New Gallup Poll Crushes Vital Piece of Republican Propaganda Against Obamacare

boehner-dohYears from now, history is going to look back on the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) as a law that befuddles people who weren’t alive when it was first passed. They’ll look back and mock those who levied such blind hatred toward the law much in the same way we do those who stood against every other piece of historic legislation that was passed in this country.

Because no matter what “horrors” Republicans try to sell to the American people about “Obamacare,” reality continues to prove otherwise. Aside from all the ridiculous nonsense (death panels, government takeover of health care, socialism) the biggest talking point they initially tried to use was that it was a “job killer.” Then again, what isn’t a “job killer” to Republicans? It’s their go-to fear mongering talking point. Well, as we’ve seen with unemployment dropping below 6%, over 10 million private-sector jobs being created since the law was passed and 2014 being the best year for job creation since the 90’s – the ACA hasn’t “killed jobs.”

Then we can’t forget about this time last year when Republicans were falling all over themselves with joy following the disastrous marketplace rollout. Though reality ultimately showed that it had very little impact as over 8 million Americans used the health care exchange to sign up for health insurance.

The next lie they then tried to push was that even though over 8 million people signed up for “Obamacare,” only a small fraction of those people would actually pay. Wrong again. In fact, 90 percent of the people who signed up for health care through the marketplace paid for their coverage.

Well, now a new Gallup poll crushes another right-wing lie about dissatisfaction with coverage, showing that an overwhelming number of people who signed up for insurance for the first time thanks to the Affordable Care Act approve of their health care. And even the numbers for people who already had health insurance remain overwhelmingly positive.

When respondents were asked to rate the quality of health care they received, 74 percent rated it “excellent/good” with only 5 percent rating it “poor.” But not only that, people who already had insurance before “Obamacare” gave their health insurance even higher marks with 81 percent saying their coverage was “excellent/good” and only 4 percent rating it as poor. So it’s not just “people who’ve never had insurance” being happy about finally getting health coverage. People who already had insurance actually gave their current coverage higher ratings than those who were newly insured this year.

Then when they were asked about the cost of health care, the big issue Republicans have fearmongered on for years, 75 percent said they were “satisfied.”

And when the “newly insured” were asked what plans they had for their health coverage in 2015, 90 percent said they were going to keep paying for health insurance (even if some were going to switch plans or carriers) and only 2 percent said they were going to drop coverage.

It’s become comical at this point to see Republicans continue to push for a full repeal of “Obamacare” when even new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) practically admitted that the law had been an overwhelming success in his home state – while still pushing to repeal the law.

I’ve joked here lately that I’m waiting for the day a few years from now when Republicans try to take credit for the Affordable Care Act.

As time continues to march forward, one Republican lie after another continues to fall. But the problem is, you’ll never hear about any of this on Fox News or any other right-wing media outlet. Though I can assure if you this Gallup poll showed Americans overwhelmingly rejecting their coverage, they would be all over it.

And that’s ultimately the biggest problem when dealing with conservatives. They only trust their handpicked news sources and those sources constantly lie to them, while telling them anyone debunking those lies is part of some “liberal media-controlled conspiracy” to hide their made up version of the truth.

But the numbers don’t lie. And as this Gallup poll shows, an overwhelming number of Americans are incredibly satisfied with the health care and coverage they’ve received since the marketplace launched last year.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • CobrayRPB

    If it is working so well why do you have to defend it so vehemently? 8 million? Who cares? That is such a small amount of the so called 54 million uninsured. Is the price tag on this abortion truly worth it? The Medicad expansion bolstered the numbers as did the people who didn’t know they were eligible for Medicad in the first place. So people can get tax payer subsidized insurance for a fraction of what it would normally cost and sign up in droves. You consider this a success? Of course they will sign up for free stuff, that’s how the Democrats have been coercing voters for decades. So I guess all the Gruber videos with the admission of lying don’t matter? Keep beating the drum!

    • Diamond Jim

      It has to be defended because it is constantly under attack, genius!

      • Edwin

        If it’s so great, why did Dems have to lie and bribe in order to get it passed?

        Another red meat to hyenas blog post here. Post-tsunami.

      • Travis Russell

        RIGHT!!!! But to these people…the end justifies the means…They lie for our own good…It is scary that these people are so gullible that they believe that Obama or this government as a whole cares ONE BIT about you…Additionally, if Obamacare was so great, why did EVERY senator, Congressman and families get exempted from the law?

      • No one got exempted from the law. They had insurance (through their job) that covered them according to the requirements of the law.

        Forcing them to go on their state’s health connector would not have been in line with what the law required at all.

      • Travis Russell

        No, you are wrong. Obama exempted quite a few groups of elites…

      • strayaway

        Of the 204 new waivers under the (un)ACA that the administration approved in April, 38 (almost 20%) are for restaurants and hotels in Pelosi’s congressional district.” What a coincidence.

    • Kraig34690

      The reason for the defense is that this is the first piece of health care legislation passed that actually does something, anything, to give people access to insurance. Does it have problems? Absolutely. Are there better ways to address the issues created when people have no access to health insurance? Most certainly. Is this the best that we can do? Absolutely not. That being said, this WAS the best we could do in the political environment we have, and where the entire frame of reference was to work within the private insurance company system. This is an inefficient way of getting people health care coverage; it is expensive and the results are not optimal. The ACA has many flaws that need to resolved if it is to actually address the needs of those not yet covered. But unless and until the two major parties can find a way to at least maintain numbers who have enrolled while tweaking the law the make it better, this is the system we have. And that is better than nothing.

    • Steve Swangler

      you really are ignorant of the facts. when we don’t “defend” the truth, republicans win congress, because people like yourself don’t bother to learn facts, but instead just agree with whatever the right wing media tell you to think. you really should do the research independently, but I know you wont, you prefer to remain a sheep.

      • TaxPaying American Voter

        And………a lot of Republitard states don’t even offer it genius.

      • Travis Russell

        right wing media? Which one? Fox? Thats it…it is YOU who are gullible and ignorant…but that aside…answer me ONE question…Why are you OK with the government LYING to pass a law?

      • Adam Smith

        They didn’t lie. They made parts of the law harder to understand, just like both parties having been doing for decades. You’re simply one of the stupid voters who couldn’t figure it out.

      • Travis Russell

        They did not lie? Really? “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” “American families will save $2500 a year” I could go on and on….6 YEARS of Obama lies….I had him figured out before he became President…it is you who are apparently too stupid to figure it out…

      • Adam Smith


        I didn’t say they never lie. I said they didn’t lie about that.

        Dude, here’s a clue. ALL politicians lie. I can list tons of Bush and republican lies, so spare me your outrage.

    • mukesh cara

      Remember the days when you could give your doctor a chicken in exchange for his service? How about the latest one from the GOP, when you fall sick go to your church for help. The republican solution to the health care problem is to show up at the emergency room and leave the bill to the taxpayer. If you quit watching fox news then you might permit your brain to function.

    • John Schuster


      • lurch394

        Got that right. He’s a dittohead.

    • BoydCrowder22

      How ffff clueless are you …you brainwashed Fox freak !

      • CobrayRPB

        What a cogent and well stated rebuttal! You are doing the community college that handed you your worthless associates degree in 19th Century Lesbian Poetry a great service.

    • Bob Ellis

      I’ll beat this drum all day long. My wife and I who are now self employed would not even be able to obtain health insurance because of pre existing conditions if it weren’t for the ACA, once again one of us would be tied to a job we hate just for the insurance. The ACA is the best thing that has happened to the self employed or people wanting to start their own business in years. I think herein lies the problem in that Companies are horrified that their employees who have been tied to them for their insurance will no longer have to put up with their BS and will peel off in droves. The statistics are bearing this out as there are now 2 people searching for every available job and 6 years ago their were 7 people searching for every available job. If it keeps heading this way by next year we will be in a tight labor market and wages will rise. Repubs have nightmares about having to pay their workers more money.

  • sonnyboy1

    I had great health care and at a decent price. Now, my health care premium has doubled and on top of that, much less coverage.

    • mukesh cara

      The policy you had was never a policy that paid your claims.It was a ripoff.

      • John Schuster


    • Leland Sinclair

      I live in Kansas ( a very red state) and mine ( for the same coverage) went down FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!

    • John Schuster

      Ditto first comment.

    • BoydCrowder22

      Who you trying to BS with vague and ambiguous nonsense …..Go away Fox freak…..

    • Timotayo

      I have yet to meet a single person(by that I mean REAL people that I have ACTUALLY MET) who has made such a statement. I have encountered people who make the claim, with nothing to back up the claims. I have listened to Teabaggers PRETEND to have investigated coverage who make easily disproven statements.

      I also have taken my spouse to the emergency room four times in 2014. We have gained immediate entrance to a cubicle for immediate care by doctors and nurses, with absolutely no wait time beyond the initial 5 minutes it takes to give our insurance and personal info to the billing personnel. On three of the visits, there were NO patients waiting in the waiting rooms. On the fourth visit, there were TWO patients waiting- who were already in the back room before we were done checking in. FOUR emergency room visits at a total of three hospitals, two of which were located in very large California cities.

      Imagine that! Emergency room visits that did not involve waiting 5-6 hours before receiving medical attention. The last time I took my injured sister-in-law to a hospital, in 2012, we walked into the hospital at 11:00 PM and didn’t get seen until nearly 6:00 AM the next morning. During that visit, an elderly man actually dropped to the floor in front of a receptionist, from a massive heart attack, while his wife begged for someone, ANYONE, to please help him.

      He died waiting. So, Mr. Baloney- suck it up and give up the BS. EVERYONE matters- not just you.

      • Valeria T

        I’m guessing that your state expanded Medicaid to the uninsured who are eligible under the ACA. My state did not, and our emergency department waiting rooms are still full. Many of those waiting are not actually experiencing medical emergencies.

      • Timotayo

        Yes, we live in San Rafael, California. The four hospital visits all took place in SoCal, when at our apartment in San Diego.

        Not only do non-emergency patients clog emergency rooms where states refused to expand Medicaid, but there is still the problem of lower- and middle-income people without insurance having to hedge their bets when ill- Do they go to the doctor with money they don’t have only to find out there’s nothing major wrong or do they decide against it only to find out that Mom had cancer or the child had a deadly lung infection?

        There’s a woman who has lived across the street from us for years. My husband helped walk her through the insurance process, when the ACA went into effect. As a single mother with two boys, insurance had been an unaffordable non-option at times and a financially devastating requirement at others. Under the ACA, her net savings on insurance for herself and two boys turned out to be approximately $600.00 a month!. When you have two adolescent boys, that $600.00 is a lot of jeans and shoes and school supplies. It’s also a lot of money in the local business coffers, rather than some insurance exec’s golden parachute.

    • lindylou

      I call your bullshit, and raise some facts. We KEPT our insurance which is good, albeit expensive. Did you read the fine print? Did your great insurance step up to the plate if you got really, really sick?

    • Doug Dittmer

      If your health care got more expensive with a reduction in benefits, that was the choice of your employer. Employers want to reduce the amount they pay for healthcare. They are competing in a global economy where other countries provide the health coverage and employers don’t have to bear the cost. It’s a major reason jobs are being outsourced to other countries.

    • Politijoe

      Sonny boy you fail to recognize that your healthcare premiums would’ve increased anyway-even without the ACA. Matter if fact premiums have increased an average of 8% annually for over a decade. Do your homework

    • Valeria T

      I had great employer-provided health care coverage at a decent price too (“free” is a decent price, yes?). Over the past 3 or 4 years, the plan has changed to a PPO plan which does not include my PCP and includes only one of my specialists, the copay has gone up, and the coinsurance has dropped from 80%/20% to 70%/30% (before it started dropping, it was 90%/10%). If I had a spouse or family on the plan, the monthly cost of adding them would have also increased significantly. All of which has nothing to do with the ACA, it has to do with what the employer is willing to pay for–which has dropped every year for the past 3-4 years. It did not start dropping in 2013.

      • Teri Hawkey Silvey

        Thanks for your common sense reply. I hate it that your employer is doing this to you, but I’m so glad you realize it has absolutely nothing to do with the ACA.

      • My spouse and I are finding that we get cheaper options for the two of us on our local ACA-mandated health exchange (Hawaii Health Connector) than through her employer. If it were just her, it would be slightly cheaper to get employer-provided health care, but for a second person, it is much cheaper to go on the Connector. However, if we have three kids, it becomes cheaper with the employer again.

    • RoundRocker

      Have you considered blaming the insurance company? If your previous plan didn’t meet the minimum standards for coverage under the ACA, they had to add the coverage their plan was lacking and then they charge you more for it.

      • Travis Russell

        That is exactly WHY they lied! So you would blame that mean old Insurance company….and you are too stupid to figure it out…They TAX the insurance company and in turn the insurance company TAXES YOU!! That is how the Federal government in a round about way managed to TAX YOU without you getting upset over it…If they would have said they were going to raise your taxes to pay for health care if would have never passed/ which is exactly what Johnathan Gruber said.. Americans are too Stupid to figure it out….

  • rossbro

    Still can’t believe Kentuck idiots voted in the a-hole who wants to do away with insurance for a HALF MILLION Kentuckians.

    • mukesh cara

      They never had a brain and they never will.

      • Nick

        …cell. Brain cell.

      • John Schuster

        S**t 4 brains

    • BoydCrowder22

      Clueless inbreds….

    • CB123

      Kentucky rolled the program out as “Kentucky Kynect,” because it was understood that anything called ACA or, colloquially, Obamacare, would be rejected before people even tried it. So even though it has been a spectacular success, there are a lot of Kentuckians who think it is not Obamacare and, in fact, will tell you that it is far better than Obamacare, which is (obviously) a failure. Mitch was able to get away with saying that Kynect was fine and he wouldn’t bother it, but he’d rip out Obamacare “root and branch.”

      • lurch394

        Gov. Steve Breshear is one smart cookie.

  • dan stark

    Except EVERY Repub that ran on repealing O’care won handily. An inconvenient fact.

    • lurch394

      In red states, where they want the president impeached for Presiding While Black.

    • Thomas K

      EVERY Republican ran on lies, voter manipulation, and barely won – primarily by changing voting regulations to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of legitimate American citizens. You keep calling lies facts, while denying the actual facts – much like your plutocrat wannabe dictator Republican leaders. Healthcare costs were spiraling out of control, and both insurers and corporate health interests have been colluding in ways that literally allow people to die of often preventible health issues (while shifting the exponentially more costly ER care these uninsured patients required into hidden, accounting gimmick “high risk pools” that were paid by taxpayers). The solution achieved through ACA was basically regulation of free markets. The alternative would have been true government-run single payer healthcare – which was not proposed. So, all your claims of gubment takeover and socialism are pure bullpucky.

  • U_Da_Man

    Ask all the dems who were thrown out of office how popular obamacare is?

    • John

      I think I read an article today, just now in fact, about a Gallup poll which shows that the ACA is actually pretty popular. Hmm, I wonder where I read that…

  • Jim Bean

    Allen forgets that the employer mandate is not yet in effect yet because it was delayed until after elections because Dems knew it would sour people on Obamacare.

    Allen forgets that the individual mandate has not yet effected anyone but will soon enough.

    Allen forgets that the public has not yet been confronted with how they are going to come up with the 1.4 trillion dollars they’ll need to cough up to sustain this non-self-sustaining welfare program.

    Allen forgets that an Oct 8 poll reveals – Gallup concluded: “Americans’ views toward the law overall and its effect on the U.S. healthcare situation in the long run continue to be more negative than positive.”

    If Obamacare is viewed favorably 50 years from now it will because Pubs fixed it.

    • strayaway

      Allen forgets that 42% of new Medicaid enrollees are legal aliens. When Obama issues his post constitutional republic amnesty decree, over half of Medicaid enrollees will be foreigners. This is stretching Medicaid, a program designed for American citizens, to its breaking point. It was never designed to service the third world.

      I don’t imagine Republicans fixing the (un)ACA. I think Republican leadership will buy into it as corporate profits flow from insurance companies, big pharmaceuticals, and other beneficiaries back to campaign coffers. The (un)ACA has a classic corporatist structure designed to fleece the middle class and benefit the 1%.

      “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage”. “Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass.” -MIT (un)ACA beneficiary Jonathan Gruber

      • Jim Bean

        “Post-constitutional.” I like that. Very apropos.

      • Teri Hawkey Silvey

        Please provide proof of your statement. Even if they are non citizens, if they are legal they are paying taxes, etc., correct?

      • strayaway

        Google article “Immigrant Families Benefit Significantly from Obamacare Accounted for 42% of Medicaid growth since 2011” with footnotes and links to government statistics. As the article points out, “Immigrants benefited more from Medicaid expansion than natives because a much larger share of immigrants are poor and uninsured.”

        Going back to when Obama was lying to promote the (un)ACA, the number of uninsured Americans that was tossed around was 48M I think. When Obama was trying to close the deal, he started using the figure 39M (sans illegals) to make his numbers work better explaining that illegal aliens or whatever he called them were not going to receive (un)ACA benefits. Of course, once passed, he started trying to put illegal aliens on “the path to citizenship” and has replaced the Constitution with his pen and phone.

        ““The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century,” “(This) huge influx of mostly low-skill workers…threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.” – Barack Obama 2006 when he was positioning himself for the presidency as found in his book “The Audacity of Hope”

    • annafeehly

      I heard that pig Limbaugh say the same thing… now I know it’s not the truth.

      • Jim Bean

        You listen to him? I can’t stand him, but OK. If you want nothing but the truth you should be listening exclusively to Obama instead. He is very wary of your ability to catch him in a lie and then hold him accountable.

      • annafeehly

        Actually, it was forced on me…. My husband is a big fan and many mornings I unfortunately wake up to this pig who has passed his nasty views on to my husband. believe me, I would never choose to start my day or spend any precious time listenig to that viagra taking, pill popping junkie.

      • Jim Bean

        You are in grave danger, it sounds like. If you get overexposed to logic (which is pretty much what Rush is about, albeit all gussied up with hyperbole) you might get infected. And its incurable.

      • annafeehly

        My ears are in grave danger of being assaulted by his “opinions” If he was using true logic, his meaningless hyperbole would be unnecessary. Logic is it’s own weapon.

      • Travis Russell

        ARE YOU JOKING? Obama would not know the truth if it was written for him…He has spent the last 6 years constantly lying…(Jay Carney) and now Earnest the liar…you seriously have your head in the clouds…Obamas head would explode if he told the truth…

      • Jim Bean

        Yes, I was joking. It was rank, naked, sarcasm.

  • strayaway

    Whoops. New Gallup results for Nov. 6-9 have arrived. According to a 11/17 Politico article, support for the (un)ACA continues to decline reaching its lowest point ever. Only 37% now approve of the (un)ACA a record low while 56% now disapprove, a record high. Funny title for this article considering Gallup’s own numbers.

  • Travis Russell

    Ok, without name calling can you who support this law answer 3 simple questions..

    1) Why did they have to lie to get it passed?
    2)Why don’t you care that they lied?
    3) Why did they exempt themselves from it?

    If you can honestly give me truthful answers without name calling then you MAY have a valid point. However there are 600,000 people in this country and the VAST MAJORITY have not benefited nor WANT this law…whatever happened to the majority rules?

  • Paper Boy

    Jonathan Gruber videos are causing chaos in the Obama administration. Some media outlets, because they are completely biased in the progressive socialist liberalism persuasion and in the tank for Obama, are conducting black-outs. But the best spin is yet to be seen. Coming soon, President Obama will not acknowledge Gruber, or something similar.

  • ThomasCampbell

    So, as far as I can tell, this whole site isn’t actually about reporting “news”; it’s just “reporting” about Conservatives, so they can piss off liberals and continue to sew divisiveness in America. Or am I missing something here?
    Just about every article listed is about either the GOP or some other conservative issue. Where’s the part that’s supposed to be about going Forward and being “Progressive”? it all seems to be just a hodgepodge of creative conservative-bashing–basically, a rehash of all the negative campaign ads I saw during the recent election madness…
    Does anyone on here actually have anything constructive to say or is it all just whining?