Nevada Dumps Mentally Ill and Homeless onto Buses, Sends Them to Other States

nevada-greyhoundIn news that can only be described as disgusting and atrocious, a state psychiatric facility in Nevada sent homeless individuals suffering from a variety of mental illnesses onto buses with one-way tickets, telling them to seek treatment in other states.

Patients were said to be given three days worth of medicine, some snacks and a one-way ticket to whichever state they were being sent to.  States in which many of the patients had no friends or family.

Well, the city of San Francisco is suing Nevada for $500,000 in funds it claims to have spent housing and treating some of these patients.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said, “Homeless, psychiatric patients are especially vulnerable to the kind of practices Nevada engaged in, and the lawsuit I’ve filed today is about more than just compensation.  It’s about accountability.”

Nevada officials have responded by saying that they wouldn’t reimburse the city because — it has failed to demonstrate appropriate standing to represent the patients.

Yes, Nevada officials are saying they don’t owe the city anything because San Francisco hasn’t demonstrated that it did all it could to properly represent the patients Nevada sent on a one-way bus trip to California.

The state is claiming it simply didn’t have the funds to continue treating the patients, and they would have “better luck” seeking treatment in other states.

This situation is absolutely reprehensible.  Maybe if Nevada (controlled by a Republican governor) hadn’t made the fifth-largest cuts of any state to mental health treatment, it wouldn’t have lacked the funds to treat mentally ill patients?

Even worse is the absolute lack of accountability Nevada shows by trying to say that they owe San Francisco nothing because that city hasn’t shown that the individuals have been properly cared for.  Excuse me?  I don’t think “proper care” for mentally ill individuals involves sending them on buses to states they’ve never been to with nothing but some snacks and well wishes.

And while the governor has pledged to spend more caring for the state’s mentally ill, it doesn’t make up for the deplorable actions of sending these kinds of people on one-way trips, to states in which they had no family or friends, just to seemingly “rid” them of having to financially support them.

It’s one thing to cut funding and release people who need help onto your own streets.  While disgusting, it’s not something that would be “shocking” coming from Republicans and how they view people who need help — and quite frankly, it goes on all the time.

But for them to go out of their way to pawn these people off on other states — and then deny any responsibility for them afterward — that’s a whole other level of disgusting behavior.  Nevada’s actions are not only embarrassing—they should be criminal.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bonnie

    This is so disturbing! When will we learn to treat the sick with dignity and respect and not shun them or ship them off! Our attitude towards mental illness has not changed since the 50s! Tragic!

  • Shannon

    Could this be transformed into Boycott Vegas response?

  • Elvis

    Boycott Nevada entirely……who needs a bunch of sand & cactus anyway

    • toucanne

      It’s clay where I am.

    • Michael Smiley Gawthrop

      Yes, because nothing will force the state to solve the problems caused by a lack of sales tax revenue (mental health is a sales tax funded service in Nevada… for that matter, almost everything is funded by sales tax other than education) like reducing their sales tax collection even more. If you must have a target to take your frustration out on, take it out on the people responsible, the congress that refuses to do anything that will improve the economy so states never even have to consider desperate measures like that.

    • TrueLiberal9

      why do you d’bags always throw out “lets boycott it”….?

    • Phil me Cracken

      Libturds do, it’s run by libturds most notably, harry Reid

  • Steve Saunders

    welcome to earth….land of the lizard

  • Rick Heath

    There you go, our Republican cut backs at work. All so they can try to blame this on President Obama also.

    • Jeremy D. Kantorowicz

      Of course the fact that both of Nevada’s state houses are Dem controled is missed out here…

      • the sequester is a Republican, federal contrivance.

      • Jeremy D. Kantorowicz

        So, in an article that’s blaming a Republican governor that signed a budget created by a Democrat legislator, you’re going to bring up Republicans in the US House – something this article doesn’t mention. Please, explain to me how that makes any sense on any level?

      • dave.lefevre

        Maybe… now hear me out… just MAYBE there is a humanitarian reason to care about these people getting dumped and Republican vs. Democratic should take a back seat. Both so-called sides need to put that B.S. aside and learn to have humanity again.

      • Lawrence6942

        Hey you are that chiropractor from Colorado who lost his licence after sexually molesting his patients, aren’t you loony lloyd? Yes you are.

      • Phil me Cracken

        Lloyd Lachow is a convicted sexual molestor.

      • Phil me Cracken

        Lloyd lachow is a sex pervert who molested his female chiropractic patients. Needless to say Lloyd got busted and lost his license

    • TrueLiberal9

      as Obama blames everything on bush………hahaha

  • MrWeremam

    Republicans will probably say the loss of money would have come from Obamacare somehow.

    • mavrick

      yes Reagan did it hard core

      • shopper2

        Reagan’s way of cleaning up the rolls of disability and mentally ill patients I feel led to the early death of my older sister. She was held up on a treadmill so she could ‘pass’ a test and was removed. She then had to work 2 jobs while suffering as a severe diabetic with heart problems. A stroke, a heart attack and a quadruple bypass later, she was finally allowed back on disability but her health was so much worse, she didn’t last long.

      • Brightfox

        I’m so very sorry to hear about your sister, shopper2. How heartbreaking…

      • Phil me Cracken

        If she was a loser libTURD then good, I’m glad the government leach is dead. Hopefully your next libturd.f u c k your dead sister

  • Beth

    I havent heard anything so disturbing in a really ling time. Who made such a horrific decision for these poor people. How do they sleep at night? I applaud Sanfransico for making Nevada take responsibility for their residence and their own problems. Nevada, DISGRACEFUL move on your part

  • Phil C

    This is nothing new, other than it’s Nevada doing it this time… New York, New Jersey and other New England states hospitals/healthcare agencies have been doing the same thing for years by sending them to Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson… a bus ticket and maybe some change… search the news archives.. there have been lawsuits about this in the past…

    • Pipercat

      Since these buses cross state lines, Congress should… fuck, what am I saying. There are too many Post Offices to name before they sell them off…

      • Robyn Kern

        It is done all the time however, there is some illegality to it.

  • shane98

    Back in the early seventies, we referred to it as “Greyhound Therapy.”

    • Robyn Kern

      It is still referred to as greyhound therapy or bus therapy.

  • L. Hammond

    As an Interstate Bus Driver for Jefferson Lines, I can almost guarantee you that Nevada is not the only state doing this. Nearly everyday, there is someone that rides my bus that should not be travelling alone…. and it’s heart-wrenching to see this and not be able to fully make sure that they get to their final destinations.

  • Liz

    That might explain Texas!

    • Pipercat

      Except, they dump them off in Austin, at the Capitol!

    • Gloria

      Lmao!!! It just might!!

  • Terry Jackson

    No doubt the republican governor in Michigan would do this too.

  • Richard Verdejo

    I hope the Federal govt is suspending any funds earmarked for Nevada under Medicaid/Medicare or any other block grant programs for mental health and then looking at legal action for “patient dumping”.

    Shades of “Willowbrook” from the early 70s.

  • Michael Kannon

    If they get re-elected they would empty their orphanages that way.

  • camperben

    Boycott Vegas….hurt the Republicans in the only organ they have feelings…their Wallets

    • Richard Wilson

      Since you are obviously democrat you should know Vegas (Clark County) is where Harry Reid is elected every time. So = go ahead boycott Vegas So people leave and he who has done nothing to help this state finally goes away.

      • Phil me Cracken

        Libturd Ben is not to bright.

  • Richard Wilson

    Every Single State in America does this. However this article is misleading. The only time Nevada does this and it has been happening before buses. In the state of Nevada if you come to this state and cause harm or discontent with it’s citizens the state and local police agencies have the right to escort or remove said subject from the state. It is in the NRS statues. Second the mentally handicap are only removed after the state has made reasonable attempts to assist in the aid of the individual, and that individual remains in refusal of said treatment or assistance. The state always and remains steadfast in it’s attempts however if someone enters the state with the assumption of ability to panhandle or commit fraud with it’s citizens the state has the up most obligation to remove those found to be participants in said actions. (Also in the statues) I am willing to bet none of this was covered in the article. It is laughable that any City in California would sue since they are the most guilty sending countless transients to Reno, NV every day. Damn if your going to report on something get it right please.

    • Richard Wilson

      If you think I am incorrect let me give you some background info. One I am a law enforcement officer in Northern NV, Second I am security officer in one of the largest casino’s in northern Nevada. We get countless transients, whether just drug addicts, and or mentally disabled people dumped at our casino steps with a one way state paid for bus ticket from California. Mostly from you guessed it San Francisco.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Can I ask for a ticket to Seattle?

  • UsedtoBE

    Every month, the GOP prove again and again just how low they will go. It is truly disgusting.

    • Phil me Cracken

      Nevada is a left wing state who votes harry Reid into the senate every time. Dimbulb

  • Kelly Zimmerman-Frame

    This is so sick there are not words that can describe this outside of some four letter ones. This is criminal and I hope they find some way to prosecute someone for this.

  • Z54

    Well for all of the states that Nevada dumped on. Send Nevada all of your nuclear waste with no return address! Touche!

  • stainpouch

    Nearly every major city has done this or something similar (whole states?). Nearly all of these cities were solidly behind “community-based” programs, so they emptied out their mental hospitals and closed them (1980-1990). Then, after they had sufficiently dispersed these undesirables, they conveniently forgot to fund the very programs they had started. How can we continue to feed the war machine, if we stop to take care of our own? Can’t be done. Oh well. Off we go–somewhere in the world there’s someone who needs our help!

  • Major herbert

    America, home of the Brave, Or home of the Cowards ? If this is your THIRD world democracy you are trying to spread around the world, then YOU can keep it. If this is your kind of Christianity, YOU can keep it, America is NOT at all a democratic country, America is NOT a Christian country, At least this is how you portray America to the rest of the civilized world when we see these hideous acts of pure inhumanity carried out by supposedly civilized people, shame on you SO CALLED Christian nation for letting it happen,

    • medcannabis1

      powerful words of truth…

    • Phil me Cracken

      Just remember Nevada is run by shitstain left wing libTARDs . In other words they are your ilk loser.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    If this is going on in every state, we need to do something to fix it. If these people can not take care of themselves, we, as a nation, should do something about it. Putting people who can not take care of themselves on a bus is basically sending them off and hoping they die. How Christian is that?

  • medcannabis1

    Welcome to GOP governance…. this is nothing more than criminal conduct on behalf of corrupt state officials …..
    Should the GOP be investigated under RICO

    • Phil me Cracken

      You dumbass Nevada is a libturd state, you ever heard of harry reid, senator from Nevada? Hahaha what a stupid doped up pot head loser

  • Anita Delgado

    That is what they get, Every single state that receives a patient from this state in this way should sue. HIPPA and other health laws make provisions for health care portability and transfers. This is illegal. Which ever hospital did this the CEO or whom ever made the decision should lose their license and brought under criminal charges.

  • Anita Delgado

    Before shipping these patients to other states, health law provides that they secure a treatment facility for them. Not just send them on a bus with a few days of medication hoping they find some place. This is absolutely unacceptable. And the person who made this decision should be in prison.

  • Chad Roye

    I’m tired of this Republican VS Democrat shit that is constantly going on. It’s like the cival war all over. Everyone needs to shut the fuck up and start punishing individuals and not the groups associated with those individuals. There are idiotic republicans and democrats but if you dare spend time pointing fingers and insulting the other one randomly. You’re most likely the problem.

  • Mo

    This sort of thing happens frequently. I remember the county I grew up in chased and/or deposited the homeless and mentally ill just across the county border. This practice is still being used even today. Surrounding counties arent happy about it but they dont sue. Is it nice? Ethical? No it isnt. I think a law suit is ridiculous. They are there now.

  • Linda Phillippi

    …a sign of the times.

  • Dennis O’Connor

    Stop blaming the political parties. They represent YOU! If they don’t, it’s still your fault. This is a representative government. If they don’t represent you, get rid of them. New York State closed their mental health facilities decades ago and put their mentally ill out on the streets. This i snothing new. No one is innocent here. No one.

  • Matthew Reece

    This is why taking care of mental patients should be done in the free market.

  • SDJan

    It is criminal. It is being treated as a the crime it is. More deplorable because it involved the most vulnerable. Worse yet is that healthcare providers would do this. Stop the politics. Whoever participated or knew about it is guilty.

  • roger warde

    Soylent Green is just around the corner I fear.

  • Guest

    This far from new and certainly not exclusive to Nevada. I’ve herd of it happening in at least three other states and would bet it is more widespread than that.

    Didn’t Nevada just surpass Florida as the state with the highest unemployment stats?

    If you’re going to lay blame anywhere, you have to dig a little deeper into recent history, say, mid-1970’s, when states began discharging mentally handicapped to community group homes where they soon fell through the cracks and simply added to the homeless population.

    History will likely repeat itself in that society will demand that the mentally handicapped be put somewhere (warehoused, drugged) to make our communities more tidy. we should count ourselves fortunate that we don’t have to live until age 200 where we would witness problem recycling over and over ad nauseum.

  • nosake

    This is far from new and certainly not exclusive to Nevada. I’ve heard of it happening in at least three other states and would bet it is more widespread than that.

    Didn’t Nevada just surpass Florida as the state with the highest unemployment stats?

    If you’re going to lay blame anywhere, you have to dig a little deeper into recent history, say, mid-1970’s, when states began discharging the mentally handicapped to community group homes where they soon fell through the cracks and simply added to the homeless population.

    History will likely repeat itself in that society will demand that the mentally handicapped be put somewhere (warehoused, drugged) to make our communities more tidy. We should count ourselves fortunate that we don’t have to live until age 200 where we would witness problem recycling ad nauseum.