MSNBC Panel Bursts Out Laughing at Trump Advocate as Interview Goes Off the Rails (Video)

If the 2016 election has taught me anything, it’s that the world in which I’m living is definitely not the same world in which Donald Trump, his campaign and most of his supporters live. In my world, things like audio and video recordings, direct quotes and statistical evidence are viable pieces of evidence to prove factual information. In the world in which Trump, his campaign and most of his supporters live, the only “truth” that exists is whatever he says — and everything else is just a “rigged” conspiracy against him.

Watching his surrogates or others associated with his campaign defend him is an experience that often leaves me feeling as if I just watched someone who’s been brainwashed by some radical political cult. There’s no way any sane or rational person could believe this nonsense.

For example, Saturday morning MSNBC had a panel discussion that mostly centered around Trump, racism and the uprising of white nationalism he’s inspired.

To listen to Trump advocate Steve Cortes — and this is not a joke — he believes the GOP presidential candidate is running an “incredibly non-racist campaign.”

After Cortes asserted that the campaign doesn’t want to call Trump supporter and vile white supremacist David Duke “deplorable” because they believe that everyone is redeemable, Joy Reid wasn’t buying the b.s. he was trying to sell.

“What you seem to be saying, is that it is okay to laugh at this idea of people who are outright racists who are part of the coalition of Donald Trump, “ Reid said. “You seem to be saying, we don’t care, we want to ridicule the idea that this is bad, and we don’t care if it grows our coalition.”

“I would remind you that Donald Trump, particularly compared to past Republican presidential candidates, is running an incredibly non-racist campaign,” Cortes stated — as the panel instantly erupted into laughter. “He’s gone into the barrio and he is going into the inner-city and you can laugh, but we are appealing directly to people of color.”

“Then why is it that Donald Trump is the most disliked and despised Republican candidate among people of color that we have had, probably in a generation?” Reid asked.

“That’s not true,” Cortes responded. “He’s polling right about where Romney was.”

Actually, no. Most polls find him doing worse with minority voters than Romney. While there aren’t significant drops in most of them, it says something about how disliked Trump is among voters of color considering Romney did extremely poorly when it came to the minority vote. Trump is managing to do worse with minorities than a Republican candidate who many felt couldn’t have performed much worse when it came to earning the non-white vote.

This back and forth is definitely worth watching if for nothing more than the face Joy Reid made when Cortes claimed Trump is running an “incredibly non-racist campaign.” But even beyond her priceless expression, seeing Cortes claim that the Trump campaign doesn’t “name-call the American” people was absolutely absurd.

Does Cortes know who he’s supporting? Donald Trump constantly calls people names like “loser,” “sad,” “stupid,” “crooked,” “little,” and a whole host of others. The fact that his campaign feels it’s more acceptable to call Marco Rubio “little” or Hillary Clinton “crooked,” but won’t call David Duke deplorable, proves that they’re terrified of possibly losing that white nationalist vote.

Trump’s campaign can say they repudiate the beliefs of people like Duke and those who agree with him all they want, but the fact that they seem to think it’s okay to shamefully call most Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals,” yet refuse to call open white nationalist and former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke “deplorable,” that’s all anyone really needs to know about the true values in which they believe.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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