MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Slams Fox News for Ridiculous Comments About Children’s Movie ‘Frozen’ (Video)

chris-hayes-frozenIf someone had told me that one day I would be writing an article concerning one news network slamming another over ridiculous comments made concerning Disney’s outrageously popular movie Frozen, I would have never believed them.

Yet, here I am. And, of course, Fox News is the culprit behind me having to write about this nonsense.

A few days ago, Fox News’ Steve Doocy suggested that Hollywood is actively trying to emasculate men, using Disney’s Frozen as an example. The Fox & Friends host claimed that these kinds of movies are “empowering women by turning our men into fools and villains.” 

You know how insecure you have to be, not just about your own “masculinity,” but yourself in general, to really think that movies like Frozen are laying the foundation for a bunch of emasculated men? To say nothing about the absurd belief that there’s an active push in Hollywood in general to emasculate men. In the last week I’ve watched The Equalizer, Dracula Untold and the original Taken movie. Every single one of those movies has a “butt-kicking” very masculine male lead character. Hell, I could literally sit here for hours listing movies filled with male leads that are your stereotypical manly hero.

There’s really no other way to put this, Steve Doocy is an absolute fool. It’s embarrassing that he’s a featured personality on a major cable news channel. Then again, he works for Fox News, so it actually does make quite a lot of sense. In the real world his level of ignorance is frowned upon, but over in Fox News fantasy land it’s encouraged.

Well, it seems I’m not the only one who thought Doocy’s comments were laughable as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes slammed Doocy and the network for perpetuating such complete and total nonsense.

Hayes mocked Doocy for “uncovering the hidden injustice men are suffering in Hollywood right now, particularly at the hands of the shameless, man-hating Disney empire, which has a long history of brainwashing our children with evil or bumbling male characters like Hercules.”

“If Mr. Doocy truly does feel marginalized by Hollywood’s representation of his gender, I might point him to some numbers collected by the folks at USC’s Annenberg School last year,” he continued. “Of the top grossing films of 2013, across 4,500 speaking roles, about 30 percent were women and 70 percent were men.”

It’s like I’ve said before, Republicans are becoming so outlandish with many of their comments that it’s become nearly impossible for me to take these people seriously. Too often when dealing with conservatives I feel like an adult trying to reason with spoiled, petulant children. And this is a prime example of exactly what I’m talking about.

Hayes perfectly wrapped up the segment by evoking the most famous line from the “controversial” movie itself.

“My advice to Steve Doocy is: Let it go. Let it go,” Hayes concluded. 

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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  • GenerallyConfused

    Is this the new napoleon complex?

  • Edward Krebbs

    How do you know that the snowman is actually not a female ?

    And considering the treatment of gender, what about a story of a boy who never grows up and somehow totally misses the advances of a glowing, 2 -inch tall woman ?

  • Michelle Lee-Reid

    Fox “news” has hit an all-time low now. That there need to be more strong male characters? What about the effect on girls that only 30% of the speaking roles in movies are female? Most female characters are superfluous or put there to provide sex, a romantic partner, or to show skin. Often they are bumblers, causing more problems for the male characters to have to deal with; they are rarely strong characters. That is the problem. If Doocy is afraid of this movie emasculating boys, his sense of his own masculinity must be fairly tenuous.

  • janipurr

    Conservatives sure are afraid of women. And Gay people. And Atheists. And pretty much everything in a reality based world……

  • Cemetery Girl

    Did he see the movie???? Yes, Hans is the villain. Males are also usually the villain in action movies, yet that isn’t an issue. Kristoff is not a fool, he is a guy just living his life, and he meets a princess that needs help so he helps her. He doesn’t rescue her; he doesn’t save her. He helps her. They work together. (Such a crazy concept, males and females working together!) And she needs his help, but she doesn’t need him to save her. The movie stresses you can’t marry someone you just met, defying the long Disney tradition of meet a Prince and immediately marry him. For once, pretty much the only time (other than Lilo and Stitch) a Disney put the focus on family love. I think he needs to question why is it horrible to tell young girls (as young as preschoolers) that they should get to know someone before jumping into a commitment, that they can work with a boy to solve a problem, and that family love can be strong? Is not telling young girls that they should hope to meet a Prince so he can immediately marry them and solve all their problems emasculating? Kristoff has personality, even if he isn’t perfect, but what personality does the Prince in Cinderella have? None. He has money and the ability to take Cinderella away from her family, is that a better fictional male role model? I like that my daughter loves the movie. Everyone assumes that Anna and Kristoff end up together, and girls are seeing a character meet someone, get to know them, get to know how they work together, and care about each other based on that. Sounds like a better message than “wait for Prince Charming to find you and then marry him as soon as you can”

  • The Postman

    Who’s the chick with the bad plastic surgery?

  • rossbro

    Doocey is a douche ! A stupid one !