New Poll Proves How Damaging Donald Trump Is To The GOP

donald_trump_fox_newsDespite the predictions of many political pundits, Donald Trump still hasn’t crashed and burned like Herman Cain did right around this time in 2011. With every insult to minorities or disabled people, it seems like his support only intensifies. That may be beneficial to Trump, but it’s extremely damaging to the Republican Party.

Whether Donald Trump suddenly drops out, runs third-party, or even wins the Republican nomination, the GOP is in serious trouble regardless. His absurd campaign has brought out the worst people in our electorate, and shown that the GOP is increasingly the party of the angry, uneducated underbelly of America.

Donald Trump has made all sorts of unsubstantiated claims, then cited conspiracy websites as evidence. He’s even appeared on conspiracy nutter Alex Jones’s Infowars program. Any candidate who would have done this in elections before the rise of the Tea Party in 2010 would have rightfully been laughed at, but now the GOP has been fully swallowed by the base it relied on.

Suggesting we ban immigration on the basis of religion, or deport millions of undocumented people, plays well with people who are dumb enough to believe President Obama is a secret Muslim – yet it is further isolating the GOP from the rest of America.

Via NBC News:

A majority of Americans – and an even greater majority of Latinos – say that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party’s image, and half of Americans believe that his rhetoric is “insulting and offensive,” a new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll shows.

According to the poll, 58 percent of adults say that Trump has marred the GOP’s reputation, compared to just 24 percent who say he is helping its image. Among Hispanics, that margin is 65 percent compared to just 16 percent who say he has helped the party. Republicans are divided on the question, with 43 percent saying Trump is helping the GOP’s image and 40 percent saying that he has hurt it. (Source)

Ten years ago, any presidential candidate who vilified people on the basis of their religion or national origin would have been widely condemned – and rejected – by their party. As much as I despise George W. Bush, at least he had the decency to point out after 9/11 that most Muslims do not believe in the radical ideology of Al-Qaeda. Today, refusing to engage in hatred or fear-mongering is a good way to fail in the Republican presidential race.

GOP primary voters tend to be more radical in their beliefs, and this is why Trump’s bizarre campaign has been so successful to this point. All of the leading Republican candidates have intolerant positions toward Muslims and refugees, and one of Ted Cruz’s Nevada state leaders, Michele Fiore, has publicly stated that she hates refugees so much that she would fly to Paris and shoot them herself. Donald Trump has called for banning all immigrants who are Muslims, which is great propaganda material for ISIS/Daesh to use against us.

The constant parade of bizarre and offensive actions by Donald Trump are indeed hurting the Republican Party. Even though he is extremely popular with primary voters, he’s pulled the GOP into the realm of openly celebrating ignorance, fear and hatred. He doesn’t offer any reasonable solutions to anything, just bombastic speeches that contain no substance, and are aimed at the lowest common denominator. If Trump got his way, come 2017, we’d officially be the land of the conspiracy theorists and home of the cowards.


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