New Numbers Out of Tea Party-Loving Kansas Destroy Entire GOP Economic Platform

In case you weren’t aware, the state of Kansas and Governor Sam Brownback have been sort of the “model” for utopian, tea party Republican economic policies. In 2012, Brownback passed huge tax cuts that he guaranteed would lead to tremendous job growth in the state.

The problem is, they’ve had the opposite effect. In fact, just last year, the state reported a 45 percent drop in revenue from the year prior to Brownback’s tax cuts going into effect.

Then just this past August, reports came out showing that the state was losing jobs while most of the country was seeing gains in employment. Not only that, but the same report showed that, because of the tax cuts, the state’s treasury had been drained of hundreds of millions of dollars since the tax cuts went into effect.

Well, new numbers have come out that completely destroy the ridiculous Republican scam about tax cuts creating jobs.

As most people know, Kansas City is actually split between the states of Kansas and Missouri. This makes the city itself a great barometer to judge whether or not Brownback’s tax cuts really led to any sort of impressive job creation.

Spoiler Alert: They didn’t. 

In fact, according to findings from The Kansas City Star, Missouri gained employment at a rate almost five times faster than Kansas between February 2015 to February 2016. The Missouri side of Kansas City added 13,900 jobs over that period (up 2.4 percent), while the Kansas side only gained 2,200 jobs (up 0.5 percent). Not only that, but professional and business services experienced the largest increase in employment, up 4,500, with all those jobs happening on the Missouri side.

Meaning that, it’s not just the Missouri side that’s creating more jobs – they’re creating better jobs as well.

While this is just one state, numerous examples out of Kansas have proven that tax cuts do absolutely nothing but drain state budgets and have almost nothing to do with creating jobs.

Meanwhile, in a state like California where taxes were raised fairly substantially a few years ago, they have a large budget surplus and a strong economy. In fact, since 2011, California has accounted for one-sixth of the total jobs created in the entire country. Which is actually 600,000 more than “low tax, deregulate it” Texas – a state that frequently brags about its job numbers.

It’s ludicrous for anyone to believe that tax cuts create jobs. For nearly 40 years this nation has operated under the guise of “trickle-down economics” and it’s done nothing but increased income inequality, made the rich richer and added trillions to our national debt.

And the thing is, we have indisputable proof that tax cuts don’t help the economy. Who here remembers George W. Bush promising his tax cuts would pay off the national debt in about a decade?

Yeah, about that. Not only did his tax cuts not pay off our national debt (it actually nearly doubled during his eight years in office), we ended up experiencing one of the worst economic crashes in nearly a century.

On the other hand, President Obama raised taxes on the richest among us (though only very slightly), and we’ve seen the longest streak of private sector job growth in U.S. history.

While I’m sure these facts won’t change the minds of many (or any) Republicans about the myth of trickle-down economics, you really do have to be willfully ignorant to keep buying into the con of “tax cuts create jobs.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    If it had been just the Brownback Economic Miracle in KS. I’d be inclined to dismiss it as an isolated point.

    But you’re also describing the Jindal Miracle, the Walker Miracle, the Perry Miracle (although Perry managed to get out before the bills came due and leave Abbot to pick up the check), ……. In short, a strong, consistent pattern of Economic Miracles. (And living in MO, I constantly hear my legislators try to enact one policy or another which copies KS and comes already prepared from ALEC – despite the points in the article showing how MO has done better without such policies).

    • anastasjoy

      Don’t forget the Kasich miracle — lagging job growth, declining wages, skyrocketing poverty, qualify of education deteriorating. Etc.

    • John Carter

      I can’t help wondering if the Koch brothers ever look at the states upon which their influence is the strongest and see the wreckage for what it is. They aren’t stupid at all. I suppose the rationale is the libertarian dodge that ‘all tax is coercion’ and ‘freedom’ warrants the selling off of public assets and widespread looting (privatization for cronies) going on.

      • Maria Nussbaum

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      • benC

        Martha??? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?????

      • SquakDogg

        They found a state with a Governor they could buy, and the rest is history. Brownback saved them hundreds of millions of dollars (and himself a pretty penny being an 8 digit millionaire with a farm.)

        They know what they are doing, and that they can get away with it and nothing is going to change it. The zealots in the legislature will never go away and Brownback is in until 2018. By then, our credit rating will go down at least a couple more times and all the money will be gone. Nothing will stop it.

      • jeinsj

        At best, they are indifferent to problems they create.

  • jeffmaz

    Voodoo economics (GHW Bush’s term) has been proven wrong over and over. But for people easily duped into denying global warming and evolution, or the earth is 5000 years old… This will not shake their core belief that tax cuts cure cancer and all of life’s problems.

  • noah vail

    definition of failure…republican economic and social policies…

  • U want five a’dese?

    How many times does Allen get to scream like a child that something was ‘destroyed’ before liberals here stop paying attention to him?

    • benC

      He’ll stop when idiots like you finally understand what he’s been talking about

      • U want five a’dese?

        If something is ‘destroyed’, then what need is there to keep saying it, benc?

        It’s weak to keep repeating something has been destroyed. Allen makes it quite obvious that it hasn’t been destroyed at all. Allen employs the Huffington Post click-bait model Fo all his headlines. It’s dishonest and sleazy. It’s tabloid stuff.

        it’s obviously what mooks like you want to see when you log in here.

      • benC

        Right….yes,let`s ignore the facts,keep thinking Kansas is a paradise and vote republican(moron)

      • U want five a’dese?

        How about Kansas isn’t an economic paradise just like Detroit isn’t an economic paradise?

        How about Kansas doesn’t destroy the GOP economic platform, and neither is it so that Detroit destroys the Democratic platform?

        How about it’s just that Allen overhypes? Because he doesn’t know economics well enough to present an accurate assessment. And his followers are too much his fawning fanboi’s to call him out on it, which is the reason he keeps overhyping things.

  • amersham46

    You can not fix stuipd , but Kansas proves you can elect them

  • Brad Anderson

    Please don’t call Kansas “Tea Party-Loving.” The people here are much more diverse and nuanced than that, even in the more conservative camps.

    But yes, Brownback has screwed us up. You’ve got that part right.