New Poll Shows Just How Doomed The Republican Party Is In 2016

rand-paul_mike-huckabee.jpgWhile a Hillary Clinton presidency isn’t an absolute certainty, barring any unforeseen catastrophe between now and 2016, if she runs she’s most likely going to win – and win easily.  Sure, Republicans will have you believe that the situation in Russia is a reflection on her mishandling of relations between the two nations (which is complete nonsense) or that she was involved in some elaborate conspiracy to cover up the “truth” behind what really happened in Benghazi.

The thing about Benghazi is, only those who wouldn’t have voted for her anyway believe in the conservative propaganda driving these asinine conspiracy theories (which have been routinely debunked time and time again).

But if you really want to see just how doomed the Republican party is for 2016, look no further than a recent poll that showed Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee tied for the lead when people were asked who they wanted to be the Republican candidate in 2016.

If those two are some of your “leading candidates,” you’re in a heck of trouble.

When a collaboration of polls was used to determine who the favorites are right now, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who’s currently facing several ethics issues over the “bridge scandal” (and several other things) in his state, and Jeb Bush were the overall leaders.

Yes, George W. Bush’s brother Jeb is the second highest candidate rated on this list.  Just let that sink in for a moment.  Could you imagine Clinton vs. Bush in 2016?  She would crush him.

Now, do these polls mean much of anything?  Yes and no.  In the grand scheme of everything they don’t hold much weight because it’s still a long way off between now and the next presidential election.  But what they say to me is that after all these years of trying to do everything possible to sabotage Obama’s presidency, all this time to pick the perfect candidate and get him or her ready for 2016 (they had to have known around 2010-2011 that they weren’t winning in 2012) the five best candidates they have going right now are Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee and Paul Ryan.

And if you’re a Republican voter, that should depress the hell out of you.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Avatar

    Clinton isn’t just going to crush Jeb Bush in 2016. She would bloodily destroy Bush dynasty for good.

    • surfjac

      So we end up with a clinton dynasty? There must be a better, more progressive Dem that can run and win.

      • Avatar

        I’d hate to say it but top people inside Democrat want Hillary and nobody else. It’s pissing me off. I would rather to have Bernie Sanders for 2016.

      • SkippingDog

        As much as I like Sanders, the nation just isn’t ready to elect a socialist – yet.

      • artisanr

        Sanders isn’t a socialist. He’s an environmentally conscious progressive. You need to learn the defnition of “socialist”.

      • SkippingDog

        Sanders self-identifies as a “democratic socialist.” His politics may not conform to the definition of socialism provided by formal political science, but his willing adoption of the label, along with his often stated preference for the Scandinavian “social-democrat” form of government, would be a difficult sell for a very large percentage of voters – even many Democratic voters.

      • buricco

        Yeah, like Elizabeth Warren. That said, I think Warren does better as a congresscritter than she would as a president.

      • moldyLOCKS

        I have always like fauxahontas

  • Sandy Greer

    What SHOULD depress the Hell out of us (Lefties/Progressives/Liberals/Democrats) is the possibility GOP could make gains in Congress in 2014.

    Think these last few years have been rough? Imagine if the GOP gains ground in the Senate & House this November.

    Dems tend to get lazy/complacent, and skip Mid-Terms. But GOP never does. GOP VOTES, each and every election. There are more of us, than them. Voting, we win. Staying home, we lose. It’s that simple.

    LOOK at the 50+ votes to repeal ACA; LOOK at attempts to defund. Party of No has done nothing but Obstruct since 2008: Obama is anathema to The Right, precisely BECAUSE he is Obama.

    Our president needs us, each and every vote, this November, 2014.

    ^^^First things first. First, 2014. Then, and ONLY then, 2016.

    • gmartini

      Bravo! We need to concentrate on THIS YEAR’S election, then concentrate on 2016. We need to drag people to the polls, literally—if necessary, otherwise, we get a Tea Bagged nation.

      • moldyLOCKS

        how did the 2016 election go?

      • moldyLOCKS

        Where’s your puppy Texas patriot?
        She at her safe space?
        By the way, kelz has an account malfunction lots of her comments I replied to have been deleted!

      • moldyLOCKS

        hey bae

    • Kim Serrahn

      You got that one right. We need to clean our Congressional house before the big chair is voted on.

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      Agreed; Democratic mid-term malaise is responsible for bringing us Marco Rubio and Rand Paul in 2010. We can’t afford to be complacent.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Given the blue collar Republican penchant for making bad choices against their own best interests…

      The nearest equivalent would be giving the Male owner of the next vehicle with an NRA sticker next to an “Impeach anyone” bumper stickersticker that you see this little test:

      “Ya mean I can have either A) 24 naked hours with Martha McCallum, Greta Carlson, Megyn Kelly AND Jill Dobson in Roiger Ailes’ penthouse OR B) get castrated with rusty barbed wire?”

      Does unzipping his overalls tell you all you need to know, or does the poor dot have to BEG FOR THAT RUSTY STEEL?

    • buricco

      This is why I am getting off my duff, and voting in a midterm for the first time. This is why non-Republicans always lose in the midterms – because they don’t vote, and the Republicans DO.

    • artisanr

      I’ve learned my lesson never ever ever to miss another midterm ever again. And i’m an independent.

    • maine99percent

      I like so many could not believe that GWB won a second term.
      The dems should have won easily on their record and against Bushes first term.

  • Chris Lawyer

    Be very careful. Jeb Bush is not the same as his brother.

    • surfjac

      he’s a “bush” and I think we’ve had our fill of bushes.

    • Jo Clark

      Oh, he’s every bit as bad. He just has his hand in a different set of cookie jars.

    • artisanr

      Terri Schiavo’s husband disagrees that “smaller government” is a Republican plank in their platform…I’m sure.

  • bamcintyre

    The GOP will gain ground in 2014, and in fact could take the Senate. What is the primary impact of that? No new judges or appointees would be approved. Otherwise, Obama will veto any of the crap that they send. Even if they hold the economy hostage. All the GOP can do is destroy the economy. They can’t actually DO anything.

    • Sandy Greer

      You seem to argue for Status Quo. No big deal; Obama can just veto all the ‘crap’: Veto Hate bill, after Hate bill…

      But why should he have to? Why should he have to stand alone, against the Hate, and the ‘crap’?

      The things done to him (Obstruction at every turn, just because) and said against him (by Haters, Racists, Birthers, et al) are so egregious they must not be allowed to continue. Not if we can do something about it.

      If you don’t care, then sit home, and get more of the same.

      As for me, I’m going to vote (D) all the way down the line. I won’t even flirt with 3rd parties, this time. Any Dem, any day, over any Republican Hater.

    • Kim Serrahn

      They all ready have destroyed the economy. This Congress has been nothing but nothing

  • strayaway

    My money would be on Jeb. The reason is that the 1% always try to preselect candidates so whether Hillary or Jeb wins, the 1% win.



    Joe wakes and fills his coffee pot with clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards.

    He prepares his breakfast. Joe’s bacon is safe because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat industry.

    Joe walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air is clean because some tree hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air.

    Joe begins his work day. He has a good job with excellent pay, medical, retirement­, and vacation because some lazy liberal union members fought and died for these standards.

    Joe needs to make a bank deposit. It’s federally insured by the FSLIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulo­us bankers.

    Joe needs to pay his student loan because some liberal decided that he would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his life-time.

    Joe drives to visit his father. His car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards.

    Joe turns on a radio talk show. The host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservati­ves are good. (He doesn’t tell Joe that Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day)

    Joe agrees:
    “We don’t need those big government liberals ruining our lives. After all, I’m a self made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have”.

    • Sandy Greer

      LOL You just made my day. ;D

    • rossbro

      The TRUTH, and nuttin’ but the truth ! Well said .

  • Eddie Krebbs

    So far, the repubs likely to run for Prez in 2016 are the same folks who the repubs dumped in favor of McCain/Palin last time around. Nuff said ?

    Only, if the predictions of repub control of the House and Senate should become reality in 2014, the power of a dem president will be so limited as to be a mockery. Make sure you vote this year!

  • surfjac

    All just wishful thinking for now. Let’s get the House back and strengthen the Senate in 2014 first, then get some good work done that the right wing is incapable of aiding with and then we can talk about which Dem should actually be running for President, just not HRC.

    • strayaway

      Why waste your time? On the 28th, President Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act. If you had to imagine some horrible thing a Republican would do in a nightmare, it would be that. Only It was Obama creating a real life nightmare. Where where House and Senate Democrats on that?

      • surfjac

        Wait a minute…they discussed and passed the Monsanto Protection Act last year and it, HR933 I think (?), was signed by the President in March, 2013. The act was stripped in Sept. 2013.

      • strayaway

        … I think you are right. I looked up the article I recently stumbled across. It was a ‘Common Dreams’ article dated March 28, 2013, not 2014, titled ”
        More ‘Corporate Welfare’: Obama Signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Into Law”. Obama did sign it into law. Elsewhere, I read that this had been stripped from a continuing resolution by Congress.

      • Nicky Altieri

        Simply put the is no such thing as the Monsanto Protection Act. Those of us fighting GMOs don’t need misinformation. The Farmer Assurance Provision was originally included as Section 733 which is a proviso within an continuing appropriations bill. It is not going to come out because Republicans control the House which is where ALL appropriations bills originate. He stalled it as long as he could. There is no line item veto, so he was forced to pass.

      • strayaway

        I suggest that you write to Common Dreams which wrote the article titled “More ‘Corporate Welfare”: Obama Signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Into Law”. It contained a provision that prevented federal courts from stopping the planting of Monsanto frankenfoods. Your guy actually signed such a thing. I could go on about high up Monsanto officials in the Obama administration. Google the article and read the follow up comments by more progressive progressives than you seem to be.

  • Matthew Reece

    “they had to have known around 2010-2011 that they weren’t winning in 2012”

    The GOP had a chance in 2012, and that was to nominate Ron Paul. But they weren’t going to do that no matter how well he did (their changing of the rules to deny him even a speaking slot at the convention proves that).

    I did some calculations at the time and found that Paul would have defeated Obama handily. You can read about that here: http://www DOT examiner DOT com/article/would-ron-paul-have-defeated-barack-obama

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      Pure fantasy.

      • Sandy Greer

        Ron Paul couldn’t even get himself nominated, time after time, after time, and yet:

        We’re supposed to believe he could beat Obama, who WAS nominated (twice) and WON (twice)???


      • Matthew Reece

        The entire party establishment was working against him. I was contemplating what would have happened if they had backed Paul rather than Romney from the beginning. My meta-point is that they would rather lose with Romney than win with Paul.

      • Sandy Greer

        He should have stuck with the Libertarians.

        He seemed at odds with the GOP, especially WRT his ideas of ‘nonintervention’ foreign policy: Name a country GOP doesn’t think we have a ‘right’ to interfere with.

        Ron Paul was just a Prophet in the Wilderness to the GOP; he wasn’t going anywhere, with them.

      • Matthew Reece

        True, unfortunately. He could have at least gotten behind Gary Johnson to give him a larger share of the general election, but he for some reason thought that Rand was going to get somewhere in 2016 if he held back from endorsing the LP candidate.

    • gmartini

      Yawn—Sorry, Gold, God, Guns, and Weed can only get you so far.

      • Sandy Greer

        Yeah. Too bad about the weed, tho. 😉

      • moldyLOCKS

        Hi Gina M Martini Montana from Sacramento.
        How is Vincent?

    • artisanr

      once again, Ron Paul fans live in a unicorns and rainbows world.

  • James Geiger

    No more Bush’s in the White House never!!!!!!

  • Stephen Barlow

    if you look at it that way… but who thought the Met’s or Truman would win.I it conceivable that there could be YET ANOTHER Bush family hijacking of the White House? Another vote count halted with 100,000 citizen’s RIGHTS still in the ballot box? Another electronic voting machine programmed to ERASE the record upon the first count…


    Dare there be a Third possible within 2 decades?

  • rockism101

    I supported Obama in ’08 and in ’12. I still support him today. But I WILL NOT vote for Hillary Clinton in ’16. She represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with our political system.

  • santijose

    the wack party is doomed.

  • Bert Slater

    Actually Jeb is a huge threat. His wife is hispanic, and he appears a reasonable man. Of course what he actually does is a different matter entirely. .

  • ChainUp

    Take a New Blue voter to the polls with you in November. I already have my new voter picked out.

  • imapayne

    2014 & then 2016

  • Mike O Smith

    THE DEMS PICK for the GOP NOM is Jeb Bush or Chris Christy. LOL BUT the DEMS pick Hillary they don’t get a say in who REAL conservatives pick. Rand Paul 2016