constitution, on grammar of the 18th Century as researched by noted grammarians, and I looked at the FBI, DOJ, and CDC, the three sources of meaningful data on gun issues and related morbidity and mortality.

      And again, I found the media lying.

      The tipoff that started me was the logic involved in looking, and assessing, that we have millions upon millions of privately owned, legally owned, guns in this country and if you do the simple division to determine rates of gun deaths by various means, suicide, murder, etc. you come up with extremely tiny fractions nothing like what you are led to believe.

      Even child deaths by gun, accident or otherwise, are miniscule compared to the child deaths by other means. Even parents (and I check this one out carefully) kill, on average over the years, about 2,000 of their own children each year, either by use of hands and feet, or by some severe form of neglect, medical, nutritional, and failing simple supervision or leaving them unattended.

      Guns are NOTHING compared to other violent means of death in this country and any attempt by you at critical objective research will show you that.

      The vast, nearly all in fact, number of legal gun owners do NOTHING illegal with their guns. They are safe. The media will blow a single event into making it sound like millions are careless murderous thugs.

      And you just added to the misdirection. Shame on you. Shame on you for studied deliberate ignorance. Surely you have seen counter arguments that are logical at some point in your life, and you turned your back, didn’t you?

      Instead of seeking truth you swallowed lies.

      • russ

        You sir are scary and paranoid. Thus ends my ad hominem against a real threat to our democracy.

      • J.D.

        I am not brainwashed by the media, I NEVER watch news because it is all biased crap. With that said, I think these nuts going around with AK’s strapped on their backs are both dumb and irresponsible. This is not the 1800’s anymore and we are not some third world country. They want to strap up an AR, then they need to join the military and go over to some jihadist nut filled country and they can display their “rights” all they want. We all know we are allowed to bear arms, but I don’t need some nut job walking around with a loaded one shoving that right in my face, just like I don’t need some bible thumping extremist coming to my door to tell me how much better their God is than mine. There are far to many people in this country that think THEIR rights are more important than MY rights. These types of people also feel the need to go around shoving their “rights” in everyone’s faces. It doesn’t make me feel safer with these nut jobs around, it makes me feel the opposite. I am just happy I live in a state that does not allow this craziness.

        Now with that said, if I see someone with a pistol in a holster in the checkout line, I probably won’t give it another thought. It is strapped, in a case, and obviously this person has taken the necessary steps to legally posses and carry this weapon. Or they are extremely crazy because where I live they have to be licensed to do so. I am not against the second amendment at all. I own three guns myself. But many of these same people that you are defending with your example are being fed by the same media propaganda machines you were speaking against, just from the other spectrum. They are all fearful that the big bad government is coming to take away our guns. Regulation of weapons does not equal taking away our 2nd amendment right. Yet they all have this delusion that that is what our country is trying to do. We do have the right to bear arms, and that right also means that we need to be responsible in our ownership of these deadly weapons. Walking around a store with a loaded one strapped to your back is NOT responsible ownership.

        I do agree with the media having a strong hand in everyone’s paranoia. I discussed this with someone because they felt the country was much more unsafe than in the past. I tried to explain it isn’t necessarily more unsafe, just that it appears that way because ANYTHING bad that happens spreads like wildfire through the media and you will know about it almost instantaneously. 20 years ago, if a child died or went missing on the other side of the county, you probably would never hear of it on this side, but in today’s technical and media driven society, you hear about it with in the hour. This is feeding much of everyone’s paranoia

      • lindylou

        Brilliant! Thank you!

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all that u now state is TRUTHS????
        that sir; is oligophrenial

      • Mary Freeman-Croyle

        In five words: An accident waiting to happen.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Reynard: They are wandering around inside Targets and Home Depots here in Texas. With military grade and fully loaded weaponry slung across their backs. Explain to me how that is making any kind of point about responsible gun ownership. Most of them, frankly, look like they’d squeal if they saw a mouse and shoot everyone but the mouse if they tried to use their oversized man toys. And so far, all the photos I’ve seen have been of men. As for my being brainwashed, my brain works just fine, thank you, and recognizes silly idiots when it sees them.

  • sfwm.son

    Sooooooo that means Bush chose to land on that aircraft carrier in a flight suit that accentuated his bulge because Bill Pullman in Independence Day?

    • Stephen Barlow

      4059 days since the Mission in Iraq was ACCOMPLISHED. 3500 deaths later, Bush’s signature forbidding the next president from leaving troops behind in any capacity….

    • Cathryn Sykes

      Actually, I can believe that Bush did exactly that. The carrier was five miles off the coast, well within reach of a Marine helicopter. The press were ordered to shoot all their video from the land side of the carrier, so only open water would show. I can just see Cheney saying, “Mr. President, remember that film we showed you the other day? Would you like to be seen wearing a flight suit like that president? We could even go one better and have you fly onto an aircraft carrier…with a carrier pilot aboard to advise you, of course.” Bush, being the vain, stupid man-child that he is, would jump at something like that. On the other hand, Obama would probably watch “300” and find it as silly as I did, since I’m sure he’s well aware of what happened at Thermopylae and probably found the simple historical facts more moving than the loony Hollywood fantasy.

  • tmckenny

    A desperate news media attracts lofty-minded weirdoes!

    • tandg

      exposure to how others think and why is not desperate…

  • Dave

    And Ron Johnson chose to not fund veterans or their service from the movie “I Spit on your Grave”…..or something like that.

  • James Brian Thomaston

    He must have watched the John Stewart bit on this. Real original..

  • Josh

    are they going to be holding at the gates of Thermopylae?

  • FD Brian

    this is what happens when you hang out in the echo chamber too long.

  • Larry Williams

    Was she buying to that bullshit??

  • OldCowboy

    Who screens these guests?

  • strayaway

    President Kennedy approved sending 400 Special Forces troops and 100 other U.S. military advisers to South Vietnam on May 11, 1961. I wonder if anyone related that to any movie? Whether anyone did or not, most people could not have speculated that 500 advisors would turn into 60,000 US deaths and eventually even more US suicides. I like to think that had Kennedy survived, he would have managed his Vietnamese venture better than Johnson and Nixon. To link the number 300 with a movie is a bit goofy if that’s what Earl Catagnus Jr. did. It might have been more useful if he had speculated what sending 300 advisors into Iraq might lead to.

    • Paul Larkin

      Ike sent in the first CIA ,Advisors ,americans after ww2 ,it didnt help that we kept the japanese in charge and armed until the French could get back in ,and the viet Ming and Ho thought they would be free .Ho was a nationalist first and asked america for help .
      USMC vet 57/63

  • Reynard Vulpes

    Just giggle fodder. The right hasn’t anything to offer but that.

    • Bine646

      Economy shrank 3% this yr- worst since 2009 or is that a conspiracy theory too?

      • Mary Freeman-Croyle

        And, your point? So, just what has the GOP-controlled House done to alleviate our current level of stagnation? Or to lessen any American suffering for that matter? Where are the jobs bills? How about our infrastructure refit bill? Oh, sorry, I forgot that they were far too busy cutting taxes (yet again) for their wealthy contributors… oops, I meant ‘job creators’; nope, I really didn’t I got it right the first time!

      • Bine646

        House gets blocked by the senate on a daily basis, congress must agree on these cuts and repubs havnt controlled it in awhile- good deflection though.

        Numbers do not lie, even when they try to skew them. More Americans are on food stamps, more families are in debt and family wealth is decreasing. All this while corporations are seeing record profits- thought obama wasnt for big business?

        The latest is Lois Lerner and the IRS email “scandal” but thats just on par for this administration.
        Ignoring the law and releasing 5 prisoners for 1 deserter goes right along with the VA coverup and the Healthcare debacle.

        Now we have the economy starting crash at the rate of the 2009 recession. All while the feds released the economy is improving so theyll stop inflating the bond market; as the stock market is at record inflated levels. Now we have conflicts in not only Syria, Libya, Egypt but also Ukraine and Iraq. We can see how this is going to go.

        People blamed Bush for alot, most deserved. I can see from recent Gallop polls that the numbers are changing for Obama, rightfully so because he is a horrible President and voters like you who keep deflecting and justifying are the reason this country is the state it is in- but ignorance is bliss

  • Eg Kbbs

    Just seeing the title containing “Makes the Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Claim” my knee jerk is that there are a whole lot of ridiculoous conspiracy claims against Obama.

    Reading the article, he cleared the bar with room to spare.

    Did he also include that Obama sent them 3.14159 dollars in aid ?

  • Kelli2011

    We need to get the VA system fixed pronto because Iraq veteran Earl Catagnus Jr desperately needs mental health services.

  • Stephen Barlow

    My question is jon Stewart’s question. If 275 is not enough and 301 advisors would be stepping all over each other, wouldn’t 287.5 make more sense. We can send in a ‘little person’ to fill out the squad.

    or if you obeyed the Contitution as WRITTEN, 500 negros = 300 blancos.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Or we could send 271.8. That way it is a multiple of the base of natural logarithms (e) which appears in all sorts of mathematical equations – which, of course, helps support the claim that it is an illuminati plot.

  • AccountabilityFactor

    wow….now THAT is a true moron….

  • patisok

    The world is absolutely nuts. It is crazy. I am losing it….tell it will be okay in the morning.