NDAA Conspiracy Theorists Proven Wrong By Boston

ndaaThere’s been a lot of hoopla over the last year or so over the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Both on the left, right and everywhere else, people have been screaming that this would allow the government to indefinitely detain American citizens as enemy combatants.

And now we have Boston. Two brothers who pledged themselves to a deluded and insane version of Islam. One dead and the other one is in custody. Both are/were US citizens who committed terrorist acts against the people of the United States. They killed two US citizens, a foreign national, an MIT police officer and put Boston in a state of lockdown. If they had been agents of a foreign government or entity, then perhaps under the conspiracy theory interpretation of the NDAA, they could have tried by a military tribunal and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

I’m not going to use their names, I don’t want to give them any more press than they have already received for their acts of terrorism. I don’t want to give them any recognition of any kind, that’s what people like that want.

I will say this. If the NDAA was the law that conspiracy theorists said it was, the surviving bomber would have been the prime candidate for it. Yet, he has not been swept up into the custody of the military. He’s been read his Miranda rights, given the best medical attention possible and given a public defender. He will face a civilian trial if he lives through the aftermath of having multiple rounds from Boston’s finest riddling his body.

So, for those people who want to run around with the hypothesis that the President has some evil and unconstitutional scheme to start indefinitely detaining American citizens without a trial… the first test of that has come and gone. And you were wrong.


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  • I guess the tin-foil hat crew is a little ashamed today to be caught in a big fat lie, yet agian on their radio shows.

  • In the article, Schewitz states “at a Jewish hospital no less.” Not only is this statement anti-semetic, but inaccurate. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is the combination of the New England Deaconess Hospital founded in 1896 by Methodist Deaconesses and Beth Israel Hospital founded in 1916 by Boston’s Jewish community. The hospital, which is a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, is viewed as neither Christian nor Jewish.

  • Eddie

    So a post by an Obama apologist who drags religion into his argument is somehow valid? It takes a lot of flexibility for a “high minded” liberal (certainly not progressive) to stick his head into the sand.
    Maybe the state didn’t use the indefinite detention clause of the NDAA in this case, but almost all the residents of the Boston area were unlawfully detained in their homes last Friday (except the donut shop workers allowed to service the police state heroes.)

    • Guest

      “residents of the Boston area were unlawfully detained in their homes last Friday” – this isn’t true either. People were ASKED to stay home. We here in New England saw it as out patriotic duty to keep the streets clear

      • Staying out of danger is not a “patriotic duty”.

      • LOLOLOL

        What danger are you referring to? If anything New Englanders were helping the police by staying out of they way and not contaminating the crime scenes.

    • “residents of the Boston area were unlawfully detained in their homes last Friday” – this isn’t true either. People were ASKED to stay home. We here in New England saw it as our patriotic duty to keep the streets clear. If anyone is to blame for detaining residents, it was the guy who wanted to bomb and kill us.

    • Diana Miller

      There is a Public Safety exemption for many laws. The police were within their rights to search houses. A person could insist on signing a statement that they protested the search, but the search could still go on. Just like questioning the suspect before reading his Miranda Rights. Once again, the public safety exception made it possible without using NDAA to detain the man.

  • Wow. How misguided.
    The problem is that the NDAA gives the Prez the CHOICE to send him to Gitmo. That President Obama did not take this choice does not make the NDAA benign. Certainly President Cheney or President Palin would have.

    • Diana Miller

      President Obama NEVER felt he had a choice. Being as they were American citizens, he knew what was right. It was certain Senators that wanted to violate the Constitution. Think about that!

      • My Sentaor, Dianne Feinstein, whom I had written regarding my opposition to this agreed that it was wrong, but voted for it anyway. Are you telling me that Senators Feinstein and Boxer had no choice as they were under the control of the GOP?

  • NDAA is clearly unconstitutional. Defending it is defending treason committed by Congress and the pResident.
    Manny, why do you hate the Constitution? Why do you love treason?

    • That word “Treason” … it doesn’t mean what you think it means. It is very clearly and very specifically defined in Art. 3, Sec. 3 of the Constitution. Look it up.

      That *and only that* is the definition of treason in the United States. Lots of people love to throw that word around about things they don’t like. And 90+% of them are dead wrong.

  • It’s not Obama that I am afraid of. It’s the next Republican fascist that steals an election.

    • 24601

      And your fear is why this nation will never get better. Go ahead and side with the murdering fascist with a “D” against the murdering fascist with the “R”.

      • So, since you have this figured out, what is the solution?

  • Im not sure how this is a deluded version of Islam. I have read the Koran. They have permission to kill the “infidel.” Matter of fact, the Koran specifically states that they can lop off the heads of the infidels at every opportunity. A couple of things about the Koran: 1. If you are gay or lesbian, you are dead. 2. Jesus was a sham. 3. You can have as many wives as you want (but your first wife is your main wife). As far as NDAA is concerned, it is against the Constitution (whether is it used or not). Its pretty much that simple.

    • Have you read the Bible with an eye toward such statements? They are rife.

    • EssEffOh

      Yes the Koran condones killing. Just like the Old Testament of the Christian/Jewish bible is full of story after story of God ordering his followers to kill kill kill. These religions have some horrible histories.

  • mary shannon

    I believe it was only the surviving younger brother who had attained actual citizenship.

  • That any self-identified progressive media would characterize concern over the NDAA clauses as ‘screaming’, or otherwise unreasonable, is a big clue as to how much words like progressive and liberal have become meaningless. Not to mention that the premise of the above pitch is absurd on the face of it. For shame, and not worth revisiting.

  • ddearborn


    Come on now this was such a high profile case world wide the powers that be had no chance what so ever to violate their rights (beyond running one down and then shooting him stone dead and ripping the throat out of the other one) let alone make them disappear. I mean how would it look with everyone watching.

    The power of the NDAA is in its ability to operate in total secret. The key provisions were never designed to be used in the light of day. The danger of the NDAA is all the cases that never make it into the public eye. Of course the author knows this full well and instead indulges in a game of lets pretend. In this case it is lets pretend the NDAA isn’t dangerous and isn’t a violation of our Constitutional rights.

  • Where is the “progressive” in your name? You IDIOT! They killed a 16 year old american who did nothing without trial or charge, already, and threatened journalists with it… do things have to go AAAAALLLLLL the way down the road before you acknowledge the danger? Get me off of this LAME page! The kids weren’t tried yet, and yet you condemn them- SICKO. I saw with my own eyes a cell picture of one of the brothers still had his back pack on AFTER the explosion, where as at least one of the BLACK OPS that were seen hanging around didn’t have his after… But keep drinking the cool aid…it obviously makes you feel all good and smug to do so!

  • SK

    The whole boston marathon bombing was a farce. They were paid actors. Where was the severed limbs? How come multiple witnesses looked at the blood and noticed something off with it, like it looked fake? I used to be a democrat, But now I see they are just as bad as everyone else, and this NDAA crap is not right, at all. Those supposed “suspects” were scapegoats in a governmental plan to enforce and test out their martial law plan. This was the first, there will be others, and don’t believe the hype of what the media claims, including this bullshit site, and crap “journalist” People love to use the term “conspiracy theorist”, sorry, i’m not, I can see what is going on, it’s just sad most other people cannot.