Natural News Founder Accuses Scientists of Genocide, Hints They Should be Killed

IMG_66829683434449 I’m pretty sure that anyone who has been following my page for a while knows I am not a fan of a lot “alternative medicine” websites, Natural News being one of the top offenders.

You may wonder what my beef with them is, so here you go. Sites like Natural News, The Mind Unleashed and others draw in well-meaning people and then encourage them to reject centuries of science and reason in favor of “woo” alternative medicine or conspiracy nonsense. These same sites then sell overpriced, untested, possibly harmful products which do little to no good for the consumer, while telling them not purchase regular medicine because it is a plot by “Big Pharma” to keep them sick.

For the record, if you believe in alternative medicine and so on, that’s your right. As an example, some people claim that chiropractors are quacks and it’s not real medicine, but it works for me – but I don’t try to evangelize it or tell people that those opposed to chiropractors should be killed. Case in point, Mike Adams from recently posted a long rant on his blog, part of which states:

Interestingly, just yesterday German President Joachim Gauck celebrated the lives of those brave Nazi officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944. (1) Their attempted Wolf’s Lair bombing failed, but it was an honorable attempt to rid the world of tremendous evil by killing one of the people responsible for it.

This official ceremony sends a message to the world, and that official message from the nation of Germany to the rest of the world says that it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity. (Source)

Yes, according to Mr. Adams, people like myself and others who are critical of his for-profit, conspiracy-mongering website are “engaged in heinous crimes against humanity” and should probably be killed – that is, if you follow his “train of logic” which he borrows from Germany. Calling out those who profit off pseudoscience and exposing them for who they are is apparently a capital crime in his eyes. Since then, Mike Adams has stated this in an attempt to cover his ass:

Additionally, immediately upon publication of this article, the usual GMO corporate shills immediately began to spread utterly false and defamatory information about what this article actually stated, inventing false quotes and intentionally citing sentences out of context. We expect nothing less than lies and fabrications from the GMO crowd, of course, but they have taken it to a whole new level in their attempts to silence this powerful story that tells the truth about the agricultural holocaust that has already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

I have always stated in this story, as you can see below: “For the record, in no way do I condone vigilante violence against anyone, and I believe every condemned criminal deserves a fair trial and a punishment that fits the crime. Do not misinterpret this article as any sort of call for violence, as I wholly disavow any such actions. I am a person who demands due process under the law for all those accused of crimes.” (Source)

“The usual GMO corporate shills”? I’ve been called worse. This is what happens when you back Natural News and other reckless opportunists into a corner and call them out on their irresponsible rhetoric. It’s bad enough that they and other fake scientists like The Food Babe have raised armies of gullible idiots who will attack anything and anyone at their bidding. However, for Mike Adams to hint at death as a punishment for those who understand science and call him out on his bullshit? That’s crossing the line from reckless profiteering into the land of violent organizations like Stormfront and Aryan Nations.

Yet, on a regular basis, I see people on the left defending Mike Adams and Natural News, saying things like “that’s just your opinion” or “he’s just trying to help people” and other apologist rhetoric. Not only does Mike Adams promote his overpriced herbal supplements and other untested products at the risk of those who use them, he also pushes stories like the USDA is a paramilitary organization, global warming is a hoax, and other conspiracy nonsense. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the nonsense coming from a lot of fringe websites like Infowars (on which he’s been a guest) and Fox News? Oh, and he threatens lawsuits against those who challenge him on his scruples.

Let me state this again: If you believe in alternative medicine, that’s your right as an American. You can believe in all the conspiracy nonsense that anybody wants to peddle, that’s how the dark side of a free market works. However, the reckless words of Mike Adams show a very sinister side of someone who is determined to stifle any voices of dissent or anyone who dares to erode any trust in the financial empire he has built.


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