Natural News Owner May Have Created Fake Holocaust Website To Smear Critics

Natural News founder Mike Adams appearing on Infowars.

Natural News founder Mike Adams appearing on Infowars.

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article concerning the founder of Natural News making statements that scientists and other people who criticize him (like myself) were like Nazis and hinted they should be killed. He also compared biotech engineering to genocide, which is also incredibly offensive – but considering his history, not surprising. For those of you who didn’t read the original article, here’s a brief rundown of the current scandal surrounding Mike Adams, the owner of Natural News.

First off, here’s part of the ridiculous statement he made that set off the whole ugly affair:

Interestingly, just yesterday German President Joachim Gauck celebrated the lives of those brave Nazi officers who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944. (1) Their attempted Wolf’s Lair bombing failed, but it was an honorable attempt to rid the world of tremendous evil by killing one of the people responsible for it.

This official ceremony sends a message to the world, and that official message from the nation of Germany to the rest of the world says that it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity. (Source)

Then, in order to cover himself legally, he came back with this statement to supposedly clarify that he meant that he didn’t want his followers to go out and actually kill scientists, journalists, or anyone critical of his Natural News empire.

Additionally, immediately upon publication of this article, the usual GMO corporate shills immediately began to spread utterly false and defamatory information about what this article actually stated, inventing false quotes and intentionally citing sentences out of context. We expect nothing less than lies and fabrications from the GMO crowd, of course, but they have taken it to a whole new level in their attempts to silence this powerful story that tells the truth about the agricultural holocaust that has already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

I have always stated in this story, as you can see below: “For the record, in no way do I condone vigilante violence against anyone, and I believe every condemned criminal deserves a fair trial and a punishment that fits the crime. Do not misinterpret this article as any sort of call for violence, as I wholly disavow any such actions. I am a person who demands due process under the law for all those accused of crimes.” (Source)

Ok, so I guess I have to make the usual disclaimer that I am not a fan of Monsanto just like almost any other major company. The environmental issues that come with large scale commercial farming, the lack of genetic diversity with crops and the heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are very real. These are all things that we should be concerned about, but anti-GMO activists like Mike Adams and others fail to address the actual problems and instead rely on boogeyman scare tactics to drive their agenda, which includes creating small financial empires. Oh, and did we mention he’s also a been a guest on the Alex Jones Infowars program and believes that President Obama’s birth certificate is fake?

In recent months, Adams has claimed that high-dose Vitamin C injections, which he conveniently sells, have been shown to “annihilate cancer” (doctors warn high doses of vitamin C can be dangerous); that measles and mumps are making a comeback because vaccines are “designed to fail” (he’s an anti-vaccine campaigner); and that fluoridated water causes mental disorders. He is also an AIDS denialist, a 9/11 truther, a Barack Obama citizenship ‘birther’ and a believer in ‘dangerous’ chemtrails.

But his most heated attacks—and the ones that generate the most traffic and business on his websites and what has made him a oft-cited hero of anti-GMOers—are directed at conventional agriculture, crop biotechnology in particular. (Source)

It’s a pretty simple but effective technique – convince people that a product is unreliable or dangerous based on self-created “scientific studies”, and then convince them to buy your product instead. Make no mistake, this is a very lucrative and under-regulated market. According to the Genetic Literacy Project, the alternative medicine business makes over $30 billion a year and Mike Adams is possibly one of the leading figures in that industry.

Now, on to the update to the story. It would seem that in order to discredit his critics, it seems that Natural News owner Mike Adams may have created a “false flag” website called that compared his critics to members of the Nazi Party. The website also listed individuals and even organizations like MIT as being part of a conspiracy to hide the GMO “holocaust.”

What it seems like, according to Nick Price from, is that Mike Adams indeed created or authorized the creation of this incredibly offensive site in order to make it look like someone else designed this site in order to discredit him. He could then claim that this was part of the conspiracy against his Natural News empire, trying to make it look like the “Health Ranger” had finally gone too far.

Below are screenshots I took of the site which was still live as of Saturday evening on July 26th, 2014 as well as the WhoIs registration for the website.

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot from taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot of the domain registration for taken 7-26-2014

Screenshot of the domain registration for taken 7-26-2014

So, can we absolutely prove that Mike Adams actually made this website in order to make it look as if “GMO corporate shills” like Jon Entine (who he has previously threatened with lawsuits) were doing this to frame the “Health Ranger”? No, no we can’t. That would be the job of law enforcement and computer forensic experts – but there are some clues that do point to his involvement. Here’s what Nick Price from found:

What I found was pretty convincing.  I found that was registered hours before the article it was supposedly responding to was even put online.  Furthermore, there are a number of similarities between NaturalNews and, from sharing entire files (which do not appear elsewhere on the internet), to shared graphics, to using the same proprietary fonts, to similar code structure, matching file naming conventions, and other code quirks.

NaturalNews does not provide timestamps on their articles, so the best way to determine when something is published there is to see when they share it on a different site. The article was originally posted to Facebook at 23:05 GMT on July 21st, and the first comment on the article itself was at 23:15 GMT, but was registered at 16:21 GMT, over six and a half hours before the article went online. This could also be a coincidence, but I can find no evidence that this article was online prior to 23:05 GMT on the 21st of July, whereas the domain was registered at 16:21 AM GMT on the same date. (Source)

Mr. Price goes on to get into the technical details which show some remarkable similarities, which suggests either someone went through a huge amount of effort to paint Mike Adams as the designer of the site, or the simpler explanation – that he set it up himself to discredit his critics. It’s also worth pointing out what Mr. Price mentions, that the site was apparently registered hours before the article it was responding to was published. If Mr. Adams didn’t make or authorize the creation of the site, it seems very suspicious that he found it and responded with outrage on the very same day it went live.

If it were to be found that Mike Adams was indeed responsible for creating this incredibly offensive website, it wouldn’t surprise me considering his history of outrageous claims, like Patrick Swayze’s death from pancreatic cancer could have been avoided by using alternative medicine. Yes, he went after a dying celebrity cancer patient in order to promote his unproven quack products – and that’s not the only time he’s done it.

If he’s willing smear someone who is suffering a slow, agonizing death from cancer, it’s not a huge leap to believe that he would create a website that uses Holocaust imagery to smear his critics. Mike Adams is, in my opinion, one of the slimiest people currently walking the face of the earth, and it seems that there is no low he will not stoop to in order to sell his products or silence anyone who will attempt to hold him accountable for his reckless words and actions.


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  • Nancy

    Luckily, many people interested in health & healthy food have never heard of him.

  • Eg Kbbs

    I wonder if the collaborators site made it over the bar for libel ? Admittedly might be hard to do as the registration is apparently Panama so you’re dealing with the laws of different countries.

    Likewise, despite his statement, seems to encourage vigilanties to take action.

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      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

    • thinkingwomanmillstone

      Sounds a lot like Palin and the target on the on Gabby Giffords on the Palin website just prior to Giffords’ shooting.

      • Gary Smith

        But she said that those were surveyors’ marks! Why would she say that if it wasn’t true? /sarcasm

  • Ignatz

    What a fucking hole. All this jerk does is give ammunition to companies like Monsanto. And make legitimate criticism of GMOs seem like the stuff of a loonie fringe.

  • jeff_jos72

    Who reads this foward progressive crap? This article is a bunch of lies and or brainwashing attempt on the ignorant. I bet the author was paid a lot of biotech money to right this.