Muslims Protect Christians After Islamist Militants Attack Bus In Kenya

The conservative media has been banging the drums of paranoia and Islamophobia with renewed vigor since the attacks in Paris and California. They have conjured up the ghosts of 9/11, and GOP candidates like Donald Trump have also embraced hatred toward Muslims as part of their political ambitions. Here in the United States, some people have lost their minds and Muslims have been discriminated against because of right-wing propaganda toward them.

In the years since 9/11, ignorant people have absorbed the hatred toward Muslims, and have even gone so far as to frame and ignorantly attack Sikhs as terrorists, even though their religion is completely different from Islam.

This wave of uninformed and hateful violence has flared up once again in the United States, and it is toward anyone who isn’t a white, heterosexual, conservative Christian. I constantly see hate speech online, especially here in Louisiana, from people who can’t tell the difference between a Sikh or a Muslim, let alone understand the various factions of the Islamic faith.

While there are certainly concerns with all religions, including Islam, Kenyan Muslims recently responded courageously to a recent attack by religious terrorists who sought to kill non-believers.

Governor Ali Roba said locals protected non Muslim passengers thereby preventing a massacre similar to last year’s when Al-Shabaab members hijacked and killed 28 people, mainly teachers, in a Nairobi-bound bus.

“They refused to separate from non Muslims and told the attackers to kill all passengers or leave. That is why some locals were injured trying to protect non Muslim passengers,” Mr Roba told the Nation on phone from abroad. (Source)

These brave Muslims protected others, and they paid for it dearly. They didn’t believe in the hateful rhetoric of Islamic extremists, and recognized their fellow passengers as human beings that they needed to protect, even if it cost them their lives.

You likely won’t hear about this story on conservative media sources or from right-wing political campaigns, because painting all Muslims as intolerant extremists that must be deported or carpet bombed is part of their agenda. These people are trying to pit Muslims against Christians, or Jews against Muslims to further their political aspiration – or profit from driving even more traffic to conservative websites like The Hayride, Breitbart, or The Daily Caller.

As long as someone has a belief system that doesn’t include violent acts toward those they see as political or religious targets, our country needs to allow them the freedom of religion as set forth in the First Amendment. Failing to do only bolsters extremists who want to use intolerance and xenophobia to further their despicable agendas.

Radical Islam will undoubtedly use campaign footage of Donald Trump as proof that the West hates Muslims, and it will draw young, poor people around the world to join groups like ISIS/Daesh.

The world needs a lot less hatred, and a total rejection of all extremist religious ideology which seeks to turn neighbor against neighbor and those who practice Islam against Jews or Christians.


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