Damn Near Everything Donald Trump Says is a Lie, Extremely Bigoted, Or Both

donald-trump-jon-stewart-2While most have been appalled by some of Donald Trump’s recent comments, I absolutely love everything he’s been saying. Here we have someone who’s going off on some of the most disgusting racist tirades against Mexicans we’ve ever seen – to such an extent that even many of his fellow GOP candidates are bashing him – and he’s climbing in the polls. Heck, he currently leads in North Carolina.

Yes, you read that correctly: Donald Trump called most Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists – and became the GOP frontrunner (or damn close to it) soon after.

That should give you an idea of the true values of many conservative voters, which is the part I’m enjoying most. Here we have someone who literally doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of him, saying all sorts of ignorant and hateful things, and he’s climbing in the polls. In other words, his racism and bigotry might be getting rejected by the Republican party itself – but not those who vote for Republicans.

But Trump’s strength, and yes it’s a strength, is his ability to literally not care how people view him. His ego is so massive, his arrogance is so obtuse, that he will say anything and everything he wants as long as he feels it’s going to benefit him.

That’s why I don’t understand why people are “shocked” that he’s doubling down on his racist comments – why wouldn’t he? He’s taking a massive amount of attention away from his other GOP rivals and seeing his numbers skyrocket in the polls. Politically speaking, he would be an idiot to go back on what’s essentially working out wonderfully for him at this particular moment.

But perhaps the best part of all of this is, almost nothing he says is actually true. In fact, his scorecard with Politifact is horrific.

Of the 23 comments they’ve fact checked, 78 percent (18 of 23) of those comments have been rated “Mostly False,” “False” or “Pants on Fire” – with 69 percent falling into the latter two categories.

That is an atrocious record when it comes to telling the truth.

But it’s not just the rate at which Trump lies, it’s that many of those lies are either bigoted statements he just flat-out made up or he was completely incompetent when trying to decipher the source of information that led him to make one of these totally inaccurate comments.

Take for instance a claim he made soon after he announced his candidacy where he said that our GDP was zero for the first quarter of this year. Yes, a multibillionaire businessman claimed that the U.S. GDP for the first quarter of 2015 was zero – even though that’s essentially impossible. So he was either blatantly lying or he’s somehow managed to become a billionaire without understanding a very basic principle of economics and our economy.

And being that this is “The Donald” we’re talking about, either is possible.

But what all of this does seem to prove is that, based upon Donald Trump’s recent surge in most presidential polls, for many conservative voters, dishonesty and racism is exactly what they want to hear.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Here is a good campaign slogan. “Pragmatism. Now.”

  • Jay Greenburg

    Pure and simple, the rumpster says out loud what the repub party and their candidates believe but won’t say out loud. That’s why repub voters are gobbling up the red meat. No one can ever accuse repub voters and candidates of basing their opinions on actual facts.

  • Sue Pachunk

    Liberal talking point blogs are always good for a lark, especially when they purport to “fact check” while clearly putting forth a blatant and egregious spin of their own.
    One key thing this writer forgot to mention is that Trump is NOT a Republican. When he previously considered running as a Reform Party candidate, he had a drastically different set of “progressive” ideas and actually attacked Pat Buchanan calling him names such as “racist.” Trump also has given more money to Democrats (including Hillary and Harry Reid) over the past 25 years than to GOP candidates. Why are they not insisting on giving those donations back now if his remarks are so appalling?
    Could it be that he’s perhaps brokered a deal with Hillary to try to be an election spoiler as a third party candidate?

    Republicans supporting Trump are responding to a few things–
    1) His novelty and name recognition, rewarding a candidate who actually is bold enough to stand out from the pack and contradict the groupthink lemmings. While Trump’s assessment on immigration clearly is an exaggerated polemic, he does have some good points about the need to draw desirable workers in to create a strong economy, just as every country in Europe—not to mention Mexico itself—has stronger immigration policies. And he’s right, of course, about the presence of undesirables and outlaws, as vindicated by the unfortunate events on San Francisco’s Pier 14, which was just one of many tragedies like it that often get ignored by the media.

    2) Republicans are fed up with the cultural warfare being waged on them, in ways that are equally racist, equally appalling, from the left, and they are in need of someone to champion those concerns, regardless of the underlying politics. Their approval ratings are not for Trump or for his message per se but are a message to others that things have gotten out of hand and gone way far to the left, as evidenced by the radical nutcases who are turning out in droves to see an avowed socialist pervert.

    Trump will not win the GOP nomination. At some point he will be confronted with his past, and it’s quite possible people will just get tired of him before that. The question is whether he intends to be a spoiler and for what reason. I only hope we can get Nader back in the race also to make it really interesting.

    • Michael Hurst

      Yes, you’re right, we should never let facts get in the way. We know the real truthiness.

      • Sue Pachunk

        Always a plenty supply of glib comments, but rarely any facts you see on the left that they can actually back up. That’s the whole reason Hillary has to delete her e-mails and avoid debates is that it’s all built on lies and false promises. If those who supported them realize the big lie they’d bought into, this notion of the Clintons and Obamas and their croonies as “social justice pioneers” rather than the corrupt crooks that they are, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. Keep drinking that Kool Aid and staying plugged into your little Bill Maher shows—better that you’re dumb and placated, at least, than to have you out roaming the streets.

      • Michael Hurst

        After 5 days this is the best you can come up with? How sad for you.

      • Sue Pachunk

        ??? OK. whatever.

  • Roslyn Brown

    Oh, please! Can we please vote for the candidate that is the best choice for America as it stands right now? Who’s going to fix the mess the Middle classes are in? Improve our schools so all of our children have a future? Fix our infa-structure so our highways are safe to travel upon? Improve our Healthcare system? Take care of our military veterans like they deserve after fighting for this country in some foreign land? (Civil War is the last war fought on American soil, so what are we really fighting for?) Uphold and create the laws that provide equal rights to all of our citizens (male and female!)? Quit giving tax breaks to companies who closed their US factories so the company’s profits are sky-high? Make our tax regulations fair for all citizens and quit letting the wealthy off the hook? These are just some of the vital issues that should determine who our next President is. Any other reasons for voting are self-destructive and will not help this country at all.

  • Dean El Loca

    I looked up clueless asswipes and it brought me to this page.. I guess it’s true America really has been degraded. Never knew there are gathering rejects but here is the proof. You ignorant people are scary stupid.

    • Michael Hurst

      Classy. You represent your side well.