New Hampshire Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Quickly Closing In On Hillary Clinton

bernie sanders 3The first contests of the 2016 Democratic primaries are still over 7 months away, but Hillary Clinton’s inevitability is suddenly looking not quite so inevitable after all. While the Republican primary field resembles a gathering of political has-beens and religious snake oil salesmen, the Democrats have just 4 candidates in the race so far, with only Hillary Clinton being taken seriously by the media up to this point. That could be about to change.

A new poll from New Hampshire shows Senator Bernie Sanders rapidly gaining ground on Hillary Clinton, a sign that he has the potential to provide a strong challenge to her from the left, and also to force the media to pay attention.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is just 12 percentage points behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, according to a new online poll.

While the poll has a 6-percentage-point margin of error, it highlights Sanders’s strength as a liberal insurgent against Clinton.

Forty-four percent of Granite State Democratic primary voters back Clinton, who won the state’s primary in 2008, according to poll by Morning Consult. But 32 percent support Sanders, the independent senator from neighboring Vermont. The next closest potential candidate, Vice President Biden, came in third with support from 8 percent of Democratic primary voters. (Source)

Bernie Sanders still has a lot of voters to convince between now and February, but if this momentum continues, Hillary Clinton is going to have a fight on her hands. Many left-leaning independents (myself included) and liberal Democrats haven’t appreciated Hillary Clinton’s close ties with Wall Street, especially those Elizabeth Warren supporters who seem to have finally accepted the fact that Warren will not be running for president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton has tried to not anger her Wall Street friends while appealing to populist sentiments on the economy at the same time, and it’s not quite working so well.

This past Saturday, in her first major speech to kick off her 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton called for a new era of shared prosperity in America and told thousands at a presidential campaign rally Saturday that workers can trust her to fight for them.

No surprise really, it’s a message every Democratic candidate must convey in order to have a shot at the big prize. She did a great job of explaining what the economic problems are, but said nothing about how she would fix it. As with most candidates, it’s hard to trust anyone when speeches are inconclusive and answers are not forthcoming. (Source)

There’s a growing frustration with Hillary Clinton as a candidate, and nobody else in the race can outflank her on the left other than Bernie Sanders.

This is the second poll showing that Bernie Sanders is growing in popularity as people get to know him and his message – a message which, coincidentally I’m sure, Hillary Clinton has tried to adopt parts of – but without the same passion he’s delivered it with for decades.

The question is, can Bernie Sanders win the 2016 Democratic nomination? Yes, he’s still a long shot when faced with the political machine that Hillary Clinton has assembled, but remember that President Obama wasn’t taken seriously as a candidate against her at first in 2008 either. Let’s go ahead and make this clear, regardless of whether Senator Sanders or Hillary Clinton is the nominee, I will vote for them over any of the possible Republican candidates. However, until a winner has been announced, I’m with Bernie Sanders.


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  • Clintoris

    Bernie looks like a mad man but I would take him over a lying crook like Hillary any day.

    • DownriverDem

      Then you are no left leaning voter. You have to be a troll.

      • Suomy Nona

        I am left, and I wont vote for Hillary,, call me a troll, but good luck getting people to believe it,
        Maybe your the troll because you would have to be crazy to call someone who supports Sanders “not left leaning”

        If I were you though Id stop that BS, Progressives will not vote for her and their will be no Nader for you guys to Blame if she loses

    • Jal Para

      crook? what did she steal?

  • DownriverDem

    I am a Hillary supporter and will proudly vote for her. If Bernie gets the nomination I will proudly vote for him. I don’t care. I just want a Dem win. The guy below is nuts to be so negative about Hillary. That is just insane. Does he want a RWNJ to win?

    • Suomy Nona

      I wont vote for Hillary, Neither will most progressives,, I suspect if she gets the Nomination it will cause enough of a split that the Democrats will lose

      • freen the merciless

        righty ho. and when Jeb’s tanks roll into first syria, and then iran, can I call you an a$$hole then?

      • Suomy Nona

        How will that happen If Sanders is President

      • Suomy Nona

        I wonder If the 100,000 people who have been killed in Irac, would support Hillary?????

      • Suomy Nona

        If you want. Im already calling you guys murders for supporting a neocon like Hillary..

      • Suomy Nona

        About the only thing you can do to prevent that is to vote for Sanders in the Primaries,,If you fail on that simple task the war is on your head

  • freen the merciless

    Suomy Nona is a troll. here’s the calculus: I, and many others will vote for Bernie in the primary. He will lose. Hillary will be nominated. Staying home out of petulance will result in Jeb being elected, bringing on the next middle east war. That’s the fact, jack. That’s why Hillary (nasty beeyotch that she is) will get my vote in november.

    • nancyerickson

      We should have listened to Ralph Nader or Al Gore (from whom the election was stoleN BY jEB AND THE sUPREMES. If we do not speak now …ie vote for Sanders, we will not have another chance. It is time to speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freen the merciless

    Here’s another fact for you: Bernie can’t tack right enough to be electable, unfortunately. He has the best prog cred possible, but progs won’t win the general election. you have to be a centrist, which is why Obama had to harness up with Biden. The best case scenario is a Hillary/Sanders ticket, since Bernie is the anti-cheney.