MSNBC Trolls Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Week, Lists His Many Products Made Overseas (Video)

During Donald Trump’s campaign, one of the things that baffled me the most was how often his propaganda and talking points didn’t match the reality of who he was. In particular, his “America first, anti-free trade agreement” rhetoric that completely contradicted his own business practices. Trump ran a campaign vilifying outsourcing, often pointing to free trade agreements as a killer of American jobs, while also promising to bring those jobs back to this country if elected — but many of his own company’s products are made overseas. Despite it being over two years since he launched his campaign, he hasn’t changed this reality by bringing the manufacturing of his own company’s products to the United States.

One would think that a blatant hypocrisy such as that would at least cause his supporters to pause a little bit, or at the very least call out the obvious contradiction between Trump’s campaign propaganda and the reality of how he runs his businesses.

Sadly, it never did.

Now in what seems like a skit Saturday Night Live might come up with, Trump’s hosting a “Made in America” week where he plans to showcase and celebrate American-made products.

The problem is, just like before, most of his company’s products are still made overseas.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi perfectly showcased this on Tuesday by listing out which products Trump’s own businesses manufacture overseas and where they’re produced.

Here’s the list Velshi ran through:

  • Shirts: China, Bangladesh, Honduras, and Vietnam.
  • Suits: Indonesia and Mexico.
  • Eyeglasses: China.
  • Mirrors, vases, wall decor, kitchen items, and lighting: China.
  • Hotel pens and toiletries: China and Taiwan.
  • Natural spring water and bedding comforters: United States.

He then pointed out that exactly zero percent of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line products are made in America, as she’d rather produce them in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.

This is the sort of stuff that makes it impossible for me to respect “the opinions” of Trump supporters. How am I supposed to take seriously a group of people who support a man who ran a campaign by claiming to be all about “America first” and vilifying outsourcing — when many of his and his daughter’s company’s products are made overseas.

It’s. Just. So. Stupid.

These folks supported a man who vilified the “evils of free trade agreements” even as he spent decades exploiting them and hasn’t attempted to shift production of his own company’s products to the United States despite publicly attacking other companies for trying to do exactly what he’s done.

This is a classic case of do as I say, not as I do, which is essentially how Donald Trump thinks the world should operate. He expects everyone else to abide by standards and rules he doesn’t feel as if he should be forced to follow. Then again, that’s how the minds of most criminals, bullies, and narcissists function.

For me, it goes back to what I’ve told Trump supporters for a while now: I’ll stop calling them stupid once they stop defending and supporting a man who blatantly treats them like they are.

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Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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