MSNBC’s Morning Joe Trashes Sean Hannity: Fox News Colleagues Think He’s a Joke (Video)

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has always been a rather pathetic character. Seeing as he’s built most of his career as a conservative entertainer pushing right-wing fan fiction while pretending to be a legitimate source of news, it’s mind boggling how anybody can take him seriously.

While Hannity’s always been fairly awful, he’s taken things to a whole other level since Donald Trump’s election. He’s gone from your typical right-wing hack pushing Republican propaganda to a full-on conspiracy theorist rivaling the likes of nut jobs such as Infowars’ Alex Jones.

Hannity’s pushed conspiracies about Seth Rich to attack Hillary Clinton and embraced Julian Assange, a man he once called an enemy to the United States.

More recently he’s taken to slandering the FBI and, in particular, Robert Mueller, accusing both of being part of some “deep state conspiracy” to bring down this “president.”

It was that type of ridiculous rhetoric which apparently pushed MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough to his limits as the Morning Joe host unloaded on Hannity.

“Sean Hannity is a desperate, desperate man, desperately defending a desperate, desperate president,” Scarborough stated. “Sean Hannity has a show that Shep Smith and the rest of the news people at Fox News consider to be a joke. They call it fake news, they call it entertainment and that’s fine if people want to be entertained that way at night.”

“People watch the Kardashians, too,” he added. “But when you have people at Fox News saying, ‘That’s not really news, that’s entertainment’ — it is.”

That’s when he really tore into Hannity for slandering Mueller, someone who’s fought for this country and spent much of his life trying to keep it safe.

“It’s trash, though,” Scarborough said, disgusted. “The fact that he is entertained and the fact that other people are entertained, by trashing a hero in Vietnam, by trashing a man that guided America through 9/11, a man that’s dedicated his entire life to protecting Americans at home and abroad, is beneath contempt… it shows how desperate they all are.”

He’s absolutely right.

It’s one thing to offer a partisan slant on news, or to downplay something factual to make it seem as if it’s not really a big deal, but Trump supporters like Hannity have taken things to a whole other level that, quite frankly, is as dangerous as it is appalling.

Bottom feeders like Hannity are directly attacking the credibility of crucial intelligence agencies, and the people working for them, for no other reason than the fact that they’re conducting credible investigations into a “president” who could very well be a criminal — who’s certainly acting like one — and they don’t like that what they’re discovering isn’t helpful for their partisan agendas.

It’s disgraceful.

While I don’t always agree with everything Scarborough says, I’d like to give him credit for calling out Sean Hannity and saying what I think many of us already assumed was true — that even most of his own colleagues think he’s a joke.

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Watch the video below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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