MSNBC Guest Makes the Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Claim About President Obama Yet (Video)

earl-catagnus-jrSince President Obama was elected in 2008, there have been more conspiracy theories levied against him than I can even remember.  If you believe these conspiracy theorists (and there have been plenty), President Obama is the most powerful man to ever inhabit the Earth.

And while most of these conspiracies have been so outlandish that they’re closer to satire than anything to be taken seriously, the most recent one I ran across is probably the most ridiculous one I’ve ever heard.

A guest on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, Iraq war veteran Earl Catagnus Jr., seems to believe that the number of military advisors President Obama is sending into Iraq (300) is extremely significant.  He said:

“I have to just mention this about the 300, and what the significance of that number is, it’s symbolic. The movie now, 300 with the 300 Spartans, is an East versus West fight. I don’t know if this is where the sophistication – why the President chose 300, and I don’t know but it signals maybe to Iran, because we see that because the movie was a big downer, and Iran it wasn’t allowed to be played because it shows the Persians in this negative, barbarous state. Again, it’s an example of something, if it isn’t intended, and it’s an unintended consequence, you’re thumbing your nose at another part of the region just because of your ignorance of what that means, that 300 military advisers, American Spartan warriors that are the special forces and, again, I don’t know if that was intended or unintended, but it will signal a message to Iran.”

Yes, that’s someone trying to claim that President Obama’s decision to send 300 military advisers to Iraq is somehow tied with the movie 300 starring Gerard Butler.

I’m sure in the midst of an extremely tense situation developing in Iraq, President Obama sat there thinking to himself, “You know, let’s send 300 troops over to Iraq in a symbolic gesture like the Spartans used against the Persians in that movie 300.  That way, we’ll not only be advising Iraq on how to handle these Islamic insurgents, but we’ll be sticking it to Iran at the same time.”

This sounds more like some kind of moronic plan Dr. Evil might come up with in another Austin Powers sequel.

But this guy honestly believes that either President Obama purposely picked 300 to take a jab at Iran, or that he’s ignorant about history and doesn’t understand the “significance” of 300 to Iran.


Watch segment below via MSNBC:

300 by tommyxtopher

Allen Clifton

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