Neil deGrasse Tyson Hammers ‘Fear Factor’ of GMO’s: ‘I Don’t Have a Problem’ with them, ‘So Chill Out’

tyson-on-cosmosKnowing what I know about the debate over GMO’s and modified foods, I’m sure the comments made by famed astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson will bring about an interesting discussion.

I’ve never really waded into the waters of the debate over GMO’s.  Mainly because it seems that it just causes people to shout at each other based on emotions on the issue rather than engage in reasonable debate over whether or not GMO’s are as dangerous as some claim.

Though my colleague Manny Schewitz has touched on the topic, on several different occasions.

Well, Mr. Tyson had some choice words for many anti-GMO advocates.

On a video that appears to have been shot on someone’s phone, Tyson said:

“I’m amazed how much rejection genetically modified foods are receiving from the public.  It smacks of the fear factor that exists at every new emergent science, where people don’t fully understand it or don’t fully know or embrace its consequences, and so therefore reject it.”

“There are no wild, seedless watermelons. There’s no wild cows.  There’s no long-stemmed roses growing in the wild – although we don’t eat roses.  You list all the fruit, and all the vegetables, and ask yourself, is there a wild counterpart to this? If there is, it’s not as large, it’s not as sweet, it’s not as juicy, and it has way more seeds in it.”

“We are creating and modifying the biology of the world to serve our needs.  I don’t have a problem with that, because we’ve been doing that for tens of thousands of years. So chill out.”

While I do agree with most of what he has to say, I do feel that there are some GMO’s that aren’t small modifications that simply make fruit bigger or sweeter.  Though I do feel many of these anti-GMO people go entirely overboard with their attacks on food modification.

The problem is there’s so much misinformation out there about GMO’s that it’s almost impossible at times to tell fact from fiction.

But I’ll say this, when a highly renowned astrophysicist, whom I respect, makes comments such as these – I tend to listen to what they have to say.  Though I’m sure these comments will undoubtedly stir up quite the debate.

Watch Tyson’s comments below:

Allen Clifton

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