New Gallup Poll Shows Tea Party Favorability Falls to Lowest Level Ever

1454351_10152095825637489_1739996782_nI’m a poll nerd, I’ll admit it.  I love breaking down poll numbers and reading trends.  I also like seeing where polls are taking public opinion and what they say about what’s really going on.

For years now, I’ve been seeing the downward spiral of the tea party movement.  Hell, even among conservatives it’s dropped off in favorability in recent years.  Which is why I always laugh when tea party darlings like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul say they’re, “Speaking for the majority of Americans” — because basically every credible poll in existence says otherwise.

Gallup, for better or worse, is considered one of the more credible polling agencies.  Though they often have a bit of a conservative lean, it’s usually in the type of polls they conduct and not overly prevalent in their polling results.

Well, their most recent poll concerning the “Favorability” and “Unfavorable” rankings of the tea party show a reality that’s not good for tea party Republicans.

The tea party is now seen “favorable” by the smallest percentage of people in its history — and “unfavorable” by its largest number ever.

For the first time, over half of Americans polled (51%) view the tea party unfavorable.  On the flip side, the same poll shows only 30% of Americans view the tea party favorably.

Which is funny considering “Obamacare” favorability numbers are much higher than the tea party numbers, yet tea party Republicans claim that “Americans overwhelmingly reject Obamacare.”

Well, if polls are any indication of American opinion — if the Affordable Care Act has been “rejected” by most Americans, then what does that say about the tea party whose numbers trailed “Obamacare” by double digits?

This just shows the total delusion of those like Ted Cruz who clearly create their own reality where they believe whatever the heck they feel like believing.

But another kicker to this poll is the tea party’s numbers with conservatives.  The poll shows 34% of conservatives view the tea party as “unfavorable,” with less than half (48%) viewing it as “favorable.”

So even among their own movement the tea party doesn’t carry with it an “approval rating” over 50%.  And trust me, tea party numbers will only continue to get worse as we head toward the midterm elections.

With established Republicans like John Boehner firmly rejecting far-right conservative groups this past week (twice), it’s clear the “rank and file” Republicans are sick and tired of letting the craziest among them run the show.

The question is, will the GOP survive this “civil war”?  I guess we’ll soon find out.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Danny Metcalfe

    The Tea Party: bringing back 1940s sexism, racism, and elitist beliefs one intellectually challenged home at a time.

    • The TP is more about bringing back the 1840’s than the 1940’s. They’d bring back slavery if they could.

    • Judy….

      Well said…and you have said it all! Thank you!

  • strayaway

    “Which is funny considering “Obamacare” favorability numbers are much higher than the tea party numbers, yet tea party Republicans claim that “Americans overwhelmingly reject Obamacare.””

    WRONG: Real Clear Politics has a list of the major polls. Search for the article, ”

    Public Approval of Health Care Law”

    Presently, 38.3% of Americans polled are for/approve of the (un)ACA while 53.3% are against/oppose it. That is pretty much the same spread as the public oppositions to the tea party. Gallup’s measure of support for the (un)ACA is down 20% from its high.

    Real Clear Politics also mentions the Gallup poll regarding the tea party. “The poll finds 30% of Americans feel positively about the tea party, down from a high of 39% in 2011. Republicans are most likely to support the movement, with 58% seeing it favorably, and unsurprisingly Democrats overwhelmingly dislike the tea party – 74% to 10%.”

    The problem for Boehner is getting his neocon status quo agenda through the Republican primary with 58% of Republicans seeing the tea party favorably. He did squash fiscal conservatives with the Ryan budget passage the other day though so maybe we will be able to return to the Bush agenda; more of a comfort zone for people like Hillary.

    • Silly Me

      And Strayaway, once again, tries to disprove any good news for the ACA. Keep backing those Tea Party idiots right off the planet why don’t ya! Must really suck to be a Tea Party Republican now, more than ever.

      • strayaway

        Silly, Sorry to disturb your fantasies with a measured dose of reality. That statement made in the article was incorrect. Your argument is with Gallup and the other polling companies. Shooting the messenger with bad names isn’t going to help you.

      • Silly Me

        I would say that it is your fantasy being disturbed, not mine, since the ACA is already proving to be a success, not a nightmare as your types tried to describe it. The Tea Party is the true nightmare for America. Seems most Americans would agree with me on that, even Mr. Boehner now!

      • strayaway

        You previously seemed to be dismayed that the statistics I presented “disprove(d) any good news for the ACA” which was the only thing I responded to. But if you want to change the subject to the (un)ACA “already proving to be a success” despite gargantuan computer problems including young people not enrolling in sufficient numbers to make it work, costing $14,000 of tax money for every individual enrolled a couple of weeks ago, or 3.5M fewer Americans having insurance because of it, that is your opinion. At least you are consistent in your beliefs. The President has never lied about any of this either, right?

      • Silly Me

        I suppose you “haters” will have to keep talking about that now for the next umpteenth weeks, because that’s the best you’ve got. Most all the computer problems are now fixed, (but maybe you haven’t read that, or just don’t want to talk about that fact yet, just like the Repubs). I don’t believe the President knew what the insurance companies were going to do. It was not an intentional lie, in my opinion. I think he thought it was truthful at the time. The insurance companies have a way of making ANYTHING work out in their best interest, not the President’s. If anything, I think people should be on their case, (not all of them). Anyway, find me a politician who hasn’t fudged the truth, any party. They all say things to get elected that they hope they can do, but many times are not able to get it done. I think the current Republican majority Congress has thrown roadblocks in Obama’s way constantly. THEY haven’t let much of anything get done. Biggest bunch of obstructionists we have ever had. They need to be voted out, and I hope they are, in the next elections.

      • strayaway

        Not an intentional lie? That would leave incompetence. I’ll go with telling a straight out lie just to sell something. He also said there were 30M Americans without health insurance so the numbers would work. Now the number being tossed around is 48M and I don’t know it that includes the 5M who are losing their policies. I wonder how a bill passed to work insuring 30M will work to insure 48+ M without additional revenue. Maybe someone here can blame the math on Bush.

        I have read that the computer system is being cured. It’s not up to acceptable business standards yet but with enough tinkering and millions of dollars it will probably get fixed. Too bad we had to pay $677M for the system that didn’t work as constructed on a no bid contract by Obama’s friends. Put it on our kids’ bill. China is doing moon landings. We are making Obama’s friends rich.

        You should be more placid about the insurance companies. After all, who do you think wrote it? Do some research on Liz Fowler. I’ll help you.

        “I wish to single out one person, and that one person is sitting next to me. Her name is Liz Fowler. Liz Fowler is my chief health counsel. Liz Fowler has put my health care team together. Liz Fowler worked for me many years ago, left for the private sector, and then came back when she realized she could be there at the creation of health care reform because she wanted that to be, in a certain sense, her profession lifetime goal. She put together the White Paper last November–2008–the 87-page document which became the basis, the foundation, the blueprint from which almost all health care measures in all bills on both sides of the aisle came.” -Senator Baucus

        The talented Liz Fowler came to Sen. Baucus’ office from Wellpoint health care where she was a VP. She has since moved on to lead Johnson & Johnsons global health policy position. This is called a “revolving door” used by Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and other companies to enhance profits.

        Face it. You are supporting crony capitalists that tea partiers are trying to obstruct but imagining that you are doing some wonderful progressive thing.

      • Silly Me

        I think you are a very, very confused individual. I think you need some help. I am just fine. If you are a fan of the Tea Party, do you really think you would be better off with them in control? Are the Koch Brothers not crony capitalists to the extreme??? They are trying to obstruct every aspect of our government that they can. The government is a necessary function that keeps people like them in line as much as possible, or they would take over the whole country and run it into the ground with de-regulation on our environment for starters. They want no minimum wage, so they can underpay everyone who is working for them. They’ll ruin our educational system. They’ll take away women’s rights, give everybody more gun rights, continue their hatred of lesbians and gays, different religions and ethnic groups, and much more. Worried about your kids having to pay our deficit? I don’t think our kids are going to live long when the environment would be disgustingly polluted by the Koch’s and others like them. You are delusional in your thinking and I don’t want to waste another minute of my time responding to any more of your bullsh*t. There’s a lot of reasons that the Tea Party has become the laughing stock they are, but obviously you can’t handle the truth of that fact. I’ll pray for you at Church tomorrow. You are the one supporting crony capitalists. Go live your delusional life. You won’t ever change my mind, and I won’t try to change yours.

      • strayaway

        According to wikipedia, “The Tea Party movement is an American political movement that is primarily known for advocating a reduction in the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit by reducing U.S. government spending and taxes.” I agree with those two things but I don’t think that the tea party is even very viable anymore. Where are their big rallies? You are living back in 2010.

        As for the Koch Brothers, I don’t have any association with them and they probably did more harm than good to the tea party when they tried to spend money to redirect the tea party to fit their own needs.

        I gave you far better examples of crony capitalism. The crooked or incompetent friends Obama gave money to to do the website and the revolving door lady who wrote the (un)ACA act. Crony capitalism, corporatism, or economic fascism consist of the collusion of big government and bug business. To the extent that the Koch brothers are guilty of doing what the Wellpoint VP did, then they are crony capitalists too. The (un)ACA is a terrific example of corporatist policy.

        You fail to mention the ongoing giveaway of US workers’ jobs to foreign countries. Educate yourself on how Obama is trying to fast track the TPP and what that will do to our Country. Until there is a demand for US workers, they will keep slipping economically. There will not be a demand for US workers until the income tax is replaced, to the extent possible, with import taxes. That would transfer taxation from the middle class to import corporations. The workers could demand a larger share of the national economic pie, because of consequential labor shortages, instead of begging or hoping for better wages as you are.

        Back to the article: The fact remains that the popularity of the (un)ACA is about the same as the popularity of the tea party.

      • Mr Smith

        If what you say about the Tea Party were true then they would completely support Obama being that he has reduced debt, deficit and and reduced unemployment. The capitalist sector is at a all time record high, profits have never been higher. Because of the ACA insurance middlemen have to take a smaller cut of the pie for being nothing more then middlemen to the benefit of the consumer by restricting by law the profits they are allowed. Absolutely not one word of your argument holds water. This means one of two things… 1. Your a hired troll making bank getting nowhere and do not care either way. Or 2. You are truly stupid and blissfully ignorant. Either way your not dangerous because only a tiny fraction of the population subscribe to your blatantly uninformed point of view. By and large the people aren’t as stupid as people like you would assume them to be. Its like a politician being hypocritical on camera, they, the politician are the only ones who don’t understand the concept of video tape. The point? You don’t understand there is a thing called google and truly reputable sources of quantifiable evidence, empirical truths and indisputable sources on information. Sorry… Real Clear Politics and Fox News don’t count as anything even resembling reliable and accurate and that in fact can be proven.

      • strayaway

        So you couldn’t come up with anything better than the Real Clear Politics average of major polls? You lose.

        Deficits remain at extremely high levels, Obama increased the debt over $7T, and unemployment remains at unacceptable levels. $7T of new debt and 7% and you are singing “Happy Days are here Again”. Funny. You sound like the lobbyist from the US Chamber of Congress, “Profits are at record highs”. Whoopee, see what we can do if we import stuff made with Chinese labor? Since the insurance companies wrote the (un)ACA, I am more skeptical than you that insurance company profits will go down. After all, they were just delivered 30M, or was it 48M, new customers at gun point. It’s the progressive way!

        You forgot 3. I am not a sheep.

        I was just trying to help the writer as he expressed an interest in breaking down polls in his first two sentences. You are intent on attacking the messenger because you don’t like the message. You still haven’t explained why Real Clear Politics is like Fox News. Please, go on. This has got to be good.

      • Jeffrey Zamora

        It is pretty obvious Strayaway is just a flat out troll living in denial with no sense of reality. Of course he is confused, the real numbers don’t match the made up “facts” that Fox “news” spews to him so it is hard for him to grasp and wrap his mind around it. He is the type of person that is so lost it really makes no point to argue with him, trolls like that are just best to be ignored.

      • Mr Smith

        Yup the Tea Party has the lowest approval rating in history. I guess crazy, ignorant and raciest really isn’t popular.

    • Mr Smith

      Hahhah relying on “Real Clear Politics” for accurate polling is like saying Fox News is spot on, fair, balanced and accurate.

      • strayaway

        Real Clear Politics tracks the major polling firms and, in the case of the (un)popularity of the (un)ACA, averaged Gallup, CBS, Rasmussen, and other large polls. Google the article, “Public Approval of Health Care Law” . It even lists the polls going back to 2009 for reference. So what you are saying is that Gallup and the rest of the polls = Fox News and perhaps implying that you have a better source. Please lead us to your more accurate source.

      • The Boss

        Shut up, strayaway, we are all sick of you and your constant need to get attention by trolling this progressive website. No one on here cares what you think. Get a life, troll, you are on here 24/7.

      • strayaway

        Telling people to “shut up” goes with your name but I realize that not all progressives are bullies and censors so I won’t generalize. Mr Smith thinks that Real Clear Politics somehow equates with Fox News. How about you? Maybe you can point out what is wrong with Gallup and the rest of the major pollsters or come up with something better than Real Clear Politics compilations.

      • The Boss

        Oops, I forgot to mention your perpetual need to always get in the last word! Insecure much???

      • strayaway

        Has it occur to you that someone with the audacity to have an alter ego name of “The Boss” and tell people to “shut up” comes off as having authoritarian tendencies? Too bad you aren’t so good with facts. I noticed that you ducked my questions. Going back to my original point which seems to have provoked the know nothings, the popularity of the (un)ACA is in the dumps with the popularity of the tea party according to major posters. You, of course, seem to have no response to my comment; only that you don’t like hearing things you disagree with and flail about with your insipid orders.

      • The Boss

        LOL! You just proved my point of my previous post! By the way, “The Boss” is because I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen!!! LOL!

  • BigTBone

    Ahhhh, datsa nice…

    • BigTBone

      PS, ARE YA KIDDING ME is gonna be the Christmas theme this year at the in-laws.

  • shellgirl

    Yay! Now if all the one’s left would kill each other, that would be great.