New 2016 Poll Reveals Humiliating News for Ted Cruz, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush

cruz-perry-bush-1While it’s still very early in the 2016 presidential race debate, we are starting to get closer to that point where individuals start declaring their candidacy for president and the early stages of their campaigns begin taking shape. But this is also a time where polls start to mean a little more as the first GOP primary debate is only a few short months away.

Now, while most people have gone ahead and anointed Jeb Bush as the candidate who’ll emerge from what’s sure to be a very crowded field of contenders (and I do think he’ll eventually be the guy chosen), he still has a long way to go before he actually gets there.

And if a recent poll is any indication of what the future might hold, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is in the driver’s seat right now for the GOP. A poll done by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune showed Walker leads all potential candidates in Texas with 20 percent of those surveyed stating they would support him as the candidate.

Notice it’s Walker who leads in Texas, not Sen. Ted Cruz, Rick Perry or Jeb Bush. That’s pretty bad. For someone from Wisconsin to lead three very well-known Texas politicians (Bush was born here) is pretty embarrassing. Though Cruz did at least come in second in this survey with 19 percent, so he saves some dignity if that’s at all possible.

The same can’t be said for Bush or Perry. The former Florida governor, who was born in Midland, TX, tied Ben Carson with 9 percent, while the former Texas governor only managed to received 8 percent among Republican primary voters surveyed.

So, not only did Cruz, Perry and Bush all come in behind Walker in Texas, which is humiliating in and of itself, but Bush and Perry did just about as well as “doesn’t have a chance in hell because he’s insane” former Fox News contributor Ben Carson.

I usually don’t like to read too much into these kinds of early polls, but this one is really bad; especially coming so close to the start of primary season.

Sure, Ted Cruz polled within the margin of error for this survey, but it’s still telling that Walker gained that much ground since October when Cruz led all candidates at 26 percent. And it’s absolutely embarrassing that Bush and Perry not only came in well behind the two leaders, but polled almost on par with Carson who’s someone almost no one is taking seriously (and rightfully so) heading into 2016.

Though, to be fair, nobody is really taking Perry seriously either.

But what fascinates me about these numbers is how off I would have been if I had to guess the candidates based on who I think has the best chance to take Texas. It’s really starting to make me believe that the 2016 GOP primaries might be one of the most hotly contested we’ve ever seen. If Walker is able to come in and take Southern states like Texas, he might very well be the person who takes the GOP’s nomination.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • deedee2die4

    Jeb v sHillary. Then no one will wonder why only 28% voted in 2014,

    • strayaway

      “(Hillary Clinton is) the ultimate guardian of bipartisan status quo corruption, and no debate will happen if she’s the nominee against some standard Romney/Bush-type GOP candidate. Some genuine dissenting force is crucial.” – Jeff Greenwald as reported by Salon 2/23/15

      That genuine dissenting force isn’t going to be Jeb either. How depressing.

  • Jim Valley

    The 2016 Klown Kar Krew is particularly embarrassing. I have never seen such a collection of misfits, losers, and weirdoes!

    • Curtis Jones Sr.

      Is that pronounced:KKK?

      • Jim Valley

        Can be. Can be.

      • Frank deVictorman

        How could those three words be pronounced with three letters?

        It would seem you and Curtis are the real clowns.

  • Keith

    Ted Cruz is the most dangerous man in Washington DC. He is crazy and has a big following in the Tea Party. A disaster waiting to happen.

  • fearlesskris

    It’ll be fun to watch the annual gathering of the conservative juggalos at C-PAC. All that’s missing is the clown makeup. Wonder who will be the wunderkind from that meeting?

    • Curtis Jones Sr.

      What happened to the old front runner Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christy? Being Rush Limbaugh’s illegitimate son, that must count for something

      • Frank deVictorman

        Looks like you’ve had your fair share of morning donuts your own self, Curtis. Glass houses and stones are not a good combination platter.

  • strayaway

    The link in the article was for Texas. (FYI) Real Clear Politics averages recent polls. Its current national ranking by percentage is Bush 13.7, Huckabee 12.3, Paul 11.3, Walker 9, Carson 9, Christie 6.7, Rubio 6, Cruz 5, Perry 3.7, Jindal 2.3, Santorum 2.3, Kasich 2.

    My take: Walker is a distraction. The press is pumping him up and letting him take the arrows until Bush lines up his money. Some of these guys are running for VP. A Bush/Rubio ticket might appeal to Hispanic voters. A Paul/Carson ticket might make inroads with the black vote to get to the 17% black vote Republicans need. Others are running for publicity or trying to cut a bargain. Santorum and Huckabee might be willing to trade their religious right constituency for their endorsement and some pers. In the end, big money will put Hillary and Jeb is a dynastic contest. Big money will win either way.

  • Frank deVictorman

    Polling was far more “humiliating” for Barack Obama this time 8 years ago against Hillary Clinton.

    Only mindless cheerleaders find any meaning in this.