New Pew Study Exposes Rush Limbaugh for the Fraud That He Is

limbaugh-idiotRush Limbaugh is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable names in all of conservative media. Though I’m not sure if you could call what he does “news.” He’s really nothing more than a right-wing pandering shock jock who’s made millions by essentially saying outrageously offensive things on purpose to get people riled up.

But no matter what you might think of Limbaugh, it’s undeniable that over the years he’s had quite an impact on conservative voters. Although that influence seems to be deteriorating with each passing year.

In fact, according to a recent Pew survey, Limbaugh was found to be the least trustworthy “news entity” among a long list of various sources such as Fox News, CNN, Buzzfeed and The Daily Show.

Coming in at 39 percent, Limbaugh barely edged out Fox News (37 percent) for the top overall spot and was a full 17 points ahead of the highest liberal source in this study, MSNBC (22 percent).

But not only that, according to Politifact, 82 percent of the comments they’ve investigated from Limbaugh have been rated as Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.

And I also think it’s interesting to point out that among the five least trusted news sources found in this survey, four of them (Limbaugh, Fox News, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity) were conservative.

And while none of this information should come as any real surprise, I’m sure conservatives will do what they always do and dismiss this as “liberally biased garbage that means nothing.”

Though we should also remind them of another survey done by Politifact a couple of months ago where they gathered information they had investigated from the various cable news networks and found that Fox News was only honest 18 percent of the time.

It’s no wonder that independent studies have found that people who watched no news at all were more accurately informed about basic facts and events going on in our country than someone who cited Fox News as their main source of information. It’s not just that Fox News shows bias towards conservative ideologies, but they’re blatantly misinforming Americans about basic facts.

Will this information make any difference in the minds of conservatives? Of course not. Those who trust Limbaugh are going to continue trusting him and those who don’t weren’t ever going to in the first place. And because this survey wasn’t done by a right-wing source, conservatives will just dismiss it anyway.

But it is interesting nonetheless as this marks yet another survey that’s been conducted about the trustworthiness of news sources where the conservative-leaning sources were found to be the most dishonest.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    No surprise. However to debate something you have to have proof of your point, such as this study.

    As long as RWNJs quote him as gospel, the study is good to rebut anyone quoting him.

    • Hunter Rose

      Sadly, it’s not adequate for that purpose. This is a survey, not necessarily a scientific study, but even if it was a solid study, it would have no effect whatsoever on Limbaugh’s audience.
      You must understand, these people do not understand the tools used to measure discernible reality. The do not understand the difference between fact and opinion. They believe that any information that contradicts their beliefs is simply to be ignored as ‘just another opinion’.
      You have to understand, “They don’t care” what anyone else has to say, regardless of how factual or provable it is.
      I’ve dealt with these people for a long time. They do not use reason, they don’t understand ‘proof’, all they care about is that they have their little club that must be right all the time, facts be damned.

      • Scaramongus

        sad but true

      • Avatar

        Antonin Scalia, one of Supreme Court justices, is good example of that.

      • hardwroc

        Like that whole “allegation” that the earth is round, and such.

  • crabjack

    It really really didn’t take a study or a survey…

    • hardwroc

      Just a brain, nothing more.

  • Bob Shuttleworth

    Like we had any doubt ?

  • gordo

    I nearly got into an altercation with a fellow employee over Limbaugh one time. He was telling me what an intelligent guy Rush was, I replied that he, (Rush) was a windbag. The guy went off on me, and started calling me names. I had to threaten him with a beating to get him to shut up. I learned how intelligent Rush’s audience was in that incident. Didn’t have to listen to Rush to know.

    • redrum_e

      Limbaugh operates much like Fox “News”, appealing to a certain narrow-minded and largely intolerant demographic. Interestingly, most Fox “News” viewers do not realize (or simply ignore) that the same company broadcasting television series like Glee also owns Fox “News” (not exactly congruent as both appeal to difference audiences). Then there is the foreign ownership: Rupert Murdock is not American and the second-largest holder of voting stock in the company is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (yes, a brown skinned Arab owns stock in Fox “News”). Some may say that MSNBC is the Progressive equivalent, but there are noticeable differences. First of all, MSNBC has at least one conservative voice (Joe Scarborough). Second, whenever you watch an MSNBC program, they provide substantiation: watch a segment of Rachel Maddow and she isn’t merely speaking, she provides sources (often using visuals). Limbaugh and Fox “News” just tell their audience what they want to hear; they are essentially pushing a product. This mindset creates an assortment of perils, the most notable being the loss of apt discourse. What we have now are Conservatives who immediately reject any idea (like climate change) that bears any semblance to something progressive or scientific (often referred to as ‘elite’) regardless of how sound or how much evidence has been provided.

      • Jerome Parker

        Exactly Redrum-e
        I could’ve said it better

  • Avatar

    Most of commenters here really don’t need any kinds of studies to prove that Rush is a fraud, of course. Am I right?

  • dstatton

    “Right wing pandering shock jock” is the perfect description.

  • Rushconvert.

    I used to share most comments on here, but I’ve changed my beliefs. What’s even scarier, and sad…. I wonder how many people that disagree with rush, have never listened to him so that they could make up their own minds. (I’m not saying just listen one time – I mean listen for an extended period of time, so that you can really get a fair sample) I did, and was pleasantly amazed that I was initially wrong. Oh by the way, I’m an independent – I can’t stand either party – they are both crooks. Then, you all need to make up your own minds. As I said, it’s scary that most just read, and believe the lies, garb that the media prints (you all just read and believe it all) – follow up and make up your own minds.

    • lucy

      dear rush convert, i to listened to him and made up my mind quickly he’s an all time anal pore and shame on those who believe he is honest. you must me a true fox fan as well as rush o’riely and hannity they are sll analpores and shiould be thrown off the air. i hope you got that you DUMMY

    • Old Top Kick

      Another dim bulb dittohead selling his master’s spew. We ain’t buying it, Sparky. Go #2A yourself.

    • hardwroc

      Actually, when “sampling” Rush, it took only moments to get to the first total falsehoods and character assassination of anyone that doesn’t vote Red. There’s no reason to sit and listen to additional loads of BS, to know that is what is being peddled by Rush. As soon as all credibility is lost, there’s no reason to listen for more.

    • ALV

      No, what’s the scariest is the fact that someone such as yourself can listen to him for an extended period of time. Normal and sane people can’t make it through an hour of Limbaugh’s drivel. Someone once offered me money to do it. I couldn’t make it a half hour.

      • FreedomLuvr

        Wow that’s funny, because that is how I feel about CNN, MSNBC and the Democrats right now!

    • Stephen Barlow

      Since you are completely opposed to the American constituion and our government, you really need to get back to you Lincoln Logs and Play-doh Homer.

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        Actually, this federal government is completely opposite of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’d go so far as to say that it flat out ignores the preamble of the Declaration of Independence too.
        And exactly who financed this Pew Research Center study? Which group(s) ponied up the funding and directed the study determinedly at Mr. Limbaugh? Does that not bring to question said study and it’s pre-determined conclusion?

  • I Once Was Andrew

    This is a crap article with a bullshit clickbait headline. Yeah, Limbaugh is a giant piece of shit, but the fact that a poll showed he’s distrusted by 39% of Americans does not have anything to do with “exposing him as a fraud.”

    I know you can do better, Clifton.

    • Stephen Barlow

      The part about him being Mostly false 82% of the time kinda does… clickbait

    • Lawrence Burke

      It may not be Clifton’s fault. Reporters usually don’t write the headlines.

  • deVon Craig

    What’s really sad is that you have millions of uniformed American citizens whom base there political views off the lies and misinformation that Rush and False News spew. What’s more is the fact that I don’t see a way to fix it because your always going to have segments of the populous that choose to blindly follow and stay misguided all in the name of the “Party”.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Making $20 million a year kinda shows that it’s smart AND profitable to have 18% integrity and the temerity to lie about your lies.

  • gohogsbill

    Rushbo the oxycontin the GOP “fat cat” propaganda Joe, has lied so long and on so many things, with so many far right wing hate machine bald face lies, and fantasy conspiracies, that now it’s all he can do. Lie to the Dito Heads who keep him on the air.

  • Todd

    Haha, wow, talk about a totally biased poll. Was an actual conservative or listener even asked? So remove Limbaugh from the list, the guy never claimed to be a journalist or newcaster. Fox the least trusted, only to the progrssive marxists running this website and asked in that poll. Fox has the largest market share so someone trusts them. And fox is biased and misinforming, not sure about that but to wear that mask of hubris and declare the entire rest of the media is not biased to the leftists and doing just misinforming is… well as I said hubris. Arrogance of the progressives is bad enough but you people actually believe your own BS, amazing.

    The only part that is probably accurate is anyone who doesnt watch any of those news programs, nor listens to Rush or Bill Maher is probably the best informed. Since I fit that group, that must be correct because unlike the liberals in the pew center who asked other liberals that poll and the liberal progressive running this site, I know already all of those organizations and people are completely and totally biased, which is why I dont get anything from them at all, still that doesnt mean sitting back and letting a lie stand as this entire article and so called research is.